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Liquid Post Reward

@reward.app is a service that allow users to receive post rewards in liquid form.

By default, post reward is paid half in HBD an half in Hive Power (locked Hive). Authors using @reward.app service receive half of the post payout in HBD and half in liquid Hive (not locked in HP).

By receiving whole payout in liquid form, users are able to instantly use all of the funds. They are free to power it up, invest it in the HIVE ecosystem (hive-engine tokens, splinterlands cards etc.) or simply sell it without need to wait 3 months period of power-down.

Additional Liquid Curation Reward

Additionally, 4% of author's reward is paid to the voters in liquid form. The 4% is a default value and can be changed anywhere from 0% (no additional curation reward, all is paid to the author) to 100% (all reward goes to voters).

By using author's payout to pay additional rewards to voters we aim to do 2 things:

  • increase author's chances to receive more votes (as those votes are more profitable for voters)
  • create additional incentivize for Hive users to power-up (increase ROI from curation)

View Posts That Used @Reward.app

To view all posts that used @reward.app as the payment option, simply go to:

How To Use @Reward.app

When using https://peakd.com to write the post, simply go to advanced and choose payout option: @reward.app

When using https://hive.blog the write the post, click on advanced and add @reward.app as an account to receive the reward with 100%.

No other actions are required, everything will be handled automatically and you and your voters will receive the payouts in exactly 7 days from post creation.

Changing Additional Curation Reward

To change the % of author's reward that will be paid to the voters, simply send 0.001 HIVE to @reward.app with a number in memo. The number should be in range from 0 to 100.

For example, if you want to set curator's share to 25%, use memo 25

What's The Cost

@reward.app takes 1% fee from the author's reward.

Who's Behind The Project?

@cardboard and @acidyo :)


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Thanks for these tools to optimize the rewards ... Regards

Hi @reward.app I have any questions, If I set the additional liquid curation rewards to 0%, does that mean that the curators will not receive any reward for voting the post? I understand that if I set it to 4%, the curators receive 4% of their upvote, but do they receive that 4% as an extra or is it all they receive for voting on a post? If I set it to 0% wouldn't it be counterproductive for curators?

If you set the "Additional Liquid Curation Rewards" to zero, there will be no 4% that will be taken from the author reward and sent proportionally to the curators. That 4% will be deducted from the author reward (along with the fixed 1% fee from the author reward which is @reward.app's profit).

Fixed it

Can i use this on 3speak?

So... when I use @threespeak, they now offer a beneficiary line (thanks guys!), but they take their 11% off the top...

Can I still put @reward.app as the beneficiary for all the rest (89%) and have that portion split as normal?

Hi, I did not receive the payment in HBD since a few hours ago I only received the Hive, It could be a mistake. Thank you.

Hi @reward.app , a week has passed since I've should had received the rewards from this post and nothing yet


I understand that lately there has been some problems with Hive, but I haven't had received any rewards in either Hive or HBD. I would really appreciate some answer about the situation

Hi, I have not received the rewards from this post:


Please, if you can fix it soon I would appreciate it!

Hi, I have not yet received the rewards from this publication.

Please, if you can fix this quickly I would be grateful.


thank you 💜

hello, I have not received the rewards of this post:


please, if they can fix it quickly that would be great!

Hi, sorry for late delay. Has this been resolved?

i think that yes

Is profitable?

It is true that I see it very good, it seems to me that it is an answer to many Hive who had that concern or that doubt, from what I see it has already been achieved, personally he has understood the value of the payment in hp, but I do not doubt that one day he will use this option

Hello, will this be applied on splintertalk.io ? i am getting rewards there but not recieving them, the spt i am getting is a way more than the hive, so if you are taking the spt i think it doesn't worth it to use this service.
İ hope i am wrong💔😂

greetings; after a change of passwords to my hive account I have noticed a considerable change in the curation of my posts... does the change of passwords to my account affect my reward.app settings of 25% to the curators?
where can I get technical support?

Nope, there should be no change. What's the difference exactly?

thank you I have already communicated with @acidyo on discord.
It tells me that the configuration remains the same, what caught my attention was a considerable decrease in the curatorship, even the automatic vote of reward.app when using the application is no longer issuing it.
thank you for your attention.

Hi @reward.app, I did not receive rewards for this post:


Please, if you could fix it, that would be great!
thank you.