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Let's make sure the whole world hears us this time.

Let's go champ!


I move to Hive because I have personally met these "malicious hackers" at @SteemFest and the allegations made against them is an obvious blatant lie I cannot abide.

Here is a quick look of the people JS claim are "hackers":

Jason Chew (@jasonchewyl) May 21, 2020

Yeah, everything on $STEEM is about farming upvotes, building circle jerk communities, and draining the inflation pool with bots. If you treat it like a game, I guess it's alright for a bit. But it has nothing to do with content.

$HIVE is more about content & community.

(LauraDee is me, by the way.)

#posh and let the world know that steem betrayed the entire blockchain community

— just posted

I just posted a signup link :)


Done my friend!!!

It’s done ✅


Here we go!

An amazingly clueless response:


The man needs some serious medication. Hopefully the Federal prison system can provide the needed pharmacology to this delusional man.

here is my tweet (wouldnt be nice to be able to embed the tweet and not just drop a link? @peakd can you please make it happen!)

Hello @theycallmedan here is mein Tweet

We are going to a future without cheating!

If I wanted a centralised social network, that's what Facebook is for

Done. Thanks for pointing us to his tweet.

hive is alive or hive is live? :)

Hm... Both? I know that in the beginning of the twitter campaign both tags were in use. Now, probably, #hiveisalive has higher usage...

Came to steem seeking freedom and decentralization, was not getting it there anymore so moved to #hive to retain my freedom of thought and expression

done, I guess we do not need to convince Vitalik where the community is but I guess he views this as one of the many experiments that are out there...



Thanks for initiative #posh

Link to my tweet

Thanks for all your hard work. Your YouTube channel helped me a lot when I first delved into cryptocurrency back in late 2017


Here is mine:


I hope the lawsuit will send some sense into Sun’s head.




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