Fork you. Hello Hive, my new home! Are you coming along? The place will be buzzing!

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Hey, hey, hey! A new day. A new chain. Soon I will move over from Steem to Hive with the upcoming scheduled fork.



The past month was intense. A new owner of the Steemit stake. Coming out with instead claims of Token Swaps for sure to happen, defacto killing the Steem chain and other PR messaging (Twitter anyone?) which had a very hostile tone. Then trying to communicate. No response, only a lame AMA. Then... After long discussions a community wide supported @softfork222 to at least have some temporarily guarantees for negotiations around the special case of the Steemit Stake. Followed by 5 days of status quo and a scheduled meeting. And then bammm! Exchanges power up custodial funds, start voting. Steemit Inc fires up 20 fake witnesses and votes them with their earmarked "non-voting"-stake. An impasse ensues.

Yet in the background work on a fork had already started. A very simple version of code was already shown 1 year ago by Johan Nordberg (former Steemit inc employee) who did a git-pull-request containing code to take out the Steemit Inc stake.

Now with this fork it is a different cookie. We fork. We don't continue with Steem. We start a new fork. And airdrop the balances from almost everyone from the Old Steem chain. Because it is a community fork, and software build by some members of the community, the developers decide how airdropping should work. And because anyone is free to run any software... It is a matter of who agrees with what kind of airdrop to have on such a fork. If you agree with the airdrop structure: basically leaving Steemit Inc's stake out of an airdrop, simply run the forked software by friday. (released soon™️)

Learn more about Hive in the announcement post and on

I've made up my (hive)mind. I'm moving to the new chain.

The fork. The better home. Hive. Why? Because it is a true community initiative. We don't have to start over. We continue. We just move places. Because the software didn't change that much, most is just about naming and colors and new token names (Hive anyone?). Apps can (besides some small variable changes) instantly migrate to Hive.

Did you know more than 20 developers have been working on fork related matters the past weeks? Did you know the Steem team consisted of 3 developers for the last year or so and they all resigned once Steemit Inc started centralizing the Steem chain? Those devs already worked on optimizing the code for the chain, making replays somewhat easier and also running full api-nodes a little less costly. I'm definitely planning on getting a full node running as soon as possible.

With the community-earmarked Stake now donated into the Decentralised Hive Fund, formally known as the Steem Proposal System, we have a true decentralised organisation where anyone can propose projects and work for the Hive chain. It codefies that always-promised stake into the blockchain.

This is not financial advice, but I think this move will attract new investors to Hive. The previous blockchain and it's maintainer Steemit Inc and it's stake had always been somewhat of a burden. "Steemit is a scam just to make the founders rich, look at the enormous stake they have". And now that is gone. What is left is us. Let's do this!

I will run the new updated Hive fork software once my builds are done. I will swap my seednode to the new fork.

My Steem Projects will shutdown and make the move to Hive:

  • I will migrate SteemWallet to HiveWallet for iOS and Android coming week (depending on Apple review lords).
  • Depending on how Covid19 unfolds I will work on a new annual community event. Still dabbling with the name: HiveFest or SwarmFest - soon more.
  • The life-sized SteemWhale fountain will submerge and reincarnated as HiveWhale. Coming out of hypothermia in May again.
  • will move as well.
  • The account registration widget for instant paid for signups will also move to Hive next week.

Please vote for my witness roelandp if you like what I am doing here.

See you in the Hive!


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Hi @roelandp count on my beery support on all that activities...

Will bring some BEER with me to any of your events.

hey @roelandp. I'm a translator from ENG to ITA, I did the translation of splinterlands and am used to custom .json and Crowdin. Please let me know if I can help, I'm bafi#8941 on Discord. Yaba can surely vouche for me if needed 😀

Will you be organizing Hivefest too? I'll come for sure this time. Asia again would be awesome!!

Hi @roelandp , because it contains some important information about the migration to HIVE, if you want I could translate this post to Spanish as well.

