Self introduction

in #hive2 years ago (edited)

Hello guys, im going to introduce myself, beforehand im informing you that I'm a noob in blogging and this is the first platform im trying this, well actually 3 years ago i found out about steemit and it got my interests up and that time i actually travelled a lot and taking lot of photos, the photos im going to post are all i took then. So anyways i foundout about steemit 3 years ago and i was really interested in it, so itried and posted 2 posts but i didn't know how the platform and cryptocurrency worked, So i dropped it. Now due to covid pqndemic i tried to login to my steemit account but lost password, but then i saw a news about steem went through some disaster and now hive is more effective , so i thought to checkout and see if i acn understand this platform now, well what dou you know, just now i learned about this resource credits and you need to post or update profile, i don't know about that so i drained resource credits to 0% trying to update my profile picture.

Im turning 22 this 24th, I'm a student, studying pharmacy, I'm from india, I'm doing this now because past few years i was depressed and wanted to find a way to live , and this covid pandemic got me too stressed, so i wanted to start something new , that's why I'm trying to blog, i love good movies , my all time fav is seven samurai directed by akira kurosawa, i also like his other works most notable are ikiru, high and low.hollywood movies will be interstellar and the wolf of wallstreet.I also love anime, my fav is naruto, death note and attack on titan.

Let's see where it goes, it may have a good ending or a bad one, well I've seen enough bad ones , so i don't care about another one. I'm still learning about this platform, so if any of you help me will be well appreciated, i will definitely tell my friends about this platform and invite them.

I know this post has less words, sorry for the inconvenience, im new to blogging, but i think i can improve by posting more posts and try to write many words as possible, so I'll try to be better, thanks!!...