Core development proposal year 3

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Hello !

I have been working on hive for two years now, I've been incredibly humbled by the support you have all given me. And I wish to continue to contribute for a third year.

Who am I

I have been involved with hive core development since the birth of the chain. Having contributed to the soft fork that locked justin sun's funds and later the very first hard fork to create hived.
Ever since, I've been working on hive as a core developer contributing to hive and hivemind implementing sensible requests from the community.

If you're interested in my full journey I made a throwback post retracing most of my activities on steem then hive here:

Work done over the past year

Unlike the first and second years where I worked on many "small" things, now that I am much more knowledgeable about core hive development I could tackle much bigger projects.

Small things here and there:

I have organized bi-weekly meetings throughout the year to help sync the rest of the team and shine some lights on the day to day developments going on. Allowing the community to react and submit ideas. You can find them all on the hive youtube: and on my hive account.

Some virtual operations were requested by the community so that they can do some processing on it, you can read the code here:

  • A virtual operation on missed witness blocks, this makes it much easier to build alert scripts when witnesses miss blocks which should improve reaction times when some nodes go down.
  • A virtual operation logging the HBD/HIVE ratio when sending HIVE to the DHF, that way people can look back and know exactly how much HBD was created from the HIVE sent. Which will improve some of the reports.

A bunch of documentation and testnet coordination: /

Small bugfix on the cli_wallet:

Finishing recurrent transfers

I finished recurrent transfers, it's funny reading my previous proposal where I say "it's almost done" in practice it took a LOT of iterations to get it truly done, in order to build tons of tests, try to break it and make it fully bulletproof. Now I am happy to say that it's been released as part of hard fork 25 and ready to be used by everyone !

I also added support for recurrent transfers in the most common libraries to make it easy for all dapp devs to use the new feature:

RC frickin' delegations

By far the biggest thing this year. If you recall, there was an initial implementation done by steemit back in the days for SMTs, it was a hot mess that barely worked, I ported it, improved and bugfixed. I put in a LOT of work to make it ready for hard fork 25 but ultimately we decided against pushing it. The design by steemit was a pretty complex (but powerfull !) and we were afraid of unknown edge cases. The RC system that steemit built in HF20 was never fully fully stable (@blocktrades is currently allocating a lot of time in hf26 to improve it). Building something this complex on top of an uneven ground was dangerous, @gtg suggested creating a simpler system (you can read some things about it here: Then if w feel a real need for more powerful features, we would increase the complexity.

So all that work went in the bin. Sometimes you have to spend a lot of time on an idea and then decide it's best to pull the plug. I think it's great that we didn't fall for the sunk cost fallacy. Had we shipped it I would have saved a lot of my time who could have then be spent on communities etc. But we are responsible for the well being of the chain and safety will always come first.

I went back to the drawing board and designed a completely new RC delegation system: there were a bunch of back and forth with the community on the specifications. I dumped the old steemit code and replaced it with brand new custom built code.

There were a lot of back and forth and I am happy to say that it's now merged and ready to be shipped with hard fork 26:

Since it's built on top of custom_jsons there is no need to update client libraries as they can all already do it


I have worked on communities, biggest one being the new community types where only members can post and where only members can post/comment along with a new community op to change the type of your community at will. It's been mostly a process of figuring out how to make this work best with the existing infrastructure (if suddenly dapps break because I changed the API it's not a great look) I have a first version working here: but I still need to add a lot of automated tests (and fix the existing ones).

On top of it I learned that anyone can give a title/role to someone even if he's not subscribed to the community (it's important for reasons that I can't expand upon here), so I am working on a fix for that too here:

The proposal

I would like to continue offering my services for hive, working both on hive and hivemind. There is still so much to do, light accounts, new communities types, more documentation to make it easier for new devs to come and contribute, paid communities, a rosetta api to start the process of listing us on coinbase, support for recurrent transfers on hivemind, DHF improvements etc. I can't list everything that will be built today because needs and priorities tend to shift as the year progresses. But it gives you an idea.

When I renewed my proposal last year I haven't increased my pay despite my hourly rate rising. The chain was still young and I didn't want to overburden the proposal system, thanks to the ninja mine converting over time we now have have much more budget and I can safely raise my pay to match my hourly rates. And I would like to also build a small fund to pay freelancers to help me write documentation (which turns out is a very time consuming effort) so I am asking for 330 HBD a day. The proposal will start after my current one expires.


Here is a few easy links to vote on the proposal :

You can view all the proposals on: (make sure to vote on the upcoming one and not the old one though !)

Closing words

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments !



