How to Join Hive - For Rappeh Activists

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The Rappeh (Be Healthy!) Party is using Hive - a censorship resistant platform - as a central repository for its party material including marketing material.

I am encouraging Rappeh and other anti-lockdown / anti Green Passport etc activists to join Hive to build a community on a platform that welcomes us instead of blocking and censoring us.

There are a lot of fellow fighters against Corona Tyranny already on Hive.

The easiest way to join Hive is with Hive On Board.
There is information about what Hive is and an easy onboarding process.

You can pick your account name and either be your real self or stay anonymous - your choice.

I have been on Hive for 3 years now and have a lot of "Hive Power" which means I can give new users an early boost on the platform.

If you use this link to join then I'll know you came via Rappeh and can help you get started.

Managing Keys

Hive is based on a cryptocurrency blockchain and has a completely different, and much more secure and flexible, system for "logging in" than you will be used to.

When you join you will get a set of 4 cryptographic keys (owner, active, posting and memo) and a Master Password.

You must keep multiple copies of these keys and master password in safe places.

  • One place to keep your keys is in your password manager (One Password,LastPass etc).If you don't have one you need to get one ASAP to stay safe online.
  • The other is in a hard copy format. Either print and delete the file or write it down. Keep in a safe place away from your computer.

You should then install Hive Keychain. It is available for Brave, Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Hive keychain will store those private keys securely encrypted on your computer and allow you to login to any Hive based website with a single click.
Hive Keychain will ask you to create a password for logging into it, which you'll need to do each time you restart your browser.
Pick something you can remember and store that password in your password manager also.

Using Hive

Because Hive is censorship resistant blockchain with no central authority controlling it, anyone can create a website for interacting with and posting content on the blockchain. But the User always controls their own account.

We could easily create a fully Rappeh branded website with its own URL if we wanted.
But for the moment these are the important ways of posting content on Hive.

For blog posts

For video

For short form content (ie like Tweets)

Mobile App

Hive for Activists

I was able to create the @rappeh account for free (using my Hive Power) and start populating its blog page with material in less than an hour while the official party website took weeks and considerable cost (as websites often do).

This is a perfect example of what Hive can offer to rapidly forming movements that challenge political orthodoxy and are thus subject to censorship on Big Tech platforms:

  • rapid deployment with attractive interface
  • stronger censorship resistance and resilience from attacks
  • rewards for users
  • potential to create a Rappeh branded community website on Hive

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