Quick update - am i going to propose?

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Quick update

Just got done cramming everything together and making sure they all function into a neat tidy repo to make things easier to find and manage so I give you:


Where I will be placing all the scripts that just don't fit somewhere else, quick one fire tools and useful utilities, mostly things that really just only belong in a gist. So now you can clone it and keep up with my mostly useful tools.

What's this about a proposal, am I getting Married?

No, I am already married, but after talking with my wife, I came to a conclusion, I want to be more active here, helping, teaching, learning, and being an all-around Hive Bee. So I will be writing up a proposal for the Hive Development Fund to better use my time that I generally waste to focus on my Python alternative to condenser and to run a series of "Learn Python and Hive by example" and probably a lot more. I plan on spending my day being productive but always around.

I honestly have nothing better to do. See, I was physically disabled a little over a decade ago by breaking my back working for a State Prison. Since I can't do physical labour, and I have had zero luck finding a steady job working from home. So, this is not a short burst, I'm bored in quarantine thing.

I sincerely hope I get positive feedback on this as it wasn't a very simple thing to consider, I mean I could be playing video games or reading all day as I generally do.

So, what say you fellow bees? Should I pursue this course?

I do not have delusions of grandeur, I don't expect a salary wage, just maybe enough to get a coffee every day, and put my time towards better use.

As always, bee safe, bee kind,
Michael Garcia a.k.a. @TheCrazyGM


I say go for it and see what happens! Hope it works well for you.