Looking Back at our HIVE Summer Listings

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It's been an exciting summer to say the least. We had several notable listings and connections with our exchange partners over the months and are currently looking toward announcing more. Not to worry, we are not only focused on HIVE pairs and are also working on increasing our HBD listings.


CoinEx, an established exchange out of Hong Kong, listed HIVE with the USDT and BTC pairs in late July. The listing was followed by an amazing AMA in Spanish which saw much engagement and excitement.

Read more:


The 7b newly-developed brokerage application listed HIVE and has become a valuable partner. The 7b team are in regular communication with ourselves and are regularly looking for feedback from the Hive community.

Read more: https://sevenb.io/blog/how-to-trade-hive/


HIVE was listed and became tradable on StealthEX in July. We had a great 2-way AMA between the Hive and the StealthEx team and community members shortly after. StealthEx is a service providing wallet-to-wallet non-custodial cryptocurrency exchanges.

Read more: https://hive.blog/hive/@hiveio/hive-and-stealthex-2-way-ama-announcement


The Indonesian trading platform Tokocrypto listed HIVE with the BTC and USDT pairs at the end of June. This listing further increases the accessibility of HIVE in the growing Indonesian market.

Read more: https://tokocrypto.zendesk.com/hc/id/articles/4403659765773


The XBTS exchange listed HIVE in late June with a HIVE/BTC pair to much acclaim. XBTS is a BitShares-based DeFi platform that offers HIVE liquidity pools and a range of trading and staking features.

Read more: https://hive.blog/bitshares/@xbts/hive-is-live-now-on-defi-welcome-to-the-new-era-of-defi

Those summer days rolled one into the other. With no end in sight to what needed to be done, people put aside their plans and stepped up for the benefit of Hive. We would like to thank our community members who contributed to getting these relationships set up, working on the AMAs and participating by engaging in exchange-based discussions. You all know who you are and we as an ecosystem appreciate your effort.

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When can we expect HBD listings.?

We're working on them but every listing takes time.

Cant wait to read your announcement about it, this will sure further strengthened the economics of Hive tokens.

Thanks for your service to the community.


It's because of your hard work, the communities, and the users I guess. Soon, people will understand how far the value of being in hive, not just the amount of money they can get.

YES!!! so true ;-) keep going!

That's good news, glad to be here

This was a beautiful, encouraging read as your work is meeting interest from around the world in Hive!

Greets from Austria Vienna ;-)

Ich grüße dich aus San Francisco ;)

More eyes on the prize.
Apparently where I am, I can use the usual to access Hive if I need to.
Great to know more to come and keep the blockchain moving.

Worked in a lots of blockchain (eth-eos-tron-binance...)there was good but i have to say hive blockchain is the best 👊.
I like hive idea that if u worked hard and smart u can earn good amount money . And that u can't found it in other blockchain

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Really amazing work. Thanks for all the informations. Love to blog on HIVE! Love to be here and to share my vision and content to inspire other people. It's always funny to blog and I know that HIVE is growing. So keep going.

Greets from Vienna







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Who is "we"? Are you the owners of Hive?
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Who is "we"?

We, the Hive community.

Why does this post have 370 USD in upvotes after a few hours?

Because that's what community members decided with their stake.

Well then nice to finally meet you, Hive community.

Yes, amazing!!!! Just keep going here and make your own community. Build a imperium, blog and have fun on HIVE ;-)

Greets from Vienna