Announcing Hiveinvite

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Hiveinvite is now functional. Go and invite your friends to our new home!

Image stolen from google due to lack of new logo

After spending years in the shadow of the centralized Inc. onboarding, it's about time for new crowdsourced ways to show off our chain to new users.

Hiveinvite is a 100% fork of the old steeminvite, which is now defunct. If anyone wants to work on a new logo/header/branding they're very welcome, my plan for the near future is extending the service to offer public invites with various verification options so it can serve as an all-around onboarding tool.

To support my efforts, please think about giving me a witness vote when you reorder your voting. With enough support there, I will be able to dedicate my time completely to development for Hive while leaving the HPS to the bigger projects.

Now go an make a Hiver (is that the new official term or not?)!


Great job on the move! I actually currently have you as a witness proxy but if I decide voting witnesses manually some day, you've definitely got a spot on my list.

Good to see, and just as good to hear about the service no longer being available on that other chain we don't need to mention any longer.

Thanks for your work in the past, and to come, keep safe and have a nice weekend.

ps. Have we got a chain explorer yet, I feel somewhat, OK a lot, in the dark at present!

Nice, thanks!

Hopefully something similar to Steemworld will appear shortly also.

I'm quite enjoying the lack of auto-voting services, but suspect they are on the way.

Anything planned for @curangel on Hive?

@curangel already moved completely
Instead of steemworld you can use Vessel, at least for some functions. But yeah, I will miss the pie charts!

Thanks, it's been a while since I used Vessel but will see what's there.

Hopefully I'll get to provide some pie charts again in the near future :D

I actually did just that! Giving you a witness vote I mean.

That looks like a school picture.

As to terms, lots to be thought about there...

Rebuzzed rather than rehived at the very least.


Busy Bees.. if we want to appeal to the younglings....

Just please, enough with the fishy anaologies!

Yeah, fishy times are behind us :) Thanks for the vote!

I saw this post on Twitter and retweeted it here:

Yeah, sauber, danke! :)

voting works! commenting works! claiming 'hiver' token works too! Thanks @pharesim

Screenshot 20200321 at 3.25.51 PM.png

On a related note

Why is RC requirements so low in HIVE?

Thanks for the this! I was thinking you are going to do it. I did reserve the accounts @hiveinvite and @hive.invite and will gladly hand them over, ofc free.

Freut mich, dass der Service auch übernommen wurde

I can't login (no error message)...just no response.

will be there some invite token or something like on steem? i really like the idea with invite tokens :)

Thanks for this, I remember you were the first people I gave my witness vote on Steemit when I joined in mid-2017. You used to be so active then hehehe.

Btw I am among your few followers on Twitter hahaha.


@pharesim I can see for a second and then the page turns blank.

Awesome! Needed something like this :)

Hiver sounds great :)

Just used Hiveinvite and it was a fairly simple process for the both of us. Cheers for setting it up.

If we’re going to succeed, onboarding new users from outside the steem/hive ecosystem has to be made a development priority.

This look like a cool thing I never knew existed!

Will check it out..

coming through in 2022. how's this going?