Why another fork of Steem is not an option

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I can understand the reasoning of CZ behind his argument that we should create another fork, as this is pretty much the "fairest" and most decentralized way of deciding which "decision" has more money/stake behind it.

However, in this current situation, sadly it makes absolutely no sense for us to actually create a fork. Doing so would take too much dev-resources that we're actually needing somewhere more important: on Hive.

The core-devs are in the finishing touches of finalizing HF 24 and doing anything else besides that is a waste of time IMO. Even though that's clearly unfair to those whos STEEM was seized/stolen (myself included), there's a lot for us to gain by making #Hive successful.

This ofc does not mean that we should give up the fight against Justin Sun and the STEEM-heist-gang nor does it mean that we're forgetting - theft is theft, BUT we've already forked from Steem, 2 months ago. And we've got a ton of work to do - pretty much 1-2 years of what should have been done on Steem (& more).

So, with this said: Let's not fork our efforts, but work on making #Hive all it can & should be.


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I agree. Another fork will be 100% a waste of time and it will complicate things even more.

We have hive. Hive on!

We already have HIVE, no point chasing after STEEM like little kids. Let's just move on and as you said focus on making Hive a success.

I'd rather have 1 successful coin instead of 2 failing coins.

There's so much drama between Hive & Steem, I worry that both coins will be delisted if we don't end this drama.

Let's move on!

I don't think his point makes sense.

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It is an exceptional job I think you are right we will focus on making hive every day much better.

What is planned for Hive HF24?

I only know hive, and it for the most part seems to work well, not all the time, but it is new, so small glitches for me are not a problem.

My thoughts exactly when I heard about it.

What is the point of another fork of Steem, besides recovering the misappropriated coins? Does it have a future distinct from Hive that would support such a move? Otherwise it would only be a fork of Steem on a countdown to implosion, because nobody wants it as a separate chain.

I understand why it was proposed. So that the existing governance structure can give the solution, not an exchange, not a court of law. If not by consensus, then by a split. But a separate chain would be created doomed to fail to reverse a wrongdoing the current "consensus" (i.e. Justin Sun) introduced on Steem. That doesn't make sense either.

Totally agree with you, better to focus making great hive platform but without forgetting the pain...

The only way a fork would be a solution is if Binance went on the record as recognizing the fork as the official version of Steem. Which would open a new can of worms IMHO.

100% agree with your and CZ's position. At the moment doing a Steem Classic will be a waste of time, because even if he promised to list the fork it would probably trade at a very low price, and the only goal of all the hodlers would be to sell it instantly.

Sadly it's not an option. Hopefully the community 321 account is still in good hands and this mess will get sorted before STEEM manages to code another hard fork.

100% agree all energy needs to be focused on Hive, it is funny that CZ made this grand announcement, but deposits are still down on Binance.

Right decision, Hive On :)