This is a no brainer proposal.
You have done so much good work on behalf of the hive blockchain and it's development over the past couple of years that we are very lucky to have you working on our behalf.

Recurring payments and rc delegations are important core operations for the chain which had to be done first as well as blocktrades optimizing performance and working on HAF. These should be massive for future growth and bringing in large numbers of apps and users.

Now i really hope to see more practical developments being released for this year.

  • Light accounts.
  • Multiple sign up options.
  • Customizable communities.
  • Ways to monetize those communities.
  • Content discovery / ever green content.
  • Simplification of everything for new users.

These are just my wish list but i did see a couple of them on yours as well which gives me a lot of hope. You have my vote regardless and if you can sub contract out some of the grunt work we might see even more rapid releases over the next twelve months.

Thanks for everything.

Lite accounts finally. And integrate a tip bot for twitter and second lsyer upvote system for discord like @tipcc with votes

And yeah customizable communites like subreddit and the custom nitrous gront ends will end reddit

hey general q about hive : is there a way to continue vote and contribute to post for many years ? thanks

You have my sword, and my vote.

I have voted for you. Your work is valuable to the Hive community. RC delegations will be Big, and should be easy to implement since it's handled with a custom json using libraries like hive-js which I use. The rosetta API work possibly leading to a Coinbase listing would be huge. Keep up the good work!

Will rosetta api help us get on coinbase and ?

It will help us to get on Coinbase. They only list things which can work with the rosetta API. I don't know if it helps us get on

I read your article from beginning to end and saw that you are doing really important work for the hive. maybe my vote will not satisfy you because i don't have much power but i hope you get what you want

maybe my vote will not satisfy you because i don't have much power => don't think that way ! Every vote counts, thanks a lot for your support :)

Voted and I hope everyone does the same! Thank you for your work to date and looking forward to what comes next.

Continous development... and yep, really waiting for that RC magic stuff =) it's going to be very important for people like me to provide and help game businesses and others onto starting up on this chain.

I've been waiting for the full implementation of Communities since I first got that early access to Communities on Steemit. Looking forward to it. Supported.

We "normal" hive users should be thankful to people like you, who keep on improving the platform and making it ready to grow. Thanks for building and improving a blogging platform like this for us. We are still gonna need you :) you got my vote.

Thank you !

I very much appreciated the efforts you went to for the core dev meetings and putting them on hive for us to read and view even if I did not have a clue what was being talked about sometimes I still feel they helped me keep up with the development of Hive.

You are the unsung hero of Hive Engine, I am seeing you first time here, since I am also a new member of this community. I have also stamped my support vote in #peakd

This is kind of you despite being on the same salary you are making both ends strong not for Hive only but for us communities and #tribes.

I am with you.

I am a newbie on hive. But I will say that this proposal is totally amazing.
You have my vote

Thank you !

You are welcome

bargain. voted. thanks for making Hive a better place.

Thanks for the good work, 😀👊 we all are with you voted ,🎆. I hope it will 100 % soon 😀🙏

it's a really great job you do for hive development and progress. As a content writer at hive, I really support what you and your team are doing. Well, here I also have one question. If I choose your proposal. How will it affect your proposal? Whereas I don't have big hive power on my hive account.

Sorry if there are wrong words in my comment. because I use google translate as a translation tool. thank you. ..

Thank you ! Basically the way the proposal system works is that there is a "return" proposal with a certain amount of votes, anyone below that threshold doesn't get any funding, anyone above that threshold gets funding. So by voting on my proposal you help me get over that limit and get funding.

Thank You
have answered the question. I understand now. and I have also selected your proposal. always success for you.

Not sure that my vote is worth a whole lot, but was happy to support the proposal.

Every vote counts ! Thanks :)

Thanks for all the help you contribute to the Hive infrastructure. I have only been using Hive for a month and a half so I don't have much to contribute, but I hope you continue to work for this beautiful community ♥️.

Voted for your proposal now!.

I'll give a shoutout to my friends to vote for your proposal.

Thanks for the extra shout-out :)

You are welcome! Perhaps some more friends will follow suit... Have a nice Sunday!


You have my vote... I know you have been on the chain for some time... and they haven't booted you yet! (humor my friend!). I have been here since June of 2017, but learn something new every day. While I may not completely understand all the topics discussed. I know that they are in your best interest, and thank you for taking the time to give them attention.

The RC Delegation as well as the Community topics, are indeed two very important things. YOu can't have any communities if those joining don't have the RC to do anything. I see new folks joining time, and time again... with very little to "no" RC. Yes... I need to read more into the processes mentioned in that regard above... but I think we can all agree on what I stated. I am sure it is a delicate balance... and I don't envy you in dancing with it.

