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RE: Core development proposal year 3

in #hive6 months ago

it's a really great job you do for hive development and progress. As a content writer at hive, I really support what you and your team are doing. Well, here I also have one question. If I choose your proposal. How will it affect your proposal? Whereas I don't have big hive power on my hive account.

Sorry if there are wrong words in my comment. because I use google translate as a translation tool. thank you. ..


Thank you ! Basically the way the proposal system works is that there is a "return" proposal with a certain amount of votes, anyone below that threshold doesn't get any funding, anyone above that threshold gets funding. So by voting on my proposal you help me get over that limit and get funding.

Thank You
have answered the question. I understand now. and I have also selected your proposal. always success for you.