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RE: NEW Microblogging Platform is Launching Soon #HIVE

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The vast majority of content nowadays is short form. Downvotes were created to fight rewards disagreement. But to have people not post what they like in fear of it being considered spam that might get over rewarded will only serve to restrict Hive's growth. Let people post whatever they want, that’s the point, not everyone wants to read a long blog post.


Less important if the dbuzz ecoystem is built around its own tokens and those users focus upon the buzz rewards with Hive being secondary.

Until our project makes a considerable profit for an extended period of time, I will recommend against us issuing a token or SMT.

I am already happy w/us using the $HIVE token and I think there will be others like us who are interested in building solely on Hive without issuing their own token.

For certain projects, it only makes sense, and I think for us, building on HIVE without our own token, at least for the foreseeable future, makes sense.

Not being a great blogger drew me to Dlike, not too many people liked it and some front ends like Leo banned it. But I do agree that whatever brings more people is better.

A front end like LEO banning it is what is suppose to happen. Each tribe/application is individual and can choose what is shown. The Dlike posts were available both on chain (through Steemit and Steempeak) as well as through its own app.

Dbuzz might be blocked by many front ends too. That is fine. The Dbuzz users can access all that is posted through its interface and, I would believe, will post it.

It makes sense to me, It was pretty spammy.

Hopefully you'll have a better experience with us. I will personally be engaging on @dbuzz, not only to increase the engagement of others, but it will likely be my favorite Dapp since I like short form discussions 😀

Yeah, that's true @taskmaster4450, each front-end can choose how to form their site and can include or exclude any community or project that they like.

Having said that, we will try to be diplomatic and make it in the favor of the standard front-ends like Hive.Blog and @peakd to include us.

From a user experience perspective, I want people to be able to switch between our DAPP and others, in the same way that I often switch between Hive.Blog and @peakd.

Having options like that is a great experience!