My Hive Is Broke......

in #hive4 months ago

For a few weeks now, my wallet won't let me move my dollars to savings .... can't power up.... nuthin !

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I click to move my HBD to savings.... put in amount.... says redirecting to Hivesigner to complete and says I will need KEY to complete.... .I continue... confirm and directs to peakd to approve...never gives me anywhere to put a key in.... then gives me the big red X and says my transaction was not successfully broadcast and has a lot of gobbledeegook that may appear to say not authorized or key or some such thing..... but I would have given it a key if it had given me a space to put one.

It has been like that at least a month. I didn't concern myself with it originally because there are glitches here now and then that always seem to resolve themselves, but not this time so far. Can't claim my interest or add more HBD to savings or nuthing. 💩

I'm not technical. I don't care anything about being technical, I am just expecting this place to work right and I just come to use it.


That's all.

I still love you ....but it's starting to feel conditional.



You could go straight to and sign in with your Active key to see what's really going on with wallet transfers.

Yes this is what I was thinking as a fallback. Just dont ever ever ever share your keys @jacey.boldart

If you are still having problems, let @jarvie or @asgarth know. they are pretty good at helping fix things that have gone awry. It could be because of the upcoming HF, but since your problem started a little bit ago, it might be something easy to fix.

Hi !

Thanks for the info.😊

I've been using Hive Keychain without any issues. Maybe you could try that; I'm not sure what could be going on with things but I hope you do get them straightened out.

Thanks, I may have to try something different. I have just always used it like it is and have never had issues with any of it before. I can post and all the funds and things apply like they should (I think) and I can "claim", but seems I can't move any of it around. Somehow some step is missing.

Thanks for dropping over.

I never had that issue but sounds like it is from the difference between posting key authority and the higher authority needed to move funds someway. I will reblog and hope someone that knows can help.


I have all my keys, but so far, I never see a place to put one before it has the approve button. I've done these things many times before and never had any issue, but for some reason, it just isn't working now. You can see I have money in my savings, so obviously it has worked before with no issue.

I know hive keychain browser addon needs to be updated regularly and has always worked for me when updated. You could try that. Also try a different frontend like the main Hive site.

Thanks !

I will definitely be looking for a change. :)

I change frontends when that happens, and sometimes that works. I use Keychain and seems to work most of the time. From time to time they will do an update or fork and that messes with it from time to time.

I restart my computer. Oh, the things THAT fixes. Why didn't you say something earlier?

I didn't say something earlier because I thought it would fix itself. It doesn't keep me from posting or voting or claiming, just can't do anything with it after claimed.

There have been glitches before, but they never seemed to last more than a day and not this type of glitch. I finally got tired of it. LOL

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