Announcing BeeSharp - Connecting Hive to Enterprise Applications

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In our introduction post, we mentioned working on an extensive C# library for Hive API interactions.

We are pleased to announce the first prototype of BeeSharp today!


Why C#

C# (and .Net itself, to be fair) support various applications.
Examples contain, but are not limited to:

  • ASP.NET web applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Unity simulations and games
  • Serverside worker applications
  • Android-/IOS-Apps using Xamarin

So C# allows a developer to target a wide range of platforms and user groups, making it an ideal Hive integration target.

Basic design decisions

One of the limiting factors on Hive is, at least according to one of our developers, the lack of documentation. Interacting with Hive without using common Web-Interfaces (PeakD,, etc.) or Web-based tools (e.g., Hivesigner, Keychain) is still quite challenging.

This cannot be attributed to the lack of supported programming languages, quite the contrary, but often due to libraries that are complex to use and interfaces that are only partially documented or are heavily outdated.

Since our goal for BeeSharp is to allow professional users to interact with Hive easily, a "bridge" needs to be built that already contains all the information required, even for advanced Hive usage.

BeeSharp also needs to be easily understood and open-source since its usage for blockchain content creation interactions (interactions that require the user private key to create a signature, to be more precise) must be evident to the user to mitigate trust issues when entering said key into the application.
This also requires extensive documentation of said code part and writing down design decisions made so that the community can trace and verify or improve them.

So, to summarize, BeeSharp needs to be:

  1. easily readable and well documented
  2. built using transparent design choices and open-source
  3. extendible for own application development
  4. include all components necessary to interact with Hive

And this is, of course, only the base line.

Current features

BeeSharp is currently in the Alpha stage. This means that while functional, certain core features (like a complete, stable serialization of all valuable API content creation interactions) are still lacking.

For more information on current features, head over to the repository page linked below.

But there are a few remarks when using BeeSharp at its current stage:

  1. All blockchain interaction models were built based on documentation (if available) or chain traffic that occured within the last few months. There is no guarantee for completeness nor any likelihood of it at the current stage.
  2. The signature creation process is still under ongoing development. DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTS!

Why release an alpha version?

Since BeeSharp is not complete yet, why release an alpha version?
Even though BeeSharp is not complete, we already want to allow developers to see what BeeSharp is going to be about and enable the community to test out existing features.
Furthermore, this project (as any open-source project) requires an active community that participates on future changes, proposes ideas, and reviews existing code for its usability and critical features.

In blockchain environments, you cannot build solely on code, but also on people and trust. We hope that you enjoy experimenting with BeeSharp and give it a try!

Sounds cool, but how does it actually work and where do I get it?

We're glad you asked!
BeeSharp is now available on GitHub, licenced as Apache2 open-source project.
It consists of multiple components and currently two extensions (PeakD, Hive-Engine).

For further questions, check out the documentation in the Wiki, as well as the README-files from all repositories, or ask in this (or any further BeeSharp-related) post.

We hope you enjoy BeeSharp and wish you and your families a great start to 2022 and a happy new year!


Great job.
Best regards to everyone from the lovely estonian city of pärnu, we have a great new years party there right now.
Happy new year.

Happy new year 2022! 🍀❤️🥂🎉

Wow. That's a great news. Good to hear from you @balte greetings. Happy New year from Nigeria 🇳🇬

This is absolutely amazing! Good job guys! Looking forward to further development on this one.

I was planning to check out Unity and potential Hive integration with it so this came as a surprise, no doubt would ease potential future workload :)

Much thanks for your kind words.^^


A very good job. Greetings to everyone of the beautiful municipality city of pärnu, we have a new year party there now. Happy New Year. hopefully this year will be a better year than before.

This year will be better!


Aamiin, hopefully this year will be better than ever, thanks friend, I am glad to get to know you sir

Greetings to you and this is to say Happy New Month

Just checking on you my friend . Gracias for the huge support too.

That's a really cool project you have set up there. I can imagine that some Unity game devs jump on it and use for interesting play to earn game projects.

Other than that, I agree that l there is quite a lack of documentation. At least one that is up to date.

Looking forward to your further progress 👍

What a great job you have done and are doing.
I hope to enjoy every available tool to make hiving easy, thank you.

And please do have a great 2022!

Wish the hive family a great start to 2022 with this - 2022 will be HIVE year.

This is good news, not only because of what it encompasses, but also because it opens the door to possible new functions that may be needed in the future.

Ach so ein kleines fertiges Projekt als qbeispiel wie man einfach Beiträge abruft wäre ja toll.

Blse frage ich weiß, aber:
Könnte man das eigentlich auch für Steem und Blurt nutzen?

Wow this is really amazing, definitely a top class project, you've put in so much work, am certain this features will make navigation on hive easier.

I'll surely check it out soonest, am am sure am gonna enjoy every bit of BeeSharp.

Happy new year to you and yours, I wish you a prosperous new year ahead, stay safe that's awesome. I have been hoping for it soon when I read it on your Introduction post. Thanks for bringing it to a reality. God bless your hard work. Happy New year 🎉

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It comes a little bit late but I wish you a happy new year :).
Just found you now and I like the work you are doing.

PS. I thank you for the upvotes, you are really helping me out to get some HP to use Hive without getting out of rc. <3