Cakeday party!

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It's my 5th hive cakeday today!


I first went on twitter to talk about it and ask for a party.

I wasn't really serious, but here we are. So far the budget is about 556 hive. I'll split that amount+my post reward equally between everyone who comments here before payout, and I hope you'll all be able to have a drink on me with that.

Let's get the party started!


Looking forward to lighting up a J with you at some point in the future!

Took a selfie just for this occasion:



Lol, that's weedyo, not acidyo 😄

So handsome 😏

See but don't touch!

Too bad... 😭

Happy cakeday! (:
You are one of a kind.

You don't have to bribe me* to say happy cakeday! My fifth is coming up later this month. I recall you helping me out in the early days. Glad you're still around.

*but I'm not saying no :P

April 2016, wow that´s some very impressive earlybirdness :) Happy birthday and thanks for being so supportive all those years!

Congratulations, @pharesim! 🥂🎂🍰

I'm only on this community for a little bit longer then 2 months, but it as been a very good and wild adventure! I cannot picture being here for so long. Must be a tremendous and unique experience, right!

Congratulations on your 5th cake day party!

Hope to hear from you soon 🤓🤭

Where the hell did five years go! That was fast.

Looking forward to the 10th pharesim, maybe we'll be able to celebrate it on the moon ;)

Or Mars.

Felicidades hombre, aún seguirle es un gran logro gracias por todo el apoyo, has hecho que nuestra estadía sea placentera.

Hola @galberto , quería saludarte .
Feliz viernes santo , que la pases bien mi querido amigo :)

Gracias mi querido amigo.

I wish you a “Happy Cakeday“ from Tyrol🍰

wow - that's of course a long time, happy birthday 😋 i hope we can plan a get-together in summer again - it's time for the first !

Happy 5th hive birthday - thanks for future giveaways 😉

Happy cakeday!

Thanks for curangel!
It helps with curations ... your daily's are great :)

Happy cake day to you. Happy birthday to me :P 🎂😋

I’m always ready to party with you bro

free cake... yummy, I'll take that invite.

5 years... dang... time flies!

Congrats on keeping it real all this time.

Happy 5 Pharesim & Hive & Spring!

May we consent to be reborn, all ways 🐰 🐣🌸

I’m bringing air-fried meatballs to your party 😋


5 years already! That is talking about starting from the beginning!

Im on 3.5 and found that pretty hardcore already haha. Happy hiving and lets make history together with the whole community!

Thank you sir @pharesim . I can find on Twitter ..Happy Cakeday Party

5 years is long time on here. You must have been one of the early newbies back then. Happy 5years on hive and have a great day ahead

Congratulations, 5 years on the chain has been amazing I guess. Curangel has been massive thus far, thank you for the impact.

happy cakeday brother....

Happy 5th cake day! I think you're already old. 😂

Probably one of those years in human history where we deserve a good drink, if Hive is paying for it even better. 5 years, that's crazy. 4 Months and I'll be there too.

Phew... Happy Hive birthday man. Five years in this place is an old-timer.

Cheers to that! Happy 5th CakeDay Pharesim!
April 2016?! Mannn you must've been one of the first! (746 to be exact)
I joined along in July of that year, it's always nice to know who was here before me :)
Hope you and Juka have a great day dude!

Happy cake day Sir. Grateful for all the work and time you put in. Also looking forward to sharing one of those bottles of drink you like to have when Bitcoin climbs by $1k.

Wow, 5 years!! Congratulations, and here's to another 5 successful ones!

Happy 5th!

Hopefully bump into you, not literally, with similar looking wheels in the south of Europe sometime :D

That'd be a blast!

Wow, 5 years. Nice dude! Let's hope for the next 5 years to be great!

5 Years, thats quite a big amount of time :) Wish you all the best for the next 5.
I just did a "Osterlamm", well actually more a "Osterhase", if you would be around you are invited for a piece :)

it is not my best baking experience so far .. :)

Happy Barfday :)

Wow, Gratuliere zu deinem 5ten Geburtstag! Auf die nächsten 5 Jahre - Prost !BEER !WINE

Congratulations, @primersion You Successfully Shared 0.100 WINE With @pharesim.
You Earned 0.100 WINE As Curation Reward.
You Utilized 1/4 Successful Calls.

Total Purchase : 24845.318 WINE & Last Price : 0.290 HIVE

WINE Current Market Price : 0.270 HIVE

Hey @pharesim, here is a little bit of BEER from @primersion for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Congrats, 8 will raise a beer to it!!!

I wonder how awesome your next year would be, cheers!

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Happy birthday @pharesim and good luckuntitled.gif

Hey thank you! Hatte schon gar nicht mehr drangedacht und mich doppelt gefreut😆
Vielleicht habe ich noch ein !BEER irgendwo rumstehen.. ansonsten bleib ich Dir eins schuldig..

I bring some !WINE and !BEER to the party!

Hey @pharesim, here is a little bit of BEER from @no-advice for you. Enjoy it!

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Happy Cakeday! I’ll be three in July!


May be some history on how hive was borne and who all benefited from initial mine (keep aside the ninja mine) ?

Congratulations Happy 5th hive birthday.

Happy 5th blockchainday xD
Thank you for all what you have done in these past 5 years and I will raise a homebrewed beer

Happy Cake Day @pharesim! And many happy returns. I'll be celebrating my 5th Hive anniversary next month also.

Nice Michael! Always a pleasure to interact with you! 😁😝

Have a !BEER - but sorry, no partying today here due to the "stille Feiertag" here in Germany ;)

Hey @pharesim, here is a little bit of BEER from @muscara for you. Enjoy it!

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So happy (Hive) birthday @pharesim !!! Enjoy your party !!!

5 years, time is just too fast.

Happy Cakeday, dood. I love seeing when people have been here longer than me, it makes me feel like less of a geriatric old man :)

Horray for cake day! Happy to see Hive beginning to go the direction of it's $5.00 destiny.

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So far the budget is about 556 hive.

556 is a great number. Your gift will be delivered soon. - The guy with 556 in his username.

Very happy day everyone will love it including me, don't forget we are here to share the party. Congratulations and success always ....

Congrats, it's been a long strange trip!

Lots of ups and downs through the years, hopefully the next five will be a bit smoother than the last five.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Primzahlgeburtstage sind mir die liebsten^^

happy cake day!!!!

Congratulations on the 5 years! You must have been one of the first accounts to sign up?!

Happy Birthday my Friend and early Adopter! <3 to the next 5 Years!

Happy cakeday! Drink something aside from champagne! You're probably sick of that stuff by now from all the ATH's.

Would you have taken the bet that you would still be here after 5 years, and that the chain would look the best yet?

happy cakeday!

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Happy Hive Cake Day! Close to mine too, what it blast it has been so far!


Wow 5 years, I myself currently 50 moons, let's get the party started :)

Well Done mate! Rolling an OG spliff for ya!

I do NOT want your hive but I do want to say FELICIDADES! Late but... yeah... 😝🤗

I wish you a “Happy Cakeday“

Hi @pharesim ,infinite thanks for your support .

Thanks for the Hive buddy😎

Made my day 😊

Had totally forgot about this. Happy Cake day Cheers!

thank you!

n o one f cking care, hive is for douche bags

steem was better than hive... celebrate failrue

Thanks for giving me someone to use my downvotes on at least. Learn to spell failure correctly, that is your thing Hua? haha Go back to STEEM because you're full of hot air!

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Thanks pharesim !
Got my piece of the cake , tasty !
Cheers 🍻

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