I'm Back!

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My brother @intothewild got me back in the game!


Hoping to contribute more when time permits, but appreciate the support!

Share what you're excited about for the remainder of the year.

I'm excited for trips to Tettegouche State Park with my lady and Sayulita, Mexico with family to visit @intothewild and his family. So pumped!




Congratulations getting on here now just start posting all the time and stacking a portfolio up.

Here is vote to get you going and it comes with a bunch of support as well. Awesome job getting here and hopefully you stick with it and pound it out. I've actually been really well taken care of here and learned quite an amazing amount of information.

And there's all sorts of cool stuff here.

Welcome and hopefully you enjoy this place as much as I do.

That and I'm also on a 30-day Facebook ban for speaking the simple truth...

Well my puppy dog says thank you as well and welcome to this wonderful platform.

Thanks ganjafarmer! It's a great community!

Nice to see someone finally lived up to the "I need to sit down with you some day and figure all this ish out."

Congrats bro, can't wait to see your Hive bag start to grow. Love ya!

Hey Zak! Good to see one of the better brothers jumping back into the ol Hive ecosystem. I'm guessing you're the dude with the cap... did I guess that right?

Welcome back!

Haha, you must know Austin well! That's a hat I bought in Ely, MN over 15 years ago. Still rockin it like I did day one! Cheers!

Hi there @straightforward, it's farm-mom here.
Welcome back, any brother of @intothewild is a friend of mine.
Best wishes, hope you get to travel.

Thanks farm-mom! I have pretty amazing brothers! All my best!

Nice to meet you @straightforward.
So you're @intothewild's brother, it must have been a ball growing up with him, he's a character that makes me laugh.
It will be my pleasure to follow you, and you had better bring it or I'm sure you'll hear it from him.😁

Hi thebigsweed! You'd be right and it was epic to say the least. My lil brother makes everyone smile and he even occasionaly tells a good joke ;-) I'll do my best!

Congratulations @straightforward!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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