It's Alive ...... The HIVE BLOCKCHAIN IS UP AND RUNNING + 5 Free HIVE Tokens!

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Share your first post created on the HIVE blockchain below in the comment section and be entered in a draw to win a share of 5 HIVE Tokens.

A total of five winner's will each be sent 1 HIVE token each after this post reaches post payout.

A random number generator will pick the winners.

The sequence of your entries via the comment section below will determine your raffle ticket number.

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**Note: The Steemmonsters name has been rebranded to Splinterlands.


I need some hive. Looks like is having problems. It says I don't exist. Good think I know what peakD is :P the top of the D LoL

Here's my massive 2 cent upvote to help get your HIVE wallet started :P

Peakd is the much better option currently for accessing the HIVE blockchain.

Thank you very much. I am very grateful and look forward to future earnings.

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BDvoter Team

Awesome, thanks for the manual curation.

Welcome to HIVE!

We are here! Yippee. My First HIVE post... freak'n buried already...

welcome to the hive, please beehave

Very clever use of the international man of mystery.

Lets see if the !BEER and !trdo bots work here ....

they won't yet, I don't think at least, SE is still running on steem due to high costs of switching over quickly afaik

late but I'm here to party!

put a HIVE logo on that shirt lol

.. my mini intro
here is my entry...hope you like a bit of splinterlands flavor :)

My first post was just a little welcome test to see if I could post and where the post would go.