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Just want to vote the proposal? ❤️

Proposal in short

In short, for 65 HBD a day I will spend at least 25 hours a week working on several dapps. The proposal solely covers dev work, but as I am the founder behind these projects, this will indirectly also be used to cover server costs, marketing costs, etc. Below you can find my deliverables sorted per project.


The main focus of this proposal will be to finish the completely new version of the mobile app Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 using Flutter and NodeJS. This is obviously a huge undertaking for one developer, so most of the dev time will be spend here. If there is demand for open-sourcing of the original Haveyoubeenhere 1.0 frontend by stake holders, this can also be done once version 2.0 is finished (so do let me know if this is something you would like to see). The deliverables by me are:

  • Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 live in both Android and iOS app stores
  • Option to create waypoints from within the app with both images and videos, with automated place detection from metadata
  • Option to combine waypoints in a post that can be cross posted directly to the Hive blockchain
  • Option to create a trip linking multiple waypoints together on a map
  • Clean code that makes it easy for other Flutter and NodeJS developers to jump in
  • Open source Haveyoubeenhere 1.0 frontend if there is demand by stake holders

Not included in this proposal, but future plans for after the next Hardfork are allowing users to create their own blog on a custom domain using the Haveyoubeenhere data, based on a subscription model.

For those not familiar with the project, you can find more information at https://haveyoubeenhere.com or jump directly inside the app by searching for Haveyoubeenhere in both iOS and Android play stores (Haveyoubeenhere 1.0 is live there).



With regards to Pinmapple I will keep an eye on new PRs on the open source repos, but likely will not actively be developing any changes. I might however rebuild our internal curation tools and can open source this as well if there is demand for it. The deliverables are:

  • Check for new PRs and fix issues coming up in GitHub
  • If there is time left after creating Haveyoubeenhere 2.0, work on an improved an open source version of our internal curation tools

For those not familiar with the project, you can check it out at https://pinmapple.com


For Buymeberries I will keep looking into themed pages (e.g.: https://buymeberries.com/!dbuzz/@martibis ) and look for ways to improve adoption. The main issue at the moment is that not enough users are aware this option exists as it's so new to the Hive eco-system. So integrating within other dapps and doing more outreach should be done. Once the next hardfork goes live, subscriptions will also be added to Buymeberries. The deliverables are:

  • Look and work together with other dapps wanting to integrate Buymeberries (similar to what was done for Dbuzz, Dporn and Ecency so far)
  • If the next Hardfork falls during the time period of this proposal, subscriptions will be integrated in Buymeberries as well.

For those not familiar with the project, you can check it out at https://buymeberries.com

Other work

There is a reasonable chance I will start work on other dapps during this timeframe as well. I have some ideas for a Hive-based marketplace for physical goods with trust built in (by utilizing trusted parties from both buyer and seller), while still in a very early stage, it's reasonable to assume you can expect more dapps from me for the Hive community.

Previous proposal

As proof of being able to deliver, I would like anyone to take a look at the last proposal. It had a runtime for two months and was funded for 14 days. The Hive community has paid a total of 1,125 HBD for the work done (75 HBD per day). I will make a quick run down of the work that has been done in these last two months, so you can judge for yourself, you can verify commits on my GitHub.



  • 22 commits on GitHub
  • Completely open sourced Pinmapple
  • Work on Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 (authentication, media uploads, bloc architecture, etc.)

Haveyoubeenhere 2.0

There are a multitude of reasons I have decided to start rebuilding the Haveyoubeenhere mobile app from scratch, most notably, a new architecture that makes it easier for other developers to join, a new way of authentication throughout the app, an improved way to upload media including Google Drive / Google Photos, and just a whole lot of UX improvements. Right now the authentication is completely finished, media picking (incl. Google Drive / Photos) is done and the architectural pattern is in place. Now it's just about building the other features and improving the UI/UX.


The Haveyoubeenhere 1.0 mobile app is now available in both Google Play and Apples App Store. It's stable but likely won't see any new development (all dev work will go to Haveyoubeenhere 2.0). There were a few bugs and improvements that needed to be fixed, and all of those have been fixed in the last two months. I also added some feature improvements such as way faster media uploads than before. There was also an issue with the navigation stack in Haveyoubeenhere which is now fixed. Scrolling has become smoother and there has been fixes to certain image and video formats that didn't upload properly.


Buymeberries is my latest project and I created it from scratch in this timeframe. Very recently a collaboration between Buymeberries and Dbuzz has been set up. I have also started working on different themed versions e.g.: https://buymeberries.com/!dbuzz/@martibis or https://buymeberries.com/!ecency/@martibis. Directly from within Dbuzz you can now tip other users using Buymeberries.


