This Is My Last Steem-Exclusive Post... What An End To An Era

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I wish there was an emoji with both a smile & a tear

because that's exactly how I feel right now...

I'm excited... But I'm also pretty sad...
I love Steem. Yes, love, not past-tense. I love the tech. I love the people. I love the concept. But, unfortunately, all of that has been put into the back of a moving van. I want to continue loving that stuff, so I feel it's only reasonable I travel along with that van.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at the van-drivers.
In fact, I'd like to take the unconventional act of divorcing all anger from this post. What's the point of yelling anymore. Yelling to me has always been a sorta crude tool used in order to achieve something. Squeaky wheel and all that. But that "achievement" is already being fulfilled, so let's take some time off from yelling & just be calm.

It is, what it is.
In my personal opinion, DPoS is not a stable long-term solution to governance, in it's current form. That's why part of my new activities on Hive will be fighting for an improved system. I personally get the feeling that Hive will be more welcome to this sorts of changes, hence why I won't be wasting my breath fighting for my opinions on Steem any longer.

Censorship is a losing game.
The abundance of technology in our lives has enabled something that we've never truly been able to obtain on a global-scale: user preference.

Don't like Facebook? Switch to Twitter. No? How about Minds? Gab? Fuck it, I think MySpace is still around.

Oh, wait, I get it, you want something personal. A space matching 100% of your ideas. Ok, fine. Hop onto YouTube / Udemy / Lynda / StackOverflow & start learning some code. Next, find an open-source social media codebase ( mastodon is one of many ). Now, build it to your hearts content.

That's what amazes me about today. I have the power to create the products I want to see in the world. If a platform begins censoring things I want access to, I'm able to pick up & move to a better alternative ( in most cases, looking at you YouTube :/ ).

The recent censoring of the Steem platform has made me move to more "open" pastures.
That's not to say I'll 100% never come grazing in these fields ever again. I'll probably hop back in from time to time & just say "Hi". After all, this really just feels like an awkward breakup. I still love Steem, but I don't think I should anymore...

Ah Fuck... I Have To Do That Thing, Don't I? || yeah... I gotta give some shout-outs

It's only fair to give thanks to those that made my time here for all these years fun & enjoyable, all the way through the memes & the drama.
Don't get too salty about who's on this list, it's just a list.

  • Thanks @berniesanders, for the chaos you brought. I think I heard your name associated more with downvote-wars than anyone else here.
  • Thanks @emrebeyler, @yabapmatt, and @stoodkev for being the type of developers I inspire to be: committed, hard-working, and passionate about their projects
  • Thanks @whatsup for the DRAMA & the memes :^)
  • Thanks to @justineh for being one of the super kind people on here that's not afraid to speak their mind
  • Thanks to @theycallmedan for showing what true committment & belief is in a platform & community
  • Thanks to @streetstyle for hosting the awesome SPUD day events. They are such a fun community-building cause!
  • Thanks to @enjar, @cadawg, @overkillcoin, & @bluerobo for providing quality content, engaing, and overall just being cool people :^)
  • Thanks to the whole @steempeak team, you're dedication is very much appreciated, and I'm excited to see you on peakd ;^)
  • Thanks to @ecoinstant & @thecrazygm for letting me into the @lootkit team. I can't wait to build that out into a fully functioning business & make it something truly special.
  • Shoutout To Any & ALL Steemians I've Interacted With & Thank You ALL For Your Amazing Content & Warm Welcomes | I'd have a list 1,000 names long if I tagged each of you!
Literally, just thank you to everyone. Those moving, those staying, those that left a long while ago... I don't even care what side you're on anymore, thanks for making this place what it was.




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Great to see so many people moving to Hive, the hype is real 😁 See you there!

Join the community in our migration to Hive, a community built blockchain for the community. All Steem account holders will receive equivalent stake on the new Hive blockchain.

Please follow @innerhive on twitter for more information.

Being within the Hive Payout period makes this steem exclusive? Or just the content maybe? Nope that graphic says otherwise.

What I meant to imply was that this was my last post that I would be writing solely on Steem. Obviously since all of our content was copied over to Hive it's not exclusive in the "only found on this platform" way, but instead in a "I wrote this for Steem, for the last time."

I'm pretty much 100% on Hive now. If I ever decide to post on Steem, it'll just be a copy & paste of what I originally wrote first on Hive :^)

Things are acting very weird after this fork. I am trying to use esteem but when logging in it seems to be on steem and not hive.

I think esteem is still going through some updates. Last I heard, the most recent update for the app should be working with Hive. But I haven't personally tested it myself.