Crypto Cures Covid-19!

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I'm looking for someone to facilitate a transaction. I'll send crypto, and receive Ivermectin tablets - a cure for Covid - by mail. Hive will make it all happen!

(Ivermectin is good, but I'm not here to convince anyone of that. I'm just here to arrange a transaction and get myself some. But if you're curious, here and here are a couple resources on the subject.)

The Problem

Here in Canada, thanks to our glorious "free health care" envied around the world (LOL), Ivermectin is not available by prescription. The equestrian paste form is sold at livestock supply stores, but my local shop does not carry what I want, and is restricting sales to confirmed horse owners. Groups of American doctors like americasfrontlinedoctors and myfreedoctor are prescribing and shipping Ivermectin tablets, but only within the USA. Many online pharmacies will ship to Canada, but I'm totally unfamiliar with that world, and don't own a Smart device which is often required.

It's out there, and I can afford it, but until now I've had trouble making it happen.

The Solution

I have various forms of crypto, and I know several thousands crypto enthusiasts, so chances are good me and someone reading this will be able to help each other out. Of course, I'm willing to pay all costs incurred, plus a fee for your time and effort.

I could potentially pay with:

  • HIVE
  • any token within
  • LBC (LBRY Coins on the LBRY / Odysee network)
  • BTC
  • USD via PayPal
  • fiat cash or silver bullion
  • prepaid Visa

I do NOT have access to:

  • Smart device
  • vaccine passport
  • bank account
  • most credit cards

As you know, I will not take the Covid "vaccines", and neither will my wife, or little boy. There are many reasons for that, including the fact that all three of us have already had (and recovered from) Covid. Our natural immunity has kept us healthy and symptom-free for a year and a half now, and we have no intention of changing that.

As we head into fall and winter, a 5th wave of Covid is expected/threatened, along with lockdowns etc. Winter weather (and Covid mandates) greatly impact our little family. We have trouble getting food and supplies when times are normal... so any restrictions add greatly to our hardships. We are currently canning food like tomatoes for winter, and doing what we can to be ready for whatever the powers that be decide to throw at us.

One thing that I want to have in the house, just in case, is some Ivermectin. It stops Covid - and many other viruses and parasites - instantly and without risk of serious unwanted effects. It's not expensive, or hard to use, or illegal. I just don't have the right tools for the job. Someone who does can make a quick few bucks helping me out.

Basically, I want you to score me some drugs! : P


If you're interested, please let me know, and we'll work out the details. Maybe you've already bought some, and you have more than you need, and want to unload the extra? Or maybe you've got a Smart device, and are familiar with online pharmacies, and can make the order for me? Or maybe you're in the USA, and have a prescription, or can get it from one of the groups of online docs, and then ship it up to me? Or some other way... I'm flexible.

You can leave comments, suggestions, offers, or ideas here. You can also email me (drutter at protonmail dot com).

I think it's somewhat cool/interesting that Hive can help solve problems like this. Not only is it the means of communication, allowing me to find someone willing to help out, but it might even be the means of transferring payment.

Please let me know if you might be able to help us. It would really make a difference for my little family.

Best wishes to all,


All that tomato canning was tiring but so rewarding!

Another excellent potential use for this blockchain. Hopefully in the future transactions like this will be far more streamlined and convenient.

Hi drutter, I'm in Colombia so i don't think i could help too much because probably they could keep the drug shipments but, if you find they don't, or if i could help you in some way you can tell me and I will be pleased to do it, here you can buy it in any pharmacy with no prescription or nothing, is really easy. (I could get a prescription to send it in case it works for shipment) 😁
Really hope that if i can't, someone else can help you!
My best wishes for you and ur family 🥰

Hey Lia : )
I'm honoured you would offer to help. That's great you can easily obtain Ivermectin! I wish it was like that all over the world. It seems to help many people.
Perhaps there will be other people able to help me. I will wait a few days and look at the responses I get. Then I'll consider what is the best option. Gracias amiga, y saludos desde BC Canada.

I hope you can get your hands on some Ivermectin! Hopefully you're just asking for a friend or for safe-keeping.

I wish I could help you but here the drug was banned and not allowed on the market. Very few drug stores have Ivermectin, those that sell these do so at very high prices! So we have been buying online the ivermectin for poultry from China! Each tablet at 5mg.

They work just fine for me! Last months I was sick because of people shedding spike proteins or spions around me! It cured me in two days twice now! All staff in shopping malls are all fully vaccinated! They are shedding like crazy! I could smell some people giving chemical odors around them!

I have to take ivermectin once a week from now on!
Most office staff and working people are vaccinated; mandated by their employers!!

I'm glad it's working for you!
Thanks for your comment.






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The post title reminds me of "cannabis cures cancer".

It is sinister and evil that they are keeping safe treatments from the people. Ivermectin is safe and has been for over 20 years. It's all about Big Pharma and $$$.

I wish I could help. Normally, Dad could prescribe anything. But unfortunately that is no longer the case. But I'm sure it will be fine if I read these comments here

ow those were tomatoes I was thinking about apples or stewed pears

Thanks bud. I'm determined to make it happen. I figure, I've always been able to find weed, even during the heaviest times of prohibition, and even in the places it is most illegal. Hell you can even get weed in jail if you want. But somehow I'm not able to get my hands on Ivermectin. It's cheap and there is a ton of it around... I just can't seem to get it...

100% Pure Gum Turpentine, my friend...and Dr.Daniels is even Canadian...😉
I recommend "Forest G" (the champagne of all turpentines...)
You got way better medicine, much closer than you think.

Thanks for the link, bro!
Interesting that the turpentine being used this way comes from pine needles! There must be some connection to the use of pine needle tea in treating Covid and removing spike proteins from the body. Have you heard of Suramin? I think that's the active ingredient in both cases:
EDIT: I notice that Suramin is used to treat African river blindness.... which is also cured by Ivermectin. Interesting....

I gotta check *Suramin * ...thanks for the hint.
Natural Turpentine is the resin of the trees, No.1 parasite & Candida Killer, straight from Mother Earth...but please inform/teach yourself with the help/info/pdfs of Dr.Daniels. Vegan diet etc. is recommended before taking your first turpentine...

Oh, do you drink turpentine?
If it's made from pine, then the active ingredient is likely the same as that in pine needle tea, which people are making at home and using to treat Covid and spike protein exposure. Sounds like it has potential and I'll keep reading. Thanks bro : ))

I hope to find out how to send a package from BiH to the USA.
Maybe I'll know more information on saturday...

Thanks and good luck. Keep in touch : )

Im your guide... Cannot help but get you what you want ✌😎🥓👍


Zoom calls seem to work best for somever reason.

That vehicle looks like it's from a time when the delivery driver didn't steal or break your package, haha.

That's an interesting half-photo.... makes you wonder what the bottom half looks like.

Now the whole photograph is showing up.
Yesterday I saw only half of the car (the top half).

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Get vaccinated, man. Do it for your family — people are dying without it and the variants are getting stronger because people refuse to accept Science.

Not sure if you are trying to be funny, or if you're really that poorly informed. If you're trying to be funny, it didn't work. Otherwise, please see my posts for help.