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RE: Introducing - free HIVE account creation service

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There is one thing I thought you should know (if you don't know it already): When a brand new user creates a new Hive account with the Esteem app, they don't get any HP delegated to them, but they can still post, comment and vote a little bit. I think not having HP at the very beginning will be the thing that cuts down on hackers farming accounts for the free HP (since there is none). We don't want users to get stuck though, so maybe if we design some system for new users like this:

  1. Write an #introduceyourself post
  2. Tag (either @hiveonboard or @hivepeople) in their first post so we can find their post and delegate some HP....'
    (We keep a list of all noobs who are in this new system, and reguarly check up on them to see what they are doing......and people who begin using Hive normally, then we take back the 15 HP delegation....)
    Once we do maybe a few campaigns using this onboarding site, and provide analytics, maybe submitting a proposal for Hive Power from the DAO might be an idea.....

The RC issue on new accounts is one of the most discussed points reading the comments here. I'll cover the whole topic in a new post in the next days.

First idea that goes into my mind:
I could provide you with a REST API endpoint where you could query newly created accounts and use this information to take steps further.

Will come back to this topic - I promise!

what about if the new user submits some kind of task, in the same way that Brave works: you have to slide the Brave icon onto the Triangle shape....this would cut down on automated sign ups....

Yep - stay tuned for it :)

cool, I think Brave system works beautifully.

BTW - did you noticed this here?

ok cool.....thanks


Implemented an daily account creation report which will be posted a daily basis here:

Once we solved the abuse-rate expect to find a list of new user considered as noobs.

Hello, Stella. Is this service working now?
I have some new friends who could really use that 15HP.