Ah, is it the autovotes you are talking about? @hivetrending

We are consulting with @hivewatchers and people like @guiltyparties daily to resolve the reward issue.

Our goal is to activate rewards in a fair way one week from now, by then, if we meet our target, you won't have to worry about that any more.

Okay got it.

Also, how far back will d.Buzz go when copying tweets? I was concerned it will keep going backwards for months of my tweets instead of focusing on new ones only.

Yeah, I actually noticed that for @followbtcnews and I logged it to be fixed by our Devs when they wake up.

It looks like it doesn't go backwards for most people, and even for @followbtcnews, it only posted 9 and then stopped.

So it looks safe for now, but when the Devs wake up there will be a decent amount of new bugs to address :)


One more bug to report. The profile data on site is out-of-date, including the profile photo.

I just added this to the list of bug to fix.

For more bug reports, just Buzz it on D.Buzz and tag @chrisrice 😄🖐️

Circling back on this. It looks stable now! d.Buzz has stopped going back in time for my Tweets.

Got it, thank you @hivetrending 🙂🖐️

Ooooh I was worried about this too -- I wasn't expecting previous #hive tagged posts to show up once verified, and now autovotes are being wasted. 😬 Might have to refrain from buzzing til the rewards situation is resolved. 🙂

I do love this though!!! And am looking forward to using it often. 😁

Might have to refrain from buzzing til the rewards situation is resolved. 🙂

Ah okay, yeah, no worries . . as stated above, our target date to activate rewards is a week from now.

Thank you for testing our Dapp!

I suggest you find me on discord.

Do you have any clues on how to find you there?

My username is @chrisrice2989 and our Discord channel is: