Corporate training: technologies that need to be implemented now 🎓

in #hive • 2 years ago

The world today is developing as never before. Business leaders understand this and try to comply, and technology helps them 👍🏻

Development is taking place everywhere, the emergence of new technologies is changing the approach to all corporate training.

🔥 What you should pay attention to today, according to Req & Doc:

1️⃣ Mobile trainings and chatbots
2️⃣ Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR)
3️⃣ Technology products for onboarding
4️⃣ Platforms for p2p learning
5️⃣ Diverse content and cases as performance indicators
6️⃣ Built-in controls
7️⃣ Analytics for each employee
8️⃣ Course microformats

Professional development is no longer limited to textbooks, classrooms, courses. Modern technologies allow you to study in the most comfortable format and at the same time get the maximum result.

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