@roelandp Spanish translation published:

Forkeate. ¡Hola Hive, mi nuevo hogar! ¿Vienes conmigo? ¡La Colmena estará llena de gente!

Todas las abejas volando para "La Colmena" !

What they said is all true and becoming reality:

  • Justin can help Steem with marketing: see those twits and crypto headlines?
  • Justin will speed up Steem(Hive) development: we are getting rid of those NJM stakes soon and achieve higher degree of decentralized governance

I will thank Justin and Tron for their sacrifice once Hive becomes a reality - for demonstrating the world in a profound way that you can buy loads of tokens but not a community.

Buzz out.

Yes exactly what was thinking! Sometimes you need your hand forced to make the changes that you know are needed. From Friday we will have the best blockchain social media platform on the planet!!!

From then on, hive will have no excuse for failure and it will be the beginning of true community driven development. At least there won't be regrets and whatifs.

Yes exactly. It is a chance to make things the way that the majority want and that will make it a huge success!

This should be a positive shift. Let's hope that the dev team and all make sure to not simply put polish on a pig. Steemit has some SERIOUS and significant issues that, without some careful planning will simply leave Hive in much of the same situation as steemit.

Also, watch out because there's little doubt that Justin will have the ability to respond to a hard fork, must be careful to not interfere with the IP he purchased. The legality of simply copying the block chain carries some risks on its own... and without addressing the problems things will just repeat.

First there is a fork with minor adjustments. Renewed spirit. Community owned feeling. Let's continue and launch more.

I'm back to Steemit after 2 years of travelling, and return to confusion. Confusion for me at least, being rather old, jaded and not technically inclined. Lots of different opinions on this subject, but from previous experience, I'm going to put my faith in you roelandp and following to Hive

At least you arrived just in time for the fun to begin.

I am very excited about Hyve and have a feeling it will be huge. I want to be a part of it and like to run a seed node first and maybe one day a witness node. Could you please let me know how to get started ?

  1. get a seednode server
  2. wait until the software is released.
  3. follow install instructions
  4. seed

stay tuned! see you in the Hive!

@roelandp Hi, will be joining Hive -- to run a seednode, is there a minimum of Hive required ?

Thank You AND Cheers !!

Swarmfest. 😎👌

I can't wait to start handing out Hive5;s from friday onwards. Since steempeak has said they will move over, I guess it's going to be pretty easy

Will there be Hive Dollars? Will there be public RPC nodes?

cant wait to finally see where this project to go after letting go all the old baggage

HIVEFEST 1 in Las Vegas ? 🥳😂

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Maybe it will need to be via Skype .... and we can all attend.

If VEGAS ever Opens Again @stackin
Just Kidding it will Open Again, It has too, a TRUMP Hotel is on The STRIP

I vote for Lithuania. 😊

Hey bro, how goes it over there btw? Stay well. Take care and buzz u later..bzzz

I vote for Eastern Europe

I'm packing my stuff, and be ready for the big relocation. Good bye, mr ninja sun!

The Japanese community is in favor of Hive. See you at Hive 😄

Or wait...

Fest Hive al? 🤡

Brilliant name Ade 😋👍

I try my best :)

Whatever happens ahead, this has been worth fighting for.
Looking forward for the fest.

of course! I will also move to Hive!!!

Thank you for your work. See you at Hive 😆

LOL! Steemit is going to be a ghost town soon!

I'm in. 100%.
HiveFest sounds cool.....
This is the best news I could have hoped for, and finally, it all makes sense. One of the reasons I took a leave is that I had dealings with Ned, and I wasn't interested in having my energy used to make him profits. Steemit was filled with such bad karma, and now that Ned is gone, along with Justin, this is going to be the future we wanted.
By the way, i hope that new Hive accounts will be free, as that is one of the most friction filled things about Steem. Let's do this new one in a smart way and learn the lessons of the past. Free accounts, a good mobile wallet, no friction when signing up. Please let me know who is working on this part.

