Introduction to Hive Community Leaders!

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Welcome to Hive Community Leaders

3Speak and State of the Dapps are working together to support HIVE's growth with Hive Community Leaders. It is a voluntary group of HIVE users which forms a worldwide network that rewards and supports voluntaryists who are actively promoting and growing the HIVE community, as well as, supporting those who are helping to build the ecosystem in their respective countries.

In Conjunction with @theycallmedan’s #MyCountry Initiative

Each country will have a community and a presence on twitter. Hive Community Leaders will work in collaboration with or even manage the communities and twitter accounts set up for individual hive counties. You can read more information on the #mycountryinitiative HERE.

Our Goals

Our major goal is to get the word out. Word about HIVE, its projects and communities should reach far and wide out in the world. This place is growing very fast in terms of developmental activities. The coin is getting listed on various exchanges as compared to STEEM. With collaborative effort of HIVE users and Community Leaders, we hope to achieve the following:

  • Promote HIVE among the masses and help onboard new users.

  • Leverage the HIVE blockchain to reward valuable, voluntary promotional work where the hive community leaders themselves are able to direct HIVE rewards.

  • Set up an international network of trusted Hive Community Leaders, providing structure to Hive promotional initiatives and ensuring that quality promotional work is recognized.

  • Publicize your promotional activities and events while finding willing supporters to come and help you.

  • Provide essential tools and resources to help make it simple to promote HIVE and other Projects/Initiatives.

  • Provide a chat area for discussion and development of promotional ideas and projects.

  • Become the go to place for HIVE Whales and Dolphins to propose bounties to the HIVE community for promotional work.

  • Coordinate & arrange local Hive Meetups & Events. Also, to make sure the possibility of marketing HIVE at local marketing & Blockchain events.

Hive Community Leaders

Hive Community Leaders are respected, trusted and upstanding members of the community who have a proven track record in the execution of highly effective promotional work for the Hive Blockchain. Anyone who is a HIVE user can become a community manager by following a simple application process which will be explained in detail later in this blog.


  • Represent hive in a responsible, positive light.
  • Participate in twitter and online marketing campaigns.
  • Assist to identify and curate content that helps spread knowledge of and / or information published on hive that has been shared on twitter and other external social media.
  • Set up meet-ups in major cities in their country.
  • Attend manager coordination meetings with the group.
  • Coordinate social media campaigns that help in marketing HIVE to the masses.
  • Actively get involved in Twitter Madness campaigns in the 3Speak discord.
  • Show their capability to set up hive meet-ups in their country.
  • Demonstrate ability to identify high quality content.
  • Demonstrate ability to coordinate their followers.
  • Find, curate and submit the best blog from your community once per week to the Hive Community Leader's discord for significant upvote from @starkerz, @threespeak, @theycallmedan and State of the Dapp's official HIVE account.

How To Apply

In order to become a Hive Community Leader the prospective user shall apply by publishing a blog entitled “My Hive Community Leader Application”. This blog shall be tagged with #hclapplication and #hivecommunityleader.

The blog shall include the following content as a minimum:

  • Photos / video of the applicant promoting HIVE or any of these: HIVE DAPPs, Projects or Communities
  • What leadership skills you bring on the table
  • Previous promotional experience (if any)
  • Your story and achievements as a HIVE promoter so far
  • Your social media achievements in terms of engagement and activity on the Promotional work done especially on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
  • Why & How Do you promote HIVE?
  • What are the reasons you want to become a HIVE Community Manager?
  • What is your vision for Hive?
  • Pledge to follow the HIVE Community Manager's Responsibilities and Guidelines outlined above.

Team shall review the applications based on a pre-determined scoring criteria, so that each application is scrutinized as fairly as possible!

Support Us

If you like the goals of Hive Community Leaders, here are a few things you can do to support us:

  • Delegate SP to @hiveangelists - If you have the means, please consider delegating some Hive Power so that we can incentivize exceptional promotional work.

  • Follow our work, and get involved - Watch out for upcoming @hiveangelists posts and give your approval & support to your local favorite Hive Community Managers.

  • Curate on posts tagged with #hivecommunityleader - The more people offering upvotes to the promoters, the more attractive it becomes to do high quality promotional work.

  • Do some promotional work yourself - blog about it using the #hivecommunityleader tag. It can be an offline or online campaign that includes local or global audience.

Thanks To Our Sponsors

Thanks to 3Speak, State of the dapps and @theycallmedan for sponsoring this initiative.

Looking For More Sponsors

Please get in touch in our discord HERE or by replying to this blog if you are interested to sponsor or support this initiative.

