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RE: Call to Action! Jack Dorsey is looking to create decentralized Social Media | Twitter Contest

in #hive2 months ago

It's hard to make an impact on Jack's tweets, because they have so much engagement. Instead, he mentioned the team bluesky that will be working on his new decentralized platform.

Tweeting them would be better imo, so I checked out their feed, and guess what? That vitalik tweet was retweeted by bluesky. They know about us.


We just gotta overtake Steem in price now then, shouldn't be difficult as long as people value decentralization even if we have a working curation which means a lot more sell pressure than the centralized garbage we left behind.

Overtaking Steem is just a matter of time. They are not even improving the protocol.

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How to find them on Twitter?

Thanks! I sent you a message yesterday. I would appreciate it greatly if you could answer.


Feel free to send me a message, I'll get back to you when I can!