Hive x Scorum Collaboration

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As we're preparing to gather at HiveFest tomorrow we have another great partnership to share.

Hive and Scorum are both Graphene-based blockchains that have a shared set of roots. Many content creators and users in general are active on both blockchains and as a group, we share many of the same ideals.

Mutually we have big plans but for the meantime we are formulating milestones that can be readily met.

About Scorum

Scorum is a blockchain-based sports-focused blogging and betting platform. It originally launched in early 2018 after a successful token sale.

Scorum provides cryptocurrency rewards for both content creators and curators. Community members get paid for publishing posts, voting, commenting and uploading photos. For sports writers we have developed custom solutions: sports analytics, interactive graphics and other great tools.

Read more in the Scorum whitepaper or visit the main website at

See the announcement by Vlad, the CEO of Scorum, here.

Our Next Steps

Right now we're setting up a token bridge on Hive Engine to get SCR tradable on Hive. This will allow users to buy, sell and trade any of the tokens currently listed on the Hive Engine against the SCR and vice versa.

We are also jointly working on integrating one of the Scorum frontends with Hive. Users will be able to sign in via Hive Keychain and make their posts. That will expand the blogging ecosystem on Hive and pave the way for additional cross-platform compatibility.

Cross-chain functions are generally seen as inevitable in blockchain-based development. We're looking towards the future together.


Can't not see "Scrotum".

Same keeps reading scrotum in my head. Send help

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Cool, I think I still have some SCR I've bought and earned ages ago.

This is some good news. I have been on Scorum for a while and I am more than glad about the Scorum-Hive partnership. I see a lot of potential in the cooperation, and I really hope it will go to phase 2 and 3 soon. Especially implementing some NFT games and the betting platform will help to get both project more attention and hopefully push them out into the spotlight.

I actually just made my own post announcing the cooperation

Fingers crossed that it all work out!!

Since I have been following this blog, I have been introduced to at least four names already: Telos, PeerPlays, Amasa, and now Scorum. Another white paper to read. Thanks for this update! More growth and expansion to Hive!

This is good news.. Great collaboration! 👌

What a time to be alive💥💥💥

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

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growth and development of the platform, both for the integration of the token and for the interaction between both platforms, a great surprise for sports lovers, the good news continues, congratulations ...

This is really great and s better improvement for the blockchain

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

HiveFest⁶ Meetings Contest

That is a great news as just thinking how to use SCR and as tradable here it will be great.

Please all effort should be made to fast track the collaboration.

Oh, this is interesting! I have a Skorum account for several years.

Great news

Will these two blockchains be connected to each other, like neoxian or leo?🥰🥰🤗

I know I have $SCR in my account as I use to create sport content then,. I will revisit it.

Happy to hear this news.

Time to look for the keys to my scorum account

Wow.... This can only mean 1 thing and nothing but the Sky. The more unity, the more strength.

Great partnership, Hive and Scorum to the moon.

I have an account in scorum too, how can I join with this

This is great news!

Great news for our Hive community!

Very interesting!!

This is the greatest step Scorum has ever taken.. and I believe it will end up being the greatest decision Hive will have ever made!

It would be nice to integrate the scorum community with our own sportstalk community. What do you think? @cryptoandcoffee

No. They all had an opportunity to join sports and some did. There was a period of total disruption from a certain group from scorum which was very unpleasant and honestly want nothing to do with them. If they have changed then that is a whole new story. I have never visited the site and have no clue what they do. The problem with being on Hive there is no time to go looking as Hive takes all your time if you do it properly.

I can't stop but read "Scrotum" every time I see about about this collab LOL