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RE: Crypto Cures Covid-19!

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I wish I could help you but here the drug was banned and not allowed on the market. Very few drug stores have Ivermectin, those that sell these do so at very high prices! So we have been buying online the ivermectin for poultry from China! Each tablet at 5mg.

They work just fine for me! Last months I was sick because of people shedding spike proteins or spions around me! It cured me in two days twice now! All staff in shopping malls are all fully vaccinated! They are shedding like crazy! I could smell some people giving chemical odors around them!

I have to take ivermectin once a week from now on!
Most office staff and working people are vaccinated; mandated by their employers!!


I'm glad it's working for you!
Thanks for your comment.






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