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RE: Crypto Cures Covid-19!

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100% Pure Gum Turpentine, my friend...and Dr.Daniels is even Canadian...😉
I recommend "Forest G" (the champagne of all turpentines...)
You got way better medicine, much closer than you think.


Thanks for the link, bro!
Interesting that the turpentine being used this way comes from pine needles! There must be some connection to the use of pine needle tea in treating Covid and removing spike proteins from the body. Have you heard of Suramin? I think that's the active ingredient in both cases:
EDIT: I notice that Suramin is used to treat African river blindness.... which is also cured by Ivermectin. Interesting....

I gotta check *Suramin * ...thanks for the hint.
Natural Turpentine is the resin of the trees, No.1 parasite & Candida Killer, straight from Mother Earth...but please inform/teach yourself with the help/info/pdfs of Dr.Daniels. Vegan diet etc. is recommended before taking your first turpentine...

Oh, do you drink turpentine?
If it's made from pine, then the active ingredient is likely the same as that in pine needle tea, which people are making at home and using to treat Covid and spike protein exposure. Sounds like it has potential and I'll keep reading. Thanks bro : ))