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RE: Hive & StealthEX 2-Way AMA Announcement

in #hive2 months ago

We have been listed on many exchanges. With so many exchanges out there.

Is there anything unique about your exchange to entice me to use it over others?


I'd love to hear what they say but obviously no KYC and the ability for an American to indirectly have access to the liquidity of exchanges like Binance.

All you need is someone you trust to make that happen, and the code to bridge obviously, lol. Everything you need to backdoor the exchange for Americans is available right now,

Hmm tell me how an American gets through binance kyc?

Yeah I'll use stealthex any day before doing yet more kyc on a place I'm not supposed to be

Like i said if wanted you only need a trusted friend.

Not typing it here lol. you know my dm