What does a project need to do to get DAO funding? Reinvent the wheel? Invent a perpetuum mobile?

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Ok, so we got more than 70m hive to fund projects beneficial to our chain and this is more than enough to incentivize development on top of Hive. This could catapult us to the stratosphere, incentivize talented developers to migrate their projects from other chains to Hive and even bring in investors because they see the value of decentralized autonomous funding - yet this potential is left completely untapped.

Properly allocating these funds could be the very thing that assures the long-term success of this place yet this is the polar opposite of what we've been doing so far.


We've funded some projects that are either dead, benefit Steem instead of Hive or just haven't been updated in a long time - some of which have even been abandoned - while still receiving funding, all while completely disregarding some amazing proposals in the process. I have yet to see a truly groundbreaking project that received has funding.

How do you justify this?

There are some really awesome projects that could launch this place to the next level yet they are completely and utterly ignored, especially by whales which are evidently the only ones that can cast votes sufficient enough to assure that a proposal gets over the funding limit.

One project in particular that brought this issue to my attention is @dapplr


People behind this endeavor are developing a one of a kind interface of the Hive blockchain on par with Instagram and Twitter. Do I even need to tell you how important this is to onboard the masses?

I don't think so.

So why is it then that a project that would bring such immense value to this place is left collecting digital dust in the proposal section?

Is there something I'm missing out?

Any hidden reasons making users decide not to vote it in, I'm failing to comprehend?

Or is our collective incompetence to vote noteworthy project for funding the issue here?

I'll give everyone the benefit of the doubt and attribute this to the lack of awareness of the project.

Thus I'm bringing it up today and hopefully you will do your part in shedding light on this astounding project. This means contacting the whales, letting them know about @dapplr and inviting them to cast FREE votes to assure necessary funding, writing about the project and asking your followers to contribute to the cause by voting for their proposal.

It literally doesn't cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time.

What is your excuse?

Get on board and let's make this happen!

Useful links:

@dapplr intro post - Dapplr - First Design Based App Being Built On HIVE


Some users I'd like to invite to support this initiative:

@themarkymark, @acidyo, @fyrstikken, @howo, @therealwolf, @theycallmedan, @blocktrades, @yabapmatt, @aggroed, @netuoso, @anyx, @gtg, @ausbitbank, @someguy123, @followbtcnews, @lukestokes.mhth, @firepower, @pharesim, @thecryptodrive, @pfunk

Feel free to expand on this list in the comments down below.

Before I go let me just mention that @dapplr isn't even asking for much funding. A measly 4470 HBD is what they are hoping to receive while developing an app that would cost upwards of a few million to develop in the real world if you wanted to hire a professional team of developers and designers for the job.


Please lmk.

Doesn't have to be public, you can always get ahold of me on discord.


Looks very appealing at first sight and I will have a closer look first thing tomorrow. Had not heard of it so far, so thanks for fixing this. Your tip just brought me here ;)

No worries. Let me know what you think about it when you do dig in a little deeper. I think this will be a game-changer for Hive.

Voted. Thanks for bringing this project to my attention. It could just be a lack of visibility. I had not heard of @dapplr but it looks great!

Could be! Let's see if we can da something about it. I'll be writing more on dapplr soon in hopes to bring more attention to the project because it truly deserves it.

Agreed. Same here :) A great mobile app is necessary. I feel like the biggest hurdle for any app is signup. The most confusing thing for non-blockchain users is signing up from all he feedback I hear. I'll be interested to see how @dapplr handles signup for new users.

None at all. This is a huge project and i am certain it's going to do tremendously well. Way to go

Casted a vote long ago, i guess the majority is still focused on twitter promo.
But yeah, 4k Hd aint much

Same here....

Still waiting for the big guys to vote it in.

And they will keep it open source, apart some fatures such as animations...

That's the most important part imo. Closed source is so 2008; greedy and self-centered.

Maybe they don't have friends here. Dunno. Gonna check it out

Why would having friends matter?

Easier and faster to get the word out if you got peeps on here. Friends tell friends who tell friends who got friends that tell their friends, you get the point. Word of mouth or in this case keyboard is faster than simply posting and hoping everyone sees it.

Sure, thought he was implying something else.

I'm already supporting it. :p

Wasn't aware that I could see who voted. Thanks for supporting the project! Can't wait to see it come to fruition.



The project looks so dope. Do you remember Vid App?

Ye, can't wait for the release. Nah, was it on Steem?

Nope. It is on Eth. We talked about it on discord last year. They were doing that 1milleperday token sale and you're the one that even showed me

Oh yea, completely forgot about it since then. Got so many projects floating in my mind sometimes some of them just disappear 😅

What about it?

This proposal could actually get to that level if the community supports it. Immediately I saw this one, that's the first thing that came to my mind.

Keep up the good work my friend 🤝 and thanks for the tip much appreciated stay safe !BEER

Thanks for stopping by bud. Cya on the other side :D

No problem my friend 🤝 stay safe

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