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For the past two weeks, Hive Keychain DHF proposal has been going above and below the return proposal. Since last Saturday, it stopped being funded, around 200k HP short of the return proposal at the time of writing.

Because Keychain is an important part of our ecosystem, even without funding we will of course continue to maintain the extension, but with your help, there is so much more we can achieve.

Hive Keychain extension

  • Improve security by warning users when transfering to a potential phishing account.
  • Ledger integration (by @quochuy) to improve key security.
  • Facilitate the onboarding process. We want Keychain to be a part of this process and make it as seamless as possible. Onboarding tools could send newly created accounts information directly to Keychain (upon user agreement, ofc).
  • Be ready for the SMTs. From showing SMTs balances and history to requesting transfers or other operations, there is a lot to do to prepare the arrival of the SMTs. We will make sure that everything is ready at HF time.
  • Add information to the witness page
  • Claiming account creation tokens
  • Proposals information
  • Improving user experience on existing features.
  • Create and host a landing page
  • Keep improving accounts management.
  • Implement necessary features following Hard Forks or community requests.

Hive Keychain mobile

We've received lots of encouragement regarding the development of Keychain mobile, and we have an amazing App under development. Because it requires a lot of time (development, design...) and resources to build such an App from scratch,we need this proposal to be able to deliver.


  • All operations currently available from the extension's popup
  • Importing accounts via QR code
  • Fingerprint unlock on supporting devices
  • Supporting transactions from other Apps, as the extension does
  • React Native, Android and iOS libraries for easily integrating Keychain to other mobile Apps
  • Use browser dApps on public computers without importing your keys, sign from mobile App
  • Mobile web browsing with Keychain capability
  • Great interface and UX by @nateaguila


Around 5 months and a half (to November 15th) are left in the proposal, with a requested payout of 200 HBD/day.

We are fully transparent and all this work will be opensource and available on Hive Keychain and Hive Keychain Mobile repositories.
On top of that, we will keep publishing weekly updates on the @keychain account as we have been doing so far.

So you don't need to take our word for it, everything is out there!

Whether you're a minnow a whale, every vote counts. So if you love Keychain, we're counting on you ;)

Support Hive Keychain development by voting for this proposal on PeakD, on HiveDao or with HiveSigner.

100% of payout is redirected to the DAO


Just gave you a little push :)

Thanks! =)

I’ve never been able to use keychain as I am a strictly mobile keyboard o phobe. I’d love to try it though, that sounds like it would make my life a lot easier. Here’s my vote, a few more and you can get yourself a penny candy!

It's great on desktop! Mobile would make life a lot easier! Been patiently waiting on that since keychain first came out.

Keep on with this OUTSTANDING work!
We all owe you something!

Will do!
Thanks for your kind words !

Already supporting. Hope you can continue to receive DHF support! Glad to see all code is open source under a permissive license.

Ledger integration (by @quochuy) to improve key security.

This would be so huge!

It’s going to take a little while as I need to finish the library for it first

Thanks for your support! I agree, can't wait for Ledger integration:)

You've got my support.

I hope someday you might be interested in integrating FIO support as I'd like to do an address giveaway for Hive users, but there aren't currently any FIO enabled wallets that support Hive.

Much appreciated! Yes I have a lot on my plate for now but I'll definitely take a closer look after clearing some.

Excellent! You can learn more about FIO here when you're ready to dive in a bit more. Happy to talk to you further about it.

Blocktrades is voting for the proposal but has an additional 500k HP vote with his account that he's not using. This should be enough to keep you in.

Thanks for the info and your support ;)

I dont have much HP. But done! :D

Every vote counts! :) Thanks !

@softworld together with its delegators @josepgs and @enricgr voting it

Thanks for your support !

I am not voting hive keychain because team was ignoring a serious bug for a very long time, that could be fixed by editing one line of code.

When you find bugs, feel free to use Github issues to let us know.

I hope you gonna answer so quickly next time I report bug in comments.

This is likely. And if I don't , now you know where to report issues.

I suppose 200 HBD daily donation for a few commits in the past is too much.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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When i am deposit Hive on hive-engine, with keychain authorization, Steem are send to @honey-swap !!!!!

DM me on Discord, we will figure if it's an issue with Keychain or hive engine.

ok, I need your 4 digit discord code or ping me at chrisaiki #0734

I just sent the friend request

i am already supporting this proposal 😊

Keychain is a good application