Im down mate, we can put all our applications in one post, as we are applying as a group with one voice, if you dont mind.

So each of us can make our posts, then we compile it into one and belemo will submit, or you or anyone.

I think we can combine our network effects into one, it would be better.

Just my thoughts, wetin una tink?
@belemo @mistakili @josediccus

I am down with that. We can choose a day to brainstorm and compile our ideas.


I'm down.

Alright we should set a date.

Link to hive Naija discord

some great guys in this sub thread!! looking forwards to this

Well it'll be something we might discuss over a video call or voice call. It's promising. I think l, erh would it be personal like each person or collective?

I think. Collective effort would be better. @belemo already created a community. We can work with that.

Okay so how do we go about it?

Mistakili made a suggestion that I think we can adopt. The issue now will be how we can bring it to life, while keeping with the main goal. Let's chat in hive Naija discord group