The HIVE downvote beast @themarkymark attacks BLURT ON BLURT... GETS REWARDED FOR IT! 🏆

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Would Hive be a better place without the downvote beast @themarkymark? Yes it would!
Would Blurt be a better place without the downvote beast @themarkymark? Yes it would!

Whilst I am writing here, the downvote beast is trying to put Blurt in a bad light. He is doing that where? Over on Blurt AND he is getting rewarded for that! 🏆

Yes, you are reading correctly! He is getting rewards for saying how shitty Blurt is ON BLURT! That is a coolness level, that the HIVE downvote beast @themarkymark will never reach!

He is now - ALREADY EARNING MORE - than hundreds of bloggers, that he mobbed off of Hive by downvoting their posts to ZERO cents!

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You forgot that also a big "wahle" starts small. So every person in life starts small to go a way. Many people see only the success of the persons and what they are doing right now. But the way to go to this point or life right now ...

Also my brother which is very successful in life went trough really shit moments in life. Now he is on top and have a great life. But he is still working hard and a great successful person in life. You understand. Everybody starts with small steps ...

So you also got rewards making other people bad ...

Think about it. You can also be a big whale ...
Often it's just a decision to change life completly. But in the most way it's hard work, leave the comfortzone, to get there...

Lieber @networkallstar ich will hier keine Diskussion anzetteln,
ganz und gar nicht. Genauso wenig, wie ich Partei für irgendjemanden ergreifen will.

Daher schreibe ich gerne in Englisch, damit dies hier jeder lesen kann.

Partei zu ergreifen steht mir nicht zu und ich kann dazu auch kein Urteil fällen, weil mir die Details. Es wird möglicherweise Gründe geben, denn im Leben hat Alles irgendwo einen Sinn. Und ich schrieb nicht von Geld verdienen sondern von Upvotes.

Ich für mich habe Dank meiner Ausbildungen Eines gelernt. Solche Menschen einfach nicht länger zu beachten. Immer sachlich und freundlich sein und bleiben. Weiter machen und ... Du streust mit Deinen Aktionen immer mehr Salz in die Wunde. Du legst es Dich ja anscheinend immer erneut an ...

... somit kommt das bei mir so an :-)

Wie auch immer - ich klinke mich da raus ;-)
Danke für Deine Upvotes!!!
Alles liebe Dir und toi toi toi

Dear @networkallstar, we need your help!

The Hivebuzz proposal already got an important support from the community. However, it lost its funding few days ago and only needs a few more HP to get funded again.

May we ask you to support it so our team can continue its work this year?
You can do it on Peakd, ecency, /
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Your support would be really helpful and you could make the difference! Thank you!

Hey @themarkymark MARKY.. consider helping me do a CROSS CHAIN CHARITY BOXING event. Put yer mouth where your money is. Perhaps you can find the real feeling of victory by beating me in a exhibition match... perhaps not... lets be real most likely NOT.

I don't fight children sorry, even man children.
Besides, you couldn't cover my entry fee. most of you BLOCKHEADS are a bunch of keyboard power hungry libtards who wouldnt last a fuggin round ..... PROVE ME WRONG!