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This could be what hive really needs to breakthrough the marketing barrier. Country leader should not be one person in my own opinion. It should be a group of persons from 3 to 5. @theycallmedan @stakerz.

Im up voting this comment for visibility.


Great idea! I've been an 'unofficial' community leader in The Netherlands for the past two years, and will write my application. Making it official will help professionalizing some of the activities and have ways of communicating with others on how to set up activities in each country. Thanks for the opportunity :-)

and are you already the leader? or has it become britt.. its a pitty that exyle is a bit off the radar because he was allways a face on steem had a radio talkshow. I don't have the time or until I'm finally totally workless then I could help push hive big time. I will begin a flyer action trough whole the heague after I setup my witness server and special website with hive stuff.

Great! For the leadership activity from India @firepower is perfect and i would like to nominate him because he has lots of experience already, he has done lots of meet up session in India and abroad for old platform. If he accepts this role then surely there would be something good. He doesn't need any specific community because he is by default leader for all Indian community i think. Hope he will think about it.

he is really great leader for hive!

Yes he is.

this is beautifull, when I read it I think I was living on the future, now I could settle on this proposal all the mision vision and goals I've manifesting this last year moving forward things

I support you bro! count with me for everything that you need!

I think it is excellent that efforts are focused on advertising and promotion of Hive, we have a great product just need to promote its benefits much more. We can all contribute to this and many of us have already started to do so on twitter and other social networks.
I'm very excited about this initiative!

Especially on Twitter. I agree.

Cierto tu comentario

Ottima iniziativa. In Italia abbiamo degli ottimi utenti che possono svolgere questo ruolo, spero si prenderanno questo onere e onore!

grazie mille! onore verramente nortre!

I think it is an excellent idea, to work as a team towards the same direction and with purpose. Hive is a good place and many people will be happy to meet Hive.✅💪

Looking forward to seeing you onbaord!

Hive seems to be a very inclusive community and I am so glad I found it, posts like this just confirm a common goal that many share



Count me in! I'm working on bringing a variety of communities over to Hive already.

awesome!! looking forwards to it!

Oh yeah... All the responsibilities were favored to me. Because I did that always but I don't know if I can handle the situation? But I will try to apply to help more the communities. By the way, do not look at my grammar! I am not perfect but we can use my influence on the Filipino people in the Philippines.

salamat Po!

Welcome po!!! (^_^)

Great initiative, this will help increase awareness among the masses, which is so important to HIVE to move forward. :)

I prophesied this sometimes back, inter-country leaders - and further development of countries with less representation in terms of authors. Nice initiative.

we tried to set it up as #promo-steem many years ago. now the time is better

Good timing the, maybe I can as well tag @jeanwandimi who's superb in organizing such communities.

This is an amazing initiative and I believe this will go a long way to help bring Hive to the limelight even more. Kudos to the organizers and sponsors.


Hello @stakerz. I would like to know if oracle-d is moving to Hive also

Woo sounds like a great project with a great responsibility, I hope great leaders will join, with innovative initiatives but above all with enough time and willingness. Successes!

I think it is an excellent initiative and I would like to contribute my knowledge to this beautiful and large community which I see a lot of future. I support you <3

Great stuff guys ! I'm glad that there is attention given to communities for growth of the userbase

Great! hope we can collaborate with you in some way on this one @bitrocker202

like you need to ask ... of course I'm in and so is the community =) .. lemme pen it down

Great initiative! Even though I'm pretty new here, I feel compelled to apply 👍

I'm committed to Hive, started a month ago, got my first referral and have 3 communities I admin.

I already have ideas for generating more content for the platform and want to promote Hive anyway.

You can expect my application later this week!

looking forward to seeing this!

Que iniciativa tan interesante, es una oportunidad para darle voz a muchas personas con proyectos asombrosos e impulsar HIVE. Esto es el futuro

gracias @kyleanna, spero che muchas personas estas con el impulsar de HIVE, esto es el futuro di sigurro!

@belemo @mistakili @josediccus

This is something we can do. THOUGHTS?

Im down mate, we can put all our applications in one post, as we are applying as a group with one voice, if you dont mind.

So each of us can make our posts, then we compile it into one and belemo will submit, or you or anyone.

I think we can combine our network effects into one, it would be better.

Just my thoughts, wetin una tink?
@belemo @mistakili @josediccus

I am down with that. We can choose a day to brainstorm and compile our ideas.


I'm down.

Alright we should set a date.

Link to hive Naija discord

some great guys in this sub thread!! looking forwards to this

Well it'll be something we might discuss over a video call or voice call. It's promising. I think l, erh would it be personal like each person or collective?

I think. Collective effort would be better. @belemo already created a community. We can work with that.

Okay so how do we go about it?

