Call to Action! Jack Dorsey is looking to create decentralized Social Media | Twitter Contest

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Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, is tweeting about a plan they have of building a decentralized social media or supporting one that already exists. Hive is the longest-running decentralized social network experiment ever, running over 4 years now. We can not be overlooked.


This is the Tweet:

He has mentioned the possibilities of contributing to something that already exists. For this reason, we have to tweet what we love about Hive and show them what we got.


Your Tweet Should Include:

Leave your Tweet in the comments below for the chance to earn an upvote from my account.


Nice work as always Dan.

The Hive community certainly has a role to play in this discussion.

Let our voices be heard.



That's very nice! I hope they will help us develop the best media platforms!

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At least Jack Dorsey is crypto-friendly and has similar ideas like us :)


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Done. I hope we can reach him.


let's Make Hive To The Top

love it

This is my reply to Jack.
I need to do using two posts.


My support . Let's do this for hive @bhoa @gamsam @ebingo

Done...good job Dan..!

Let me in too, thanks for sharing.

Screenshot 20210114 111132.png

Done. Glad to contribute a little quota in helping hive grow

Yeah! I took inspiration from what you wrote, that was great, I can't add anything better!💪🔥🍻

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Quote: social media should be free. Censorship are always bad. Thats why i like #hive. It has many Dapps for many topics like
@dbuzzapp, @ecency, @peakdcom, @financeLeo, @vimm_tv, @dapplr_app
and so on. It is decentralized and open source. Like android. #freeinternet

Let's see we get the attention, hive is like bitcoin for 10 years, at the start.

Joining the initiative!


Here we go

Did my bit for the cause

Here is my little contribution, hope it helps


It's hard to make an impact on Jack's tweets, because they have so much engagement. Instead, he mentioned the team bluesky that will be working on his new decentralized platform.

Tweeting them would be better imo, so I checked out their feed, and guess what? That vitalik tweet was retweeted by bluesky. They know about us.

We just gotta overtake Steem in price now then, shouldn't be difficult as long as people value decentralization even if we have a working curation which means a lot more sell pressure than the centralized garbage we left behind.

Overtaking Steem is just a matter of time. They are not even improving the protocol.

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How to find them on Twitter?

Thanks! I sent you a message yesterday. I would appreciate it greatly if you could answer.


Feel free to send me a message, I'll get back to you when I can!

Hope this works and do reach him

Really? He seems like an idealist, trying to do the right thing...

he's an authoritarian commie...

If you’re pro-Trump & his domestic terrorists 😉

...authoritarianism is on both sides of the left / right paradigm .
If you believe what you just wrote,(not sure if humor) then you need to learn more (or stop being so naive).

Yeah, politics is obscene, no one left to trust...

If you’re interested in Revolutions, perhaps, I can interest you in my new book:

Cheers ✌🏼

Hive is pretty communist. You're not far from it yourself.

But this thread is a golden opportunity to tell people about hive

4 real..!

We'll see about that.

Our community must be invisible. People keep talking about decentralized social media being the next big thing... we're in the news circuit for months because of Justin Sun's unprecedented attack, and still no one knows we exist 😅

Ah well eventually we'll get to a point where we can't be ignored.

Haha, ya, I made a video a while ago about the frustrations of being first or very early. Hell, it's been 12 years, and Bitcoin is finally starting to get its respect; most "important" people overlooked it for years.

You have the right attitude tho; it's all about sheer force. Sustaining, growing, and eventually, what is right in front of everyone's faces will become so massive that a collective light will click, and we will become "overnight" successes.

I've never been more excited about Hive in my life. We are the real deal Holyfield; it only takes one.

First... Have some !wine @theycallmedan ... then maybe @tipu curate will come along as well! Nothing wrong with spreading positive energy, so long as we can work together as a team... right?!

Don’t forget tweets by @bluesky
We should hit up both! We should be liking each other's tweets too!


I don’t understand why he would “foster” his direct competition. What does he get out of it? Personally, I think we should stay away. The last time someone came around with a lot of money and a bucket of promises our fledgling network was destroyed. For those in the back I’m talking about Justin Sun and Steem.

Didn’t he mention this a year ago or more?

Btw, my comp crashed (months ago) & I can’t access my wallet —- can anyone help me?

It’s not much, but it’s my savings over years of blogging, here ...


Happy to offer a reward:
[email protected]

how are you posting this? you only have your posting key?

Yup, that’s the maddening thing! Willing to give up my wallet if someone can send me 2/3 of worth in Litecoin:


how did you manage to only have a posting key?

I’m signed in on my iPhone with posting key — if I sign out, I lose that, too.

Can you help me?

i was thinking what could you do. and i am not smart enough. maybe if you used hivesigner or hive keychain. Or steem keychain. you could try logging on it. but i am not sure and it is a longshot.

or maybe. you are here long enough so there is a possibility that you used you master to log on steem for few times before you learned what key does what. and there is a small possibility that you clicked save password on your browser. so if you imported your bookmarks and other info on new browser there could be a really small chance that you could find your keys in the password options of the browser.

Thank you, for your time and goodwill — I’ve tried everything and nothing works (password saved on old computer which crashed).

Hate to lose savings from years of hard work & at this point willing to give a smart hacker a cut of my rewards if they can access them!

My Litecoin account is:


We tried, months ago, and I’m grateful for their patience & assistance.

@guiltyparties wanna try, again?

Thanks for mentioning Ecency. 🙏 Learn more about Ecency, don't miss our amazing updates.
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Hivesigner: Vote for Proposal

Dorsey plugged in an effort to build a decentralized standard social media site. Good news after all

Happy to do it once again and so glad to have you as one of my sets of eyes for Hive promotion opportunities.



Let's go! This is our chance.

Might want to hit Louis Rossman as well, pretty significant youtube calling for similar stuff.

Hi, this is my tweet

Here is my tweet:

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Is that the point where you swallow your pride, Dan, and forget that they banned your account and that Twitter is part of the 1984-Google-Cabal..?
Did we learn nothing from Tron Boys behavior...?
I would wait a little a select the big investor that i bring to Hive.
They gotta be worth it, you know. Twitter was working against Hive until now...?🤔

@theycallmedan btw, I think now is the time to make some interviews on crypto media about what hive can and what hive is. Share the vision. I think you are a really good speaker, that's why I think you can be the person to share the vision :)

completed my task


Hhmmm... I don't believe Twitter anything it will be the first to block you ...

I sent you DM on beechat. Please check that out. It's important.


Made and pinned on top. It is our responsibility to help Hive grow. Good initiative. Greetings to all who join this campaign.

Currently, one of the folks most deserving of a hard slap across the face.

I also read this. Pure gibberish/double-speak on the part of Dorsey. He doesn't even know what he's saying. I wonder what kind of drugs he's on.


(In Spanish to contribute to the variety of languages)

twiterr cature.PNG

How does one decentralize content control, seems like a misnomer to me...

biggest name in decentralized social media, What I think is another strength of hive Is the interoperation of this decentralized community Developers and users alike strive to see the success of network as a whole. A shared vision of a decentralized web built on a block chain