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RE: Core development proposal year 3

in #hive6 months ago

This is a no brainer proposal.
You have done so much good work on behalf of the hive blockchain and it's development over the past couple of years that we are very lucky to have you working on our behalf.

Recurring payments and rc delegations are important core operations for the chain which had to be done first as well as blocktrades optimizing performance and working on HAF. These should be massive for future growth and bringing in large numbers of apps and users.

Now i really hope to see more practical developments being released for this year.

  • Light accounts.
  • Multiple sign up options.
  • Customizable communities.
  • Ways to monetize those communities.
  • Content discovery / ever green content.
  • Simplification of everything for new users.

These are just my wish list but i did see a couple of them on yours as well which gives me a lot of hope. You have my vote regardless and if you can sub contract out some of the grunt work we might see even more rapid releases over the next twelve months.

Thanks for everything.


Lite accounts finally. And integrate a tip bot for twitter and second lsyer upvote system for discord like @tipcc with votes

And yeah customizable communites like subreddit and the custom nitrous gront ends will end reddit

hey general q about hive : is there a way to continue vote and contribute to post for many years ? thanks