Mistakili made a suggestion that I think we can adopt. The issue now will be how we can bring it to life, while keeping with the main goal. Let's chat in hive Naija discord group

Sounds like what I'm already doing minus the meetups, although we're on lockdown, so I doubt a lot of people will be setting up meetups anytime soon. Seems like a good initiative though :)

great to have your eyes on this @midlet!

Need a great community leader for Bangladeshi Hive Community. But the fact is didn't see any capable leader for Hive till now.

Awesome initiative though! 💜

maybe its you?

Lol no way. I am not a leader.

I would like to apply for this with the HiveStreet community. It currently has only 23 followers but plan to run a 1000 Hive competition to promote it.

So, I'm not sure whether I should apply before or after the promotional competition because I'm sure it will raise the profile of HiveStreet

I have also avoided Twitter after I had my Facebook account deleted. This being a pre-requisite is hard for me, I don't use Twitter much. I suppose I will start an account just for this purpose in conjunction with my Hive account.

Anyways, thanks for the great initiative to genuinely support and build the greater Hive community,


looking forward to you being a part of it!

Definitely tagging @redrica to see if she wants to more or less 'formalize' her epic efforts of being a community organizer in London.

Aww thanks lovely for the mention, my plate's pretty full at the moment, so can't really commit to anything official, but will happily organize meetups again every now and then!

Will be fun to organize the first London Hive meetup, maybe a small outdoor one soon :D

I, for one, welcome our new Leaders!!

Although for decentralized censorship-free video platforms I have decided upon LBRY. It's free, and you can earn LBC, which you can spend, save, or use to power up your content. There's a browser version and an app. They're constantly developing and improving. Once they have a notification system for comment replies etc, it'll be 100 times what YouTube ever was. I'm surprised it isn't growing even faster than it is.

Thanks to everybody who makes Hive a better place.

Моля всеки който разбира англииски да прочете целия пост.

Което ми беше оригиналната идея да съберем трафика с коментари и лайкове на едно място да виждат хотата, че разбираме как работи платформата.

@velinov86 @tiger85 @fartunko @roflie @lyubo19 @bulgarianmermaid @sis84 @mynameisneo @sneji79 @mishka3
@sunshine777 @mirosss @ted.sun @venan @koychev22 @mushanov @titofit @iffff

Не забравяйте запишете активност с коментар и харесване...

I'm here to stay #bgn
Project info:
Bulgarian / English


Namaste 🇧🇬🤞🙏 #bgn

Quick question
Can I create a sub-community for my Kashmiri community?

sound great, create what ever sub community you want! if ppl like it and you run it well, attract investment to it and make wholesome initiatives and content, i am sure it will do well

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Excelente apoyo este proyecto. Felicitaciones

Good news. Projects like this give HIVE a big boost.

we certainly hope so!

I think it is great to keep the community informed about the changes taking place in Hive.

Excellent opportunity for everyone, @firpower, I think you will fit for this role from India

I agree with these goals and that is why I'm sharing this. Brilliant idea on getting the word out. I support this project. I love communities ten times more than I like Facebook groups.

Fabulous news that makes us advance more in the path of evolution and strengthening of the hive. Congratulations, my support to you and a hug. @hiveangelists

are you a hiveangel?

I don't know if I'm an angel, but if I'm a hard-working person who loves this hive. Two and a half years ago I began to travel these roads, and I feel more in love with what I do every day.

I like to make a community and give the best of me so that what surrounds me grows in positive. I hope that this initiative will be successful and that it will bear many good fruits, that many leaders who deserve this place will come to light and that they will do so from the heart and not just to achieve prominence or for personal rather than collective interests.

Thank you for making this beehive look towards growth and evolution. A hug from Venezuela. @starkerz

PD: I give you a little piece of the seas of my land...


@hive una nueva plataforma que nos sorprende cada día con su organización saludos

saludos a te!

I love this new initiative but I have few things against myself. I have not been active on twitter and facebook.

interesting, will have an eye on this

always good to have your eye ;))

Wonderful thank you

Best dapp Commonwealth, me project sure dapp compatible Ethereum Clasic ETC, you job good luck same support!

This is awesome! Well done, folks!

Great for the leadership

HUGE PROJECT, its awesome to see this...

¡Keep it up!

In my case, i can help to build and train leaders, (ideally in Spanish), in any case, my english is very decent, keep going forward...

If you really believe in people like you do in your project, people will believe in your project maybe more than you do, no matter what language they speak...

Greetings and Best Succes

It looks like I will register for this, considering the experience on #promo-steem, maybe I can for this ...

excelente iniciativa

I like this challenge I am encouraging myself to participate

I was thinking about it and I made a decision, I will participate

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