I'll not go on about things I don't understand. But thank you again for the work you are doing for the blockchain.



I love the proposal, I upvoted and reblog it. Done, support. Thanks @mers with your reminder.

Since I came over here with from Steemit and heard your name very often in d-a-ch support and also only posetives. I vote for you, you have my vote.

You've come a long way, and your works speak volume, I've just voted.
Best wishes.

Read this article and I must say you are doing so great on Hive. We appreciate people like you.
You have my full support. And vote no matter how small it might be

You've got my vote!

I have also heard a lot about you, even my vote you have

I have been continually impressed with your work on chain, and I absolutely support this. You have my vote for sure, and I'm glad to see that you've raised the daily rate as you definitely deserved it. Thanks for bringing this proposal to my attention.

Any timeline on the Rosetta API?

Not really, priority right now is communities and it could take a decent while depending on how much we want to prioritize it.

GM! sounds good!

Thanks for all the hard work!

Thank you for the great work..

Great Job..
I will be expecting for more😍🥰

Supported your proposal sir!

Keep it up!

You have my vote Howo <3

a new community op to change the type of your community at will


Upvoted, reblog and vote for your witness. I love your proposal and hopefully it will help the hive playform. God bless! Thank you. @mers for the reminder.

330 HBD a day? You got it, Boss!

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You deserve $100,000 a month in TLOS from to help further integrate hive to telos

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Great Job💛❤

Thanks @howo , I delegated to you (and followed), and now I will



I wanted to support you...)

in the end I managed to vote for you, I wish you success :)

thanks !

🖐 😊


I want to ask, why can't this?

Hi, it's because your active key is not on hivesigner, I suggest either adding your active key to hivesigner or installing another tool like keychain

Ok @howo , I finished it 🤗


Thanks !

supported :)

Thanks. I would love to support your work but I keep getting downvoted on Hive. This place is kind of weird.

Hmm, didn't know if your proposal before now. You're doing some great stuff. I've Supported you

Voted. Good work, man. Keep up the good work.

RC delegation is priority one IMO. I feel like we missed a chance to onboard a lot of new hive users properly during the Splinterlands boom last year. Being able to delegate RC would have made their experience using Hive better.

I will vote on your proposal. Good luck.

This comment for the sake of other newbies. If you're new and have no idea what this means, please read this comment.

@howo, I'm only months old on Hive and definitely not a developer so I understand so little of this post.

Ideally, my (otherwise clever) mind likes to know exactly what people are doing if they are asking for my vote but I am unwilling (unable?) to understand the nature of your (apparently) brilliant work on here. Yet I do not want that to stop me from voting (even with my very small HP) because I know that for me to do all I do on Hive requires the work of people (like you) doing work I do not (and may never understand).

So that leads me to look at other things to make my decision, such as these:

The amount of financial support others have given this post tells me that there are many people who value your work. In addition, the very kind words by other developers and witnesses in the comments - who I know do understand what the heck you're talking about - tells me that the people who need to know what you're doing think you're doing a great job.

I say all this mostly to encourage others, who like me might have zero idea what this post means for you, for them, for all of us - and rather than opt out because it's too hard instead see if there's another way that they can decide to support you based on an understanding of your character, or if nothing else, the sheer amount of goodwill that others in this community are showing for you and your proposal.

Note: I've also taken this opportunity to vote for @steempress as a witness. Thank you for your work on this. (Newbies, if you want to do the same you'll find the witness list, on peakd, here

I have read all of the post and it seems to me that you have done a great deal in Hive. I've only been here a couple of months and there are still a lot of things that I don't know about the blockchain. I have also read all of the comments and I decided to support you brother. I may not have much in HP to make a difference but I hope you will succeed.

I am an aspiring developer and I really want to know how to automate stuff here in hive. I'm okay running my own server and as of the moment I am looking at hivejs but there are so many stuff missing in the documentation that is really hard for me to understand. I would like to ask if there are more recent or updated nodejs modules or scripts to help automate stuff in hive? Like upvoting a post, looking at how much voting mana is left and stuff. I'm trying to develop a bot for our community HivePH. Our community is helping support Filipino Hive Bloggers and already has a bot running but sadly the developer of the said bot is quite busy now and doesn't have the time to maintain the bot he made. Now I asked him for the codes so I can take a look but he can't due to credentials like keys and stuff. I'm trying to learn how to make one but I'm a little bit stuck that is why I am asking this. Seeing you a senior developer in hive hopefully can lead me on the right track on how to do this.

