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We've missed HiveFest this year, but we wouldn't have done it without a good reason! We are proud to announce that we've joined the AppWorks accelerator as part of their batch #25.


Located in Taiwan (just like we are), AppWorks is among the leading accelerators in Asia, with a focus on Web3 and AI. More than anything else, their stated goal is to help us become better founders. For that goal, they have been developing a huge network of alumni, industry mentors and investors, in order to help new founders get insights from the industry veterans.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 11.05.06 AM.png

Fun fact: we've only realized this after being accepted in the program, but AppWorks is one of Splinterlands investors, so they actually knew about Keychain beforehand.

Our experience so far

@stoodkev and @cedricguillas introducing Keychain to the AppWorks mentors

Although the program started last month (at the same time as HiveFest T_T), we've waited a bit to post about it in order to share our experience in there.

First, the atmosphere is great and we all bonded rather quickly around a few drinks with other founders and the AppWorks staff. It's always great to chat with like-minded people and in this sense reminded me a bit of the past HiveFests.

Only a month in the program, we already got a ton of help on various topics ranging from HR to legal to company structuring, etc.

Their network IS powerful! On top of discussing with the AppWorks partners that have a lot of experience in Web3, we've had very interesting talks about Keychain and the Hive ecosystem with industry leaders such as Mikhael Naayem, Co-founder of Dapper Labs (Flow, CryptoKitties, NBA Topshot, etc.), Chris Wang (CEO of ThunderCore) and Hsuan Lee (CEO of Blocto, a multichain custodial wallet in rapid expansion).

Everybody we talked to knew about Hive (kind of)

Oh, Hive from the Justin Sun drama, right?

Yeah I looked it up out of curiosity

I used it to play Splinterlands

The blogging platform right?

We were pleased to realize that even though often quite shallow or incomplete, most of the people we've talked to (from first-time founders to hyper-successful CEOs) had some knowledge of the Hive ecosystem. This should mean we are doing something right as a community, but don't go far enough into reaching to the broader ecosystem of Web3 devs. They know about us, next is line is letting them know why they should join ;)

Let's keep building!

Ultimately, our main goal is to grow Keychain in a way that can attract more people from the broader ecosystem and help the Hive community grow as well. Bear market? So what, we'll keep building! We're excited about the future, hope you are too =)


Hive Keychain is an important element for Hive because one-click access and secure access to all Hive apps is a way to simplify access to Hive and this could facilitate mass adoption.

I was not familiar with AppWorks Accelerator but it looks like a great project

Bear market? So what, we'll keep building! We're excited about the future, hope you are too =)

The Bear Market is only a temporary obstacle that also has advantages such as being a natural selector for figuring out which projects have potential and which do not.
Those who continue to develop and improve during the Bear Market are definitely good projects, or at least they are in most cases
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@tipu curate

We will keep doing our best to facilitate adoption, and will definitely keep building =)

WHAT! This is not good news, but rather GREAT NEWS!!!

Congratulations team, your wallet is powerful and useful, I use it for everything and also the mobile app is useful too, thank you for this, I hope you continue to be very successful.

This is being taken to new levels, if you need ambassadors to promote this app I'm here haha xD

Thanks for your support !
We'll do our best to keep bringing value to our users! =)

First no one's getting poached, we're merely interacting with the rest of the ecosystem. If anything, I've got some other founders to consider building on Hive actually.

Second, you can be caustic if you want, I know lot of things still need to be improved but I'm proud of what we have achieved with limited resources, and we will keep working on making it better.

If we are to achieve mass adoption, we'll need to be able to become a multilingual platform. For blogging in particular, I guess there could be some options to filter posts based on languages, it's a question for frontends.

Some of those quotes do little more than acknowledge our presence, but given Hive current ranking I guess that's a start. I agree that more should be done to appeal to the masses, but I do think that eventually what will bring adoption is not only promoting Hive itself, but having killer dApps in here.


Amazing! I've actually been to their office a few years ago. They are very successful in Web3 investment. Really surprised to know that many people know about Hive.

btw, sent you a friend request on discord. Check when you have time. Talk to you there later. 😉

Dope! Yeah they are really good at what they are doing!
I didn't recognize the handle and refused the request ^^'
What's your ID? I'll add you

😆 My bad. I am under different name.

Apparently you don't accept friend requests 🤣

Apparently I am a discord idiot. 🤣 Sent to you again. Gee...

Thank you for this great future, I really enjoy using the hive keychain as it makes login very simple for me. You don't have to go and copy your keys from your storage and then paste them anymore. Just log into your keychain, then boom, you are gone.

Glad you like it!

It's really a great feature worth having by all Hivians. 😍😍

Congratulations. Working in an accelerator environment is surely a more than rewarding experience.
I wish your team all the best!

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