What does decentralization mean to me? | Hive Blockchain and Skateboarding

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I have not been using Steemit.com for some time cause I wanted to sabotage Justin Sun and Steemit inc. and posting through Hive.blog feels exactly the same. I guess the interface will change (and it should) but it definitely feels nice to use a similar interface like Steemit.com. It was my go to platform for accessing Steem Blockchain for 2 years so many great memories in there.
Anyway, this is my first post on Hive, a new blockchain for WEB 3.0

But what's HIVE

Hive is an open-source blockchain, forged in years of development to bring Web 3.0 to the world. With a diverse community of stakeholders and without controlling bad actors, individuals can experience true ownership in a decentralised blockchain & cryptocurrency.
(More info here : https://hive.io/)

True Ownership?

As a skater who uploads videos in various social media platforms daily, I have faced many problems regarding how things on the internet work today. Many of my videos were deleted from Youtube without warning due to copyright issues and many of my Facebook posts too cause "I was violating their terms of use".
That's where decentralization comes in.

Why decentralization is important for us skaters

Skaters are the artists of the streets. We are trying to take advantage of every inch in the cities and using our imagination and our skateboard we "create". When you see a pavement I see a manual pad. When you see a bench I see a skateable ledge. Just like most artists, we like to share that footage with our followers and hype them up to go skate.

It is not easy to film a skateboarding video/vlog though. One must find the spot he wants to skate, film footage, edit the footage and then upload the video to his/her preferred social media platform. This takes hours and sometimes even days. Despite all that effort, platforms like Youtube and Instagram do not pay a single penny to their users despite all their hard wok and may even delete your work if you are violating any of their thousands "terms of use".
No-one can monetize his/her content like that.

Using decentralized social media platforms is the only way to monetize your content efficiently cause YOU OWN YOUR CONTENT. No-one except you can edit or delete your content and backed by blockchain tech these platforms will be dominating the future internet economy.

The best thing is that social media platforms like HIVE work in a way that you also get rewarded for your content. You do not have to reach 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours like Youtube to earn some pennies, you can start earning right away. The community upvotes your content and depending on each individual's voting power (stake in the decentralized network) you get rewarded in form of cryptocurrency. Ain't that sweet?

The internet economy is changing

I am not a tech-freak so I cannot explain you the fundamentals of the blockchain tech and how WEB 3.0 social media platforms like HIVE works but I can definitely tell you that I have been using decentralized platforms for over 2 years and I can finally share my work without boundaries.

Will you be a part of it or stick with the classic social media platforms and make the rich richer?

My first skateboarding post on HIVE Blockchain

I am so hyped about the HIVE project so I edited a bunch of skate clips from my latest #steemskate vlog to get you guys hyped and shared them on Instagram to promote our new blockchain.
Click the link bellow and enjoy!

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot. If you want to see more skateboarding action check out #steemskate , our skate community in which you actually own your content and earn money for it!
Hit the Sign Up button and join the fun!
Link bellow :

Much love and #SKATEFORLIFE

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#Posh it on twitter

Brother, that's what I thought about collecting several old videos and making some edition welcoming HIVE, and getting to work on behalf of the community, brother, hey for the airdrop? Should we ask for the coins? or just appear and already?

Put it in great words my friend, the artists of the streets! I still see all kinds of stuff that I’m like ‘damn that would be awesome to Ollie’ or grind, or manny. The big tech companies hate this version of the internet in some ways. We get paid some of the money they make off it, instead of them taking it all.

Just a question but do you do web searches often for stuff? You can pay yourself doing that as well! I’ve been doing it for years. Granted it’s not much right now, but I think it will be in the future.

Hey man can you send me a link? I have never tried web searches. Are they available to European citizens?

They are! I include in my post signature, though it doesn't get read much I'm sure lol, a link!

Do you want to get paid, in crypto, for searching the internet? Try using and signing up for Presearch to earn some great crypto! I've currently got 1,121 PRE tokens, with a market value of $27.44. It doesn't sound like a lot but when you search using sites like Google you get paid $0! Join Presearch to break Google's stranglehold on the internet searches. If you'd like to sign up, use my referral link below and spread the word! If you use my link, you start with 25 free PRE tokens, if you don't, you start with 0!

So basically what I do is anything I can't do on an app like eSteem, I search using the website. It's a bit of a change to get used to but you make money off it, so it's a pretty good incentive! If you use my referral link for Presearch, you automatically start off with 25 bonus tokens. If you create an account on your own you start with 0. Please click the link for the free ones!

Want to check the weather? I search "weather Boston" in the browser app (personally, I use the Brave browser) and let the Presearch folks get paid for me using their service, and they pay you .25 PRE tokens per internet search.

I do this with almost everything. I plan on using the Steempeak website for something, I use my browser and search Steempeak to get paid instead of just typing in the address in the address bar. Same thing for my daily Splinterlands battles. I go and search the website off the Presearch service to get paid to do it.

Then there is the other browser that I use, Brave. If you use Brave as your main browser, you can opt-in for Brave rewards. Brave is a privacy focused browser that blocks all ads and trackers from you since the companies make a shitload of money off it and you don't make a penny. It then allows you to turn around and say "I want to get paid to view Brave-approved ads, show me!" and they then prompt you with an ad every so often during a given hour. I have mine set to the maximum, 5 ads per hour. So far I've made 70 brave tokens through this method over the past few months. The more you use it, the more you can see an ad and get paid to do it. If you want, we can chat about it on Discord if it's easier!

Oh yeah, I know both about Presearch and Brave. Been Using them for months. In fact, I learned about Presearch through your posts. Brave is treating me nice too. I have both my Youtube channels and my twitter synced with Brave and people tip me sometimes. 25 BAT this month till today!

Thanks for the awesome comment bro! Are you a brave browser creator? I can add you to my auto contribute list

That's awesome, I don't have a Youtube channel (that I post to anyways, just to watch videos) so I'm not a creator. I'll add you as a tip for mine though, what's yours?

I have 2 channels but I mostly use the @Knowhow92 one for my daily videos.
The other one contains more serious footage and projects by me and my crew.By the way check them out. You are gonna love some.
Be my guest, you choose and thanks bro. Means a lot for a full-time content creator like me.;)

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Just hooked you up man! Not a lot but I'm slowly getting more rewards!