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This version isn’t available on this part of the planet...😤

Does it mean that you’ve changed your mind? I really hope that you did.

Is it me or your mood is way better compared to the day you made your last post on Steem? 🤷‍♂️😊


Does this one work? If so, I'll update the post:

Regarding my future here, let's say that I'm not gonna sell my hive tokens, but I'm still taking a hiatus from the whole thing, during which I'll consider delegating my stake the way I did before. I have some thinking to do first, though, before I take any actions here.

And yes, I might have been a bit emotional when I wrote my last post :) I thought about writing a rebuttal, but then I read again what I wrote and stick to my words:

To me, Steem is dead.

Long live Hive!

Nope it doesn’t work either. But that’s just me...

Steem is dead for most of us. Take your time bud. Tbh we need more people like you around here, but hey, I totally respect your decision.

Good to know that you might delegate part of your stake. Especially now where HIVE is brand new many people will need support to keep things rollin’

The version of the post doesn't work for me either (not available) but this one works for me (Thailand). Just open it on Youtube to watch it (doesn't work directly in the embedded version).

I've been wondering how you'd take this and am happy to read this comment now. New opportunities lie ahead and it feels great seeing the newfound enthusiasm and motivation spark again in this community as they've unshackled themselves from the centralized burdens. :)

Stay safe out there mate!

Hi @wackou! It's great to see you're still around and supporting Hive. I read your previous post - enjoy your well-deserved time off!

Thanks for your support of Curie in the now distant past. We're still around, having recently transitioned to a new model of supporting communities. Sadly, with the Hive transition, we lost all significant delegations, as many of our supporters were looking to power down amidst the uncertainty. The Hive community has responded strongly with delegations, but we are still a long way to return to full operation. I hope you'll consider delegating your stake to Hive's best curators, and will consider Curie to be among them. Please feel free to message me on Discord @liberosist#8254 if you'd like to know more. Cheers!

Hi there! I'm not sure if you'll read this, but just wanted to thank you for the delegations to Hive's curation community. It will go a long way, and I hope other whales will follow in your fine example! Cheers.

Hey liberosist! Yes, I read this, I am reading a lot even though I don't have time to be active and write/comment so much (yet!). I did finally have the time to make a proper setup with my tools, though, (I don't put my active key in a browser so it's a bit less convenient to vote, delegate, etc.) and so my delegations are back.
It was the community that made Steem, and it will be the community that will make Hive. Justin and his goons can have fun bribing people on his chain, while talented people will create awesome content here. So really, thank you and all the content creators and curators!

Cheers! Great to see you around.