Bye Steem!

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It's been an amazing 4 years, I'm glad and thankful that I had the opportunity to take part in forming this incredible community.

And the future looks even brighter!

I hereby announce my full move to Hive. The services I still run (*invite, @curangel) will migrate as soon as possible, and any new activity will take place there. My Steem account will be powered down and the tokens dumped. I see no reason to further support the Steem chain after the launch of Hive, all I want is to watch it burn.

Hive5 and see you on the other side! 😎


I have an important question.

  • will the inflation pool, be called the honey pot?

See you over there.

I will be very disappointed if that doesn't happen.

Don't you wish Justin changes PD to 1 day after we move to hive hehe! Quick dumping! But I think now that we're all planning to dump steem, he is not going to decrease PD time! He is in his own clusterfuck now and it gives me so much fun!

What a rollercoaster ride those past 4 years!
I will try to build my new #HiveCocoon

see you on the sunny side...

I always liked the dark and bright side of life 😂

I’ll see you on the other side 🤑

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See you on the other side man!

I would like to thank you for helping me build my SP base here on steem block chain, it will come in very handy on the Hive, and I am glad you are making the move with a lot of us. new home, new times, hopefully new culture.

Great to see your invite service will be moving over! Thanks for all your service and what’s to come. See you on the other side!

See you at HIVE.

See you whenever you want, but text me to say you are ok!!! xD

I will be there with you, and HiveSTEM (or whatever we will call it ;) ).

Can't wait for Hive to kick off. Exciting times!

I will be with you on the journey. I am keeping my delegation as is to Curangel until she casts her last vote though. If there is one person to vote by Curangel my stake will be there to vote. Until we all move to Hive

Totally feel the same! He bought something with value and turned it in a steeming pile of crap.. his loss and our gain.

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Please, say me how do I join HIVE project.
Thank you.

That depends on what you're planning to do there.
Users just will have to switch the website they use, to for example. Or

Bye bye bye
You can send some steem or sp to me instead of dumping it

Sure, I'm also willing to sell OTC for BTC or HIVE, contact me by email if you're interested.

hive5 and see ya!!! (exciting tone :D)

I'm looking forward to the new beginning

If the top 70 accounts try to rule hive like they ruled steem, I don't see much new on offer.

If the hivinati chose to spread the wealth beyond just sycophants, maybe it survives.

Until redfish can get a few more pennies from the crumbs that fall from the maws of the big eaters, what has really changed?

It is a mark of shame that @edgargonzalez doesn't have his 500usd water pump, iyam.

When you're only here for the money you're very welcome to stay with Steem ;)

Lol, see, sos.

You can't really join us down here in the trenches, huh?

Ask @edgargonzalez if he is here for the money.

But, instead we give it to fools that piss it away in Starbuck and various trendy nightclub pissers, everyday.

It's OK, not everybody gets to be on the right side in the crapitalust's class war.

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