Cheers mate and God bless you

Thanks for sending me the 0.001 hive and requesting my support, it made me feel like a whale for the first time here, even though I'm not. You have my support sir, this seems to be a wonderful proposal that will improve hive greatly. Might I ask if it will be possible to be included within your discord or telegram discussion group to learn from you and give ideas to the significant developers of hive?

Best wishes sir!




I didn't sign up for the company 401k.
I don't think I can run that far.

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Voted already. Thank you for making the hive better and better

This is cool.
Got invited to read via memo message.

Carry on

Man you're so awesome. Thank you so much for the contribution for Hive and for us. Even though I'm not a software engineer, but I can feel it is not easy. Once again thank you so much my friend ❤️

Excellent work and I can't wait to see what happens with it. Here's a vote!

This is amazing. I didn't realize there is this proposal. I shall certainly look into this. I need information where to vote if I do !

Hey thanks for reaching out! Have read through the proposal and you definitely have my vote for all the awesome work that you have done!

Among the many things I love about Hive is the chance to constantly learn about how communities are built and sustained. A lot of what you describe is way beyond my technical grasp but from what I can tell from what you describe and by the comments and support by many people who I trust below in the comments, we should support vital work like this. I am happy to have the chance to support your proposal.

good afternoon, how are you @howo , but in the morning when I woke up I saw that there was a hive coming in for me from you. I thank you very much, this is very useful for me.

Thanks for making hive a better place~ <3 Im here for only around 6 months , pretty new here , hope I can stay around in the community too!

thank you very much my brother for the support. greetings success always.

Keep try on 💪

I know how hard you worked for Hive @howo
Thanks for keeping me informed about this. My account HP is low but I still want to vote.
I hope you can achieve what you want.

@howo i am curious as to how much time you spend, approximate, on average per week/month on this work (at night? "Software engineer by day, Blockchain developer by night.")

Supported. Good luck with making Hive a better place! 😉

Of course you deserve the vote. Thanks for all the hard work.

We small hive users thank you guys for providing us with a great platform ..
And because of you, we can be successful on this platform in the future too.
And I wish you more success.

And our full support is for you.
And I vote for you


Voted for your proposal - keep up the great work!

@howo greetings friend, perhaps my vote is not the strongest, but count on it for each proposal you have.

I am starting to work in this community. In spite of I don't have enough knowledge about this I would like to support your valuable contribution in this community. Have a great successful.

May God support you in all way to make you great in all ways boss

thanks for sending 0.001 hive for me

Voted. Cheers for all the hard work in the background.

Hi @howo My support for you

I got your message.and already support you

Well i see all thing you mention and read very deeply . you did great work on this platfrom.

hello howo I'm new to hive and maybe my vote is not very helpful but here it is, because thanks to dedicated and hardworking people like you the platform is maintained. Thank you

keep on improving the platform. you have my support

Happy to support all of your hard work and commitment to the #hive blockchain

great work bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥

You did a great job and deserve all support

You have got my vote.

Good morning @howo.

I voted for your proposal.
Good luck.

Would you please also vote for my proposal at:

Thank you.

Supported and Resteemed

Nice to meet you here! Thanks for your message. Looks like your proposal is funded. I especially LOVE the part on documentation, as I still have a hard time grasping what proposals mean, when voting periods end, and so forth. Well, I am looking forward!! !invest_vote

Not that it is worth very much but you have my support 😃

I really appreciate you for supporting my post a few days ago. Welcome back to the hive community.

I voted for your proposal even if I must say the truth I do not come from the world of computer science but from the mechanical one, and therefore I do not know so much about these things, certainly I use Hive for my passion which is travel and introduce new places and new experiences that I do almost daily so anything that can improve this social welcome, also because for me is a very important economic support, I have not found anything (see youtube) that gives me this economic help as here, where I can better realize my dream!
So thank you for the work you do to make it better!!!


I have voted for you. I'm sorry for the late vote because I just read your post and message now. Great job! I admire you, and thanks for your contributions on Hive.

Thanks for your trust in this community. Thanks for your message to me ;-) It's really a pleasure to meet you here on HIVE in our cool community ;-)

I've using your Exxp wordpress plugin tools and love I it. I support and vote for this proposal.
Thanks for your work.

Saw your hive message no issue here enjoy your well deserved raise :)

Hi.everyone. Please kindly help me to the new number of Hive . I love it.
What is the next steps for me now . I am really want to be part of Hive.

Thank you


You are doing and have done good things for the site, thank you. I give you my full vote even though its not worth that much compared to some.