Requirements are usually tasks or conditions that you must address to complete a project.

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📝 Perhaps these might be physical deliverables, specific software features, or business benefits that offer valuable contributions to the user.

When building your requirements breakdown structure (RBS), consider the following four requirements:

✍🏻 Business Requirements. Essentially, these are the general high-level needs that you must cover

✍🏻 Stakeholder Requirements. Typically, stakeholders are the most affected by a business project. These are usually more detailed versions of the initial business requirements that reduce risk. For example, how the project aims to meet the business requirements

✍🏻 Solution Requirements. Solution requirements address specific measures of success related to each requirement

✍🏻 Transition Requirements. Transition requirements are temporarily relevant during the transition period of the project. For example, training activities that might boost the delivery of the project

To improve clarity, try and maximize details of how you will meet these requirements as this will help keep everyone on track 🔰

This can be enhanced with a requirements workshop that answers questions and avoids any misunderstanding.

At this stage, it may not be necessary to outline how you will deliver each requirement, just what they are.

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