Hive & StealthEX 2-Way AMA Announcement

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We are happy to announce that HIVE is listed and tradable on the StealthEX custody-free currency exchange!

On July 12th at 1300 EST/EDT we will be holding a 2-way AMA event between StealthEX and the Hive ecosystem to celebrate the listing and to get to know each other better.

The AMA will take place at the StealthEX Community Chat Telegram channel at:

About StealthEX:

StealthEX is a service providing non-custodial cryptocurrency exchanges. You do not have to create and account or disclose any personal information to use our platform. Moreover, users do not store the funds on StealthEX – the exchanges are performed wallet-to-wallet.


You may learn more by visiting their website or reading their FAQ.

Your Questions

Comment below with your questions for StealthEX.

Anything goes since it's an open AMA but keep in mind that only 10 questions will be selected. This is your chance to ask StealthEX anything about their platform, services or general cryptosphere outlook!

One question per person please!

A total of 10 questions will be selected by StealthEX at the end of the question period on July 10th, midnight 1200 EST/EDT. Those whose questions are selected will receive a 25 HIVE reward.

Rewards from this post go to the @pettycash account.


What is needed to list our other token HBD?

Looks cool and I already checked it out, I also love the fact that no signups are needed.

Will the amount of hive stay fixed at 398 or will we be able to swap lower amounts in future?

How efficient and fast is your support?
How long does a transaction take and what are the fees like?
What makes you different from other exchanges? Do you have any unique stuff to offer?

No fees are listed how does Stealthex earn money?

good one. There must be fees in some way.

They earn money thanks to the "floating" rate which is lower than when trading by yourself using your exchange account.

Where does StealEX get their "floating rate" from and how often is it refreshed?

How long would the process of each trade take ?

I have checked website and found that there is a minimum limit to perform transactions. Why there is such a limit and are you going to revise it?
At Hive, Sky is the limit so there should not be any limit and if in case its required then it should be too low (probably less than 50 hive)

Screenshot 2021-07-06 at 1.01.00 PM.png

I just took a look at the exchange options, and I see there are some minimum sums for exchange. When trading two DPOS tokens like HIVE which have no transaction fee, will this minimum be reduced or eliminated in the future? The potential of trading lower sums at a higher volume seems like a win for new users.

Thank you fo sharing, there HIVE DOLLAR available in market StealthEX?

No fees are listed how does Stealthex earn money

They earn money thanks to the "floating" rate which is lower than when trading by yourself using your exchange account.

  1. Could you in the future list hive tokens, LEO, Starbits, DEC (and other tokens of splinterland)?

  2. What other projects do you have, is there anything in the future for the hive blockchain?

Not trying to cheat but I kind of have two questions:
Is there an exchange account(s) that may be at risk (say, is the service dependent on Binance)?

Are there plans to reduce the minimum transaction?


I see you already asked that second question. Perhaps I should have checked more thoroughly before I asked mine! Hopefully my wording clarifies the context of the question better for outside observers unfamiliar with our chain and how it works if they choose to ask it, but you probably get dibs on any question bounties.

What took so long?

I've been using stealthex for a long time to dump my steem.

How user's will be benefitted from using StealthEX other than using old exchanges? I mean what's so unique about StealthEX?

My answer: it's a non-custodial peer-to-peer system, so the exchange is always under the control of your key, and there is no K.Y.C. red tape. I assume you're asking so this can be clarified in the AMA for the average Joe, though.

¿Contemplan algún mecanismo para que los usuarios de Venezuela puedan hacer cambios a su moneda local a futuro? En todo caso, ¿están sus operaciones autorizadas por SUNACRIP de Venezuela?

Do you contemplate any mechanism for Venezuelan users to make changes to their local currency in the future? In any case, are your operations authorized by SUNACRIP of Venezuela?

We have been listed on many exchanges. With so many exchanges out there.

Is there anything unique about your exchange to entice me to use it over others?

I'd love to hear what they say but obviously no KYC and the ability for an American to indirectly have access to the liquidity of exchanges like Binance.

All you need is someone you trust to make that happen, and the code to bridge obviously, lol. Everything you need to backdoor the exchange for Americans is available right now,

Hmm tell me how an American gets through binance kyc?

Yeah I'll use stealthex any day before doing yet more kyc on a place I'm not supposed to be

Like i said if wanted you only need a trusted friend.

Not typing it here lol. you know my dm

Are you going to post here every day now ? I hope :)

What is the difference between a non-custodial exchange and a DEX?

How is stealthEx better than other similar exchanges? I mean, what makes stealthEx unique?

porque debo usar StealthEX?

Is this service similar to what Blocktrades offers?

Is it possible to provide Hive liquidity to your swap service?

Does your swap service trade coins in a trusted exchange like binance or huobi to complete the transaction?

Interesting news... Thanks for share!

What are the benefits of using StealthEX together with Hive?

it is more good than Blocktrade? I want to know the cut percentage.

What different features and services are you going to offer to Hive users as compare to what other exchnages are offering? has so many crypto listed. I'm happy to see HIVE is now one of them!

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