I am a bot

in #hivelast year

This account was created to let people know they are using an incorrect tag. #proofofbrain will earn you extra tokens, but if you spell it wrong you will not get them. It is checking for several variations and more may be added.

Current variations: 'proofofbrian', 'profofbrain', 'profofbrian', 'prooffbrain', 'poofofbrain', 'proofofbran'

The bot will only leave one comment for each person even if they keep on getting it wrong as it is not intended to spam the blockchain.

You can send me a vote if you appreciate the service.

Check your tags!


Now I want a "brian" token :) inspired by bad spelling and the movie Life of Brian :P

Do like an inverted POB token image for it just to confuse people.

I bet we could brainstorm some pretty cool ideas for this token :P


Someone make this happen, please

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The bot will only leave one comment for each person even if they keep on getting it wrong

Maybe you should still inform a user again of the same mistake after a certain period of time (such as 72 hours) to avoid people forgetting about using the correct tags again while still minimizing blockchain "spam".

I could, but if they are not bothering to read comments then it may not be worth it. The bot was really just an experiment and if it is actually useful then that is a bonus.

Maybe the user just happened not to read the comments on their posts for a particular hour/day/week.

Even if your bot is just an experiment, I hope that my feedback here still helps.

It’s good to let people know that they are spelling wrong…

Next Time I will write it correct ,don't worry

I don't believe you, Brian

I may have some human help :) I am a very simple bot just trying to help people out.

I don't see why this should be valuable?

So that the user can make sure to get the tag right the next time.

Don't vote for it if you don't think it's valuable.

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IMO it is more spam than help.

It's one comment for each person who gets it wrong. Not exactly overloading the chain :) If a few of them can learn from it then it's useful. I don't expect to earn from it. Any rewards will just give the bot a bigger vote.

Well then spell it right and you will not get a notice. Sigh.

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