A Walk Around the LA BitConf Convention Center #1

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Pulling Out All the Stops!


As I said this morning, I was on my way to the Latin American Bitcoin Conference. I did arrive a bit late and it was calm to start. We were greeted by a giant square platform in the middle of the entryway with something that mimics the pyramid seen on the $1 bill. This was an actual, 3D, pyramid that took up the space of a Volkswagen on a platform. Written on it was, "in math we trust" and even though I'm a firm believer in God, we do trust the math of cryptocurrency including that of Hive, very much more than we trust Banks or companies that hold our money.


To Get an Idea of the Size

The video below shows the hive booth which was busy all day long, followed by a walk around and through the main area full of stands featuring many businesses that have something to do with cryptocurrency or trading. In the middle of that walkthrough the camera takes a spin through the entryway where you'll see the pyramid I just spoke of above. Click below to see that, and the entire venue.

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At first, I walked around and took pictures and some video of the goings on while things were still calm. The venue was amazing between the custom-made neon signs and the screens everywhere, which I'll talk about in future posts, it seems like no expense was spared to put on this event which represents all crypto but of course, Hive made it splash in the middle of it all. See the screenshot at the top of this post.

The crowds grew and grew all day long as we walk through the event. I spent most of my time at the hive booth talking to people who stopped by as well as greeting people that I know from previous meetups and whatnot. They were handing out stickers and t-shirts and notebooks to everyone who stopped by and trying to explain what Hive is to those who didn't know.

The first thing to go on stage was Rodolfo who has been part of the Bitcoin foundation from the very beginning. He rode around the event on a scooter and somehow was able to coordinate his presence to announce each and every speaker on each and every stage. The first thing he did was announce a rap band that came on and shook the place. You will see his introductions on future videos. I just wanted to get this one out while everything's fresh in my mind give you an idea of the sheer size of it all.


The above is a snapshot of a talk given by micro strategy on inflation and beating it as well as what Bitcoin is and what its future holds. I saw the whole thing and it was in English which made it much easier for me to pay attention to as compared to the others.

I made a few posts live from the event on Ecency Waves, but there wasn't much time to sit and stare at my phone and type during the event. There are still tickets available and the general entry for both days, although we only have one day left, tomorrow, and it's only $10 to get in and see the event which is happening at the Costanera near the airport here in the city.

Where to buy tickets.


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