Question: What is the secret for operating my wallet in Hive?

in #hivelast year

I have not been able to power up, transfer, use the market or any wallet operation since Hive started. I have experience doing all of these things on Steemit but I can’t figure it out here.

Can someone please help with some advice?
Thank you!
Daddy William



Hello my friend! :D

I had the same problems for quite a while, then I was told to type in my activation key from Steemit wallet (I recommend copy and pasting it, just in case) in Hive, then to change the password to my Hive account once I had access after using my Steemit activation key. That worked and I can now access and transfer, etc... from in my Hive wallet as well. :D

I hope it works for you too. :D I know how frustrating it is not being able to do anything in there. :D

God bless you and your wonderful family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

Thank you so much for the information. God bless you dear sister.

My pleasure, it's not very often that I can help with something technical, so I'm happy to share the little information that others have shared with me. :D

God bless you and yours! :D

Awesome! :D You're welcome, anytime. :D

I have been doing all my hive wallet stuff via peakd site.

Thank you bro!

I am having the same problem and it is getting very frustrating.

The advice I got from @frostyamber helped me. Take the wallet key from your Steemit account and use it on hive.