Feature Update: HIVE Referral Tracker

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About two weeks ago we introduced referral support on @hiveonboard. It's amazing to see how many people are ready make use of it, on-boarding new people on HIVE everyday.

In order to help you, keeping track of all your referrals, here comes a feature update.

HIVE Referral Tracker

Everyone can now access all their referred accounts on @hiveonboard.

The interface creates a list of accounts and useful data like:

  • Account Name
  • Date of Account Creation
  • Status of Profit Sharing (Mouse-Over for details)
  • Activity Indicator
  • HP of the Account (Mouse-Over for details)
  • RC Indicator (Mouse-Over for details)

You can sort any column as you like when clicking on the heading or use the search function.

The referred accounts shown in the list aren't limited to accounts created on @hiveonboard instead all accounts created following the Open Standard for a HIVE Account Referral System will be shown. In other words, if you referred an account with another dApp, the referred account will be listed as well.

How To Access

Just browse to https://hiveonboard.com/learn, click on Referral Program, enter your account name and hit the TRACK YOUR REFERRALS Button.

Or just use this link and replace the account_name in this url with your own:

Feel free to bookmark this url if you plan to use it frequently.

Convenient Helper

As you can see in the screenshot below, we suggestion a delegation of 5 HP for accounts that
a) are considered as active and created at least one post,
b) have less than 5 HP and
c) have 80% or less resource credits available

For your convenience you can simply click on the delegation button an delegate 5 HP with HiveSigner.


Asking for dApp Support

Since no dApp has integrated the Open Standard for a HIVE Account Referral System for profit sharing yet, we and referrers still have to wait for adoption. I'd love to hear feedback from dApp developer on their plans and considerations about this topic.

200 HIVE Bounty for the first dApp Adoption

I'am hereby putting up a bounty of 200 HIVE to any dApp which is going to integrate the open standard first, following the Guidelines for dApps in the post linked above and of course supports post creation.

If you need help or have questions regarding this open standard, feel free to reach out to me on Discord.

This is @roomservice and when you like my work, I would be glad to be your witness: Vote here


If someone searches for "hive" at the decentralized search engine https://www.presearch.org he will be directed to sign up via https://hiveonboard.com from now on !

Screenshot from 20200614 131531.png

Check it out by clicking below and give me feedback >>>


Just FYI this HIVE advertisement on presearch results appeared more than 1500 times and was visited more than 45 times the last 2-3 weeks. From now on I will be able to track how many actually signed up !!! Thanks @hiveonboard !

Screenshot from 20200614 132635.png

I saw your referrer ID on presearch, but it seems the referral link doesn't work any more. Is there another way to refer people to Hive and have my username default as 1-5% beneficiary? If I can get a referral link to work like that where I'll be paid from future posts, I'll advertise Hive, otherwise it's money out of my pocket with basically no possible return on my investment...

Nice work, we will be adding this to Quello once we're ready. Won't be first, however hopefully won't be too far in the future. Keep up the good work!

Great to hear! Just adding @quello to my todo list for the dApp section on hiveonboard.com.

I already feel the bounty comming into my pockets!


Could you add an option to remove the beneficiary cut if someone wants to use the tracking function to monitor new accounts and rest of the invite system? Great stuff anyway!

Great suggestion - I'll definitely put it on my to do list!

Hopefully @peakd will be the first to implement :)

Discord link or user name?

roomservice#8215 - I'am hanging around in a lot of HIVE discord servers as well.

This is a very helpful feature! Thank you for adding it and sharing how it works.

slick update! 👊

Great to see this.

there is also refrel reward , it is really nice i got my refrel link

Great stuff!

Great addition to the awesome service

This is simply awesome!

Voted for you as witness. Thanks for your work!

Interesting update.

For us helping newbie. It will be easy for us to build and direct our referred newbie.

Keep up the good work

Nice projet i love it

Nice work

good! i want to post content but i have problem that how to get HIVE POWER at my account . i have buying HiVE from blocktrades but not post my content, please ?

For a good starting experience you rather buy HIVE POWER yourself or have a friend who delegates you a small amount. If you have HIVE you can power it up into HIVE POWER and gain more resources and influence on the platform.

Just delegated 5 HP to you for now. Try to create interesting posts and earn upvotes. After 7 days your post rewards will be converted to your HIVE balances.


Delegation window is just extra ordinary. The interface will attract anyone to delegate some hp. Awesome work.

so how can we start ?

you can actually start now, by typing in your account name to get your personal referral code....https://hiveonboard.com/what-is-hive

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This is great news. I look forward to onboarding new members and being able to track my progress!

You have been included in today's "I Am Engaged" challenge which I will post in a few minutes. Watch for it @slackerman

Amazing work @roomservice! This saves me a bunch of time, because before, i was having to click on each profile to see if they'd posted yet! Thank you so much for this tool! Everyone needs to vote for @roomservice for Witness!

I just made a video talking about the process to open an instant hive account using hiveonboard. Thanks for making the registration process easier.

Has anyone started working on the bounty yet? Would be great to see a few apps getting involved!

Been trying to setup hive with your service all day and after sms code goes to blank page and then nothing... was forced to create at esteem app.. I can't find any keys in this app.. I want to register using hiveonboard.. what should I do? I have tried 4 kind of browsers...

We had a few back-end issues yesterday.
The problem you experienced should be solved now.

I noticed on the Advantages page there is a type "socail networking"

Thanks for reporting! Got a ticket here as well. Will take care.

I just referred @jess-ica and i can't see her on my list of referrals