Introducing - Quello is ready for your questions

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Hello everyone,

Although than slightly later than previously expected, we're happy to announce that is now live and ready for your questions. Please bare in mind this is the first version of Quello, but we're excited to hear you feedback.

In case you missed the announcement post we made late in April. Quello is a question and answer platform built exclusively on Hive. Quello harnesses the power of the Hive blockchain to allow you to ask, answer, and reward valuable questions.

Features Available From Today

We've been working hard to provide a range of different features within the initial release. Here's what we're launching with:

  • Create a question in a selection of different topics.
  • Answer questions in a selection of different topics.
  • A wide selection of topics to explore, we'll be adding more in the coming days, so let us know if we're missing anything.
  • Ability to subscribe to a topic and view all related questions within your topic feed.
  • Ability to post a question to either your Hive blog or as comment held outside of your blog.
  • Ability to vote and downvote questions and answers.
  • User profile with user questions, answers, followers, and following and ability to edit profile.
  • Ability to indicate topics you know about and filter view related questions within your suggested feed.
  • Ability to save questions for later.
  • Ability to search for questions.
  • Ability to request answers from other users (User must have used Quello and have answer requests enabled).
  • Ability to vote, comment, and harness the awesome benefits that Hive provides.
  • View related questions and check if a question has been asked before asking a question.
  • Simple help center that provides you with a selection of questions and answers surrounding using Hive & Quello.

How do I get started with Quello?

You can sign in using Hive Signer and use Quello by visiting

What's Next?

We realize that the initial release took slightly longer than expected and with that in mind we're looking to run considerably shorter sprints to bring you new features as fast a possible, here are a few things we'll be working on next.

  • Ability to post questions to communities
  • Ability to post answers to blog
  • Improved search functionality surrounding topics
  • Topic feed improvements with filtering and easy subscription
  • Home topic ranking to help you find popular topics (we need some questions before we can bring this in)
  • Issues identified by the community

In the coming weeks, our focus will be to refine the current experience and bring in a selection of smaller features to enhance the overall experience when using Quello. Once these are completed, we'll be looking towards the features that we'll need to have to allow Quello to run independently from other Hive sites and thus allow new users to join both Quello and Hive.

Got a suggestion?

If you have any suggestions or improvements you can let us know by joining us our Discord, you can join using this link:

Found an Issue?

As Quello is currently in beta, we expect that there is a possibility that a few minor issues have slipped through. If you find an issue you can let us know by joining us our Discord, you can join using this link:

Join us on Discord

Join our Discord using the link below:


Is there plans to support hive-keychain?

100% something I'm looking to add, I have used steemconnect in quite a few projects before so it was my go to, that combined with mobile thought it was best to get Hive Signer ticked off first.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Ditto on this. Keychain would be excellent.

After a few similar requests, we decided to add keychain as a priority. Keychain is now available on Quello 👍

amazing job, and it looks really well done 👍 so let's get it started...

👌 bellisima :)

Cool, will check it regularly!
Are questions created as posts on the blockchain?

Also night mode plz :D

Are questions created as posts on the blockchain?

OK, got it:

I think that the post should also link to quello. Buut, it would be best if those questions would be posted as comments on the blockchain so they don't show up in the followers feed (but they could still get the rewards etc.)

In the scenario above the user chose to post it to their blog, however by default it's set to a comment (it can be changed in advanced options). I agree, a link to Quello when it's a post would be useful.


Also I'll get night mode on the list, it's my preference too 👍

Cool, thanks for the answers :)

both you can choose on advanced mode post or comment .. default is comment

What kind of incentives will you have for users?

Awesome job on the site! This is a pretty neat idea, I'll have to give it a try this weekend!

Thank you! I really needed this. I have so many questions which if I post in my blog, no one even looks at them :)

Looks good! The interface really reminds me of Quora. Excellent job!

Is this project somehow connected to

Hi @culgin,

Apologies for the late reply on this one.

No, we're not related to, although some of the basic functionality is the same over time you'll see how we plan to differentiate from standard question and answer platforms.

Follow our blog to keep up to date with the latest news 👍

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What an amazing job done.. Already dropped some questions and answers. the way, I am interested in becoming a curator on this project

I’ll definitely hit this up.

The interface is super sleek, will their be a way to do promoted questions? Also think it needs sharing buttons so its easier to get the word out on certain question/answer sets

Something to consider in the future for sure. Share buttons are on the list for the near future and you can expect this in the coming weeks 👍

Brilliant sounds exciting, wishing you all the best and will follow the project shortly, I do have a few questions but I'll wait before bombarding you with them

Awesome, great work

Just tried it out! We'll see about the results.

First of all ...great work ;)

Have you considered using a community for all the posts published on the platform? Right now everything show up in the users blog and probably this is not what the users expect.
Also having a community will make it so much easier to manage and also more organized on other frontends (,, ...)

Hi @asgarth,

Thanks, glad you like it.

Regarding communities, yes something that is definitely on the list and something we'll see coming to Quello shortly. Currently, questions are added as comments (by default) to prevent them from going to a user's blog (a user can choose them going to their blog if they wish) however a community will make them easier to view on other frontends.

interesting. I will check it. I hope the devs, witnesses and top stakeholders support new apps as well, like steemit did in 2018.

This seems like a very great use for the Hive blockchain... I think it would be really cool if people answering questions could be rewarded indefinitely, will this be the case? Or is there any Ideas/Plans to make this a possibility? I would be much more incentivized to go and provide answers if there is a possibility for someone to reward me for good information a year from now, not just in the next 7 days.

Exactly what we need. Thanks!

A dark mode would be highly appreciated!

This sounds great!

Glad to see that Quello is live. Trying out...

As already sais: night mode would be great.
As it is now, the contrast between background (white) and text (light gray) makes it very difficult to read. A bit more contrast in the normal mode would be great too.

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Wow great. Finally it is live. Like other I also think Keychain would be a great addition as not everyone is comfortable with Hivesigner as the only option.

I already started using the platform and I did ask a few questions as well. I had a few suggestions for you. I will reach out to you on discord.

Nice work. Cheers!

Awesome, sounds great. Looking forward to your feedback 👍

We've recently added Hive Keychain after many requests, hope you enjoy 👍

That's great 👌 I will check it out.

Great and congrats on getting live. We are the terminal discord and this might be a helpful tool

Let's see how this works out...

Would love to hear you feedback on any improvements we could make 👍

Can I ask and answer on quello using our language, Indonesian language?

This is interesting