Hive core developper meeting #6

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Hi, sorry for the delay, this meeting already happened two weeks ago (we will do another one shortly), we ran into some issues with the zoom recording.

Meeting tl;dr:

Libraries updates are still ongoing, needs more time. (Now, hive-js, dhive, beem are ready thanks @MahdiYari and @holger )
On the open mrs:

Full node from blocktrades' team is nearly ready, need finishing touches on hivemind to make sure everything works, expected to be ready soon, by then we'll open a testnet network to let witnesses run consensus nodes and app developers test their apps against eclipse (ideally by then most libraries will be ready)
On vision, roadmap etc:
This hard fork has been mostly about optimizations and securing the network, we'll be running an open forum in the form of a post in hive improvements to brainstorm with the community what should be the next steps. (@blocktrades shared some of his thoughts here:

Some extra thoughts about this post

In the end even though we were late, it's quite cool to be able to look back and say "okay we spoke about this, here's the concrete action behind it there"

Perhaps in the following posts I'll include a "review" of the last meeting with what happened during the two weeks between each meeting so you can follow the progress along.


I appreciate it. There are very few places to go and keep updated with what is happening behind the scenes.

Thanks, that's kind of the objective of those :)

Thanks for putting the time to compile this information and share it with public.

Can we have Hive logo as thumbnail on this videos, instead of random generated thumbnail?

Yeah, I have that on my backlog, I'll do it at some point

Thank you for the hard work.

Thanks !

Good luck for this

Good luck and more power!

Nice to have these. Maybe you can have someone helping you with sharing these?

Would love to know more about your pipeline development. As I am learning mine daily... on a small team. And we control several repos and dedicate time to understand the best options to develop on a team of up to 5 people distributed.

Can I get read access to the Core dev channel?

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