Both the front and back end of Pinmapple are now entirely open sourced. This was code written over 3 years ago now. From a time before I knew good coding practices, it was (and partially still is) messy. I did a lot of code clean up already, you can find the repos here: https://github.com/Martibis/pinmapple-frontend-opensource, https://github.com/Martibis/pinmapple-backend-opensource. We also organized a contest with the Pinmapple team which has been a tremendous success. I coded a raffle for users to complete, next to two writing contests. You can read more about the contest here: https://peakd.com/hive-163772/@pinmapple/2000-hive-contest-to-celebrate-reaching-1000-digests and see the results here https://peakd.com/hive-163772/@pinmapple/announcing-pinmapple-thousand-contest-results


During the time the proposal was running I also attended Hivefest. While not part of the proposal, I would like to share my talk with all of you who do not know me yet, to provide you with a better insight in who I am. On a small sidenote, huge thanks again to @roelandp and @poezio for organizing the event. The talk focuses on my struggles with depression and how that got me to build these travel dapps.

Wrapping it up

I love to create dapps for the Hive community. Often users have asked me why I created these dapps, what was the motivation behind it. For me it's very simple, there are two reasons: without the Hive community, I wouldn't be where I am today, so I want to give back and two I absolutely love creating and working on these projects. Coding for me is like legos, you can build whatever you want once you understand how. To wrap this post up, I would like to give a big shout out to a few Hiveians who have helped me from very early on during my journey and stuck with me through it all: @choogirl, @livinguktaiwan, @roelandp, @crimsonclad you are all incredible and I'm one lucky man for having run into all of you years ago at the start of my Hive journey (I know I missed some other amazing people, but you all know who you are). Also a big big thanks to everyone who supported the last proposal and took a shot at this crazy dev. Last but not least thank you to all delegators to @pinmapple and thank you to @blocktrades, @theycallmedan for helping us reward epic travel content every day. ❤️


In your next proposal, please add in a marketing budget (including labour for somebody). You're building a lot of neat stuff that need promo to get the users.

That's definitely a great suggestion. The reason there is not a lot of marketing being done at the moment is mostly because I want to wait until Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 is launched and Covid is not such a pain in the ass for travel related projects! Afterwards, I definitely want to spread the word full on!

Full support from us!

Thank you, it is very much appreciated!

Thanks! Work work work time now! 😁

You know who Nate Dogg is? You knew it was a hit if Nate Dogg was on it. Like a dApp when you're on it.

Haha, I love that compliment! Thanks a lot @dandays! 😁

voting for this proposal 😉👍🏼

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How far away is Have You Been Here 2.0 from release?

The release will likely be near the end of the proposal period!
P.s.: I haven't forgotten to answer your last mail just haven't found the time yet!

No rush! Also I read your Home page on Buy Me Berries. I think it's cool that you hitchhike! I will add my own introduction soon.

Open source Haveyoubeenhere 1.0 frontend if there is demand by stake holders

How about having a template which anyone can use to build a mobile app for a group, that would post to a hive account for the group ? The idea is , one should be able to create a quick mobile app that would post any content, to a particular account. It can be used by whatsapp groups or even any individual.

While I absolutely love this idea, this would require quite a lot of work and is not something I'll be able to take on in this proposal! This would also only work for Android as apps like what you are proposing would likely not be accepted in the Google Play or iOS app store. And you would still require developer knowledge!

I have voted for the proposal though.

Hi dear friend and hard worker happy new year ,
I will vote and i will share it in the terminal

Thanks a lot @brittandjosie and thank you for voting and sharing, it is very much appreciated!

Great stuff that you continue to churn out for the community @martibis. And please get out more from behind your computer screen every now and then!

I don't seem to get around to that very often, but perhaps when borders open up again, I can remedy that with some travel! 😁

https://buymeberries.com is one of the best hidden gems of HIVE Blockchain. It is the biggest reason I want to support your proposal. I think it was thanks to @chrisrice I discovered the project (I could be wrong on this one).

I will Hunt this for STEEM Hunt to get some extra exposure from STEEM side as well.
Best of Luck!

I very much appreciate it, thank you for voting and for spreading the word about it.

That is definitely possible, @chrisrice and I had a convo about adding it to d.buzz where it now is a live feature! 😁

Now it's all about spreading the word, unfortunately my time is a bit spread thin, so I definitely appreciate the help on that regard!

This is some truly amazing stuff to hear. If we could get a small Buymeberries icon on the profile pages where you can do quick tipping/donations on @dbuzz would be seriously great!

I think what we need is a short video Tutorial @vimukthi, explaining how to TIP on @dbuzz

  • Check the Video Tutorial about the MUTE feature

And the @buymeberries TIP button is in the Inverted Caret drop-down next to it

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First of all that's a great tutorial on the mute feature and I definitely think creating one for the tipping feature would be great as well! 😁

@jacuzzi is on it 😀✔️

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It's good that you now use the inverted caret. You learned something new from @definitions parodies! 😆

Yeah 😅☝️

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@jacuzzi has been doing well with these tutorials.

Team, IMO he is up there with the best of the best, for short tutorials like this 😀

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