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RE: Official launch of Hive Creators

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I'd need more info and will look for it after publishing this comment.

You mention the difficulty creating a marketing team because there's no CEO. There's multiple ways to deal with the issues in tandem.


1 creating or expanding the current governance feature to include certain positions, like marketing.

2 gamify the marketing needs through challenges to engage the userbase in this campaign. We have a tonne of talent here and tapping into that talent through challenges can really move the marketing along and it's a great way to 'pay' creators who's winning posts have been used in the campaign.

I'm willing to clarify if need be. Good luck


Could you please clarify? I like your examples. Following your account for this splendid comment. CHEERS !BEER

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You have great ideas and you make yourself easily understood. Could you collaborate with us at some stage?

Sure, just toss me a DM here on the local chat.