This is a very nice transition, I'm a newcomer, so help me grow up ...

And I have chosen you as a witness,,,

Thank you @roelandp. I admire you and your wisdom and will look forward to working with you and others who believe in the principles of Steem the way it was. It is going to be great to have a thriving, decentralized platform again. Thank you!!

This is the kind of moment where it feels great to be alive again. It's been a couple of months of inactivity here but I've been in constant update with what the community is doing. Love this new times!

This guy will be the new mascot for Steemit once HIVE launches and the entire community moves to HIVE:

One lone person surrounded by empty chairs, laughing alone

Oh yeah, perfect explanation :)

We are waiting to see this awesome community controlled blockchain

It's been some hours of Great News!!
The best winds for the new projects!!

Looking forward on hivefest 🙈

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It amazes me to find people still using partiko!

This really a good news. Let's go to Hive.

Hivefest in London would be great I fully support the move and can't wait to invest in some new tokens 👍🏾🍻 !BEER !trdo

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I can not really wait to move to this new blockchain and also leave this Justin behind. The future is bright

If we start powering down now does that impact Hive airdrop?

No, a power down does not affect that, just solo not move steem to an exchange

Awesome I wish I would of started a bit earlier then I could see JS dropping this to 0 knowing how dumb he is.

No, at the time of the snapshot you will get same quantity of STEEM or SP converted to HIVE or HP

Can't wait to see what will happen. But I for sure will be on the HIVE. :)

You have my support!

Big move good luck!!

Let's move to the new chain!

Who are the initial witnesses on Hive on launch day?

I dont know much about the technicality of steem. Just wanted to ask what will happen to our steempower in steemit after this fork?

the steem chain as we know it will keep on existing as long as enough block producers keep
running the software. This fork will not influence any of your balances on the Steem chain

@roelandp on the topic.... what do you recommend for current steem holders, and especially those with Steem Powered up to do in the meantime?
Should we initiate power down now, or wait... also I didn't what will happen to delegated steem power? Thank you again King of the Hive.

If you choose to power down, you will need to undelegate your delegations, then in five days you can power them down too.

In Hive you can then power up again (or stop the power down) and re-delegate if you wish.

@roelandp I'll follow you to the moon and back again... anyone that can make a whale blow its hole by dropping crypto (I not saying what kind by name)......shhhhheeeeeettttttttttt....I can't wait to see what next you bring next, King of the HIVE.

!giphy get together

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giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

See you in the Hive everyone :)

I knew this was coming... but can I ask what happened to that ninja-stake, a code is written to preserve away that ninja stake? and that's just going to be untouched and undistubed used for HIVE development?...

Well, I wish HIVE best of luck, I definitely support this, coz whatever the risks, its better than this Justin Sun dramas, get free from him, so all can concentrate on other things. I never believed he is good for steem anyway, maybe will see you in the HIVE but I don't want to be in this Steem which is compromised for a long time.

Exciting should work, atleast it would bring a community together and if this works, it's true dencentralisation.

Thanks for the update, I really cheking Steem news for update but other than Justin blocking all steem witnesses on twitter there was no other news.

Good luck witness and thankyou for whatever you did for steem.

the ninja stake will move to the DAO user. in subsequent hardforks the community can decide whether it should be converted (slowly) and become available as community decided funds or be burned. (or both).

I guess that old ninja stake is this then

With the community-earmarked Stake now donated into the Decentralised Hive Fund, formally known as the Steem Proposal System,

I see the original stake is intact and its going to be decentralised and ready to go HIVE format, sounds cool!!!

I love the love and community support Hive is getting.
I'm optimistic now more than ever. I hope exchange listing come soon enough

It will be great to see everyone again at HiveFest or whatever its called!

My bags are packed ... I’m ready to go.

I love that song!

Looking forward to vote your witness @roelandp

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