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Parler will be going down for at least one week starting tonight at midnight; AWS has shut their servers down.

Gab can't handle the service load and is talking about buying more servers.


Once Parler goes down, the traffic to Gab will 10x; their servers will crash even harder; as I speak, it's unusable, and there will be NO PLACE for anyone to go except HIVE if they want a platform that supports free speech. I repeat, HIVE will be the only game in town that people can trust to post immutably.

Right now is the single most significant opportunity Hive has ever seen. A social blackout with the world craving a decentralized solution to social networks, they all crave Hive! Well, let's give it to them!

Both of these sites, Parler & Gab, use the archaic web2 model of centralized databases to store their content. They own your accounts and can ban you at any time.

Right now is Hive's time to shine. We need to get Parler and Gab built on Hive. One site the size of Parler would blow this whole thing out of the water, Hive would suddenly make perfect sense, and investors would have a grand narrative and a story to visualize that leads to success.

We have everything any site needs to decentralize. We offer accounts and content to be posted with censorship resistance, immutability, transparency on an open-source, decentralized public blockchain that has withstood the most egregious of attacks.

Hive was born for this moment.

Let us rise and grab this opportunity. Nothing will be given to us. I believe grassroots marketing, word of mouth, is the most aggressive, devasting form of marketing. You've never seen Facebook or Twitter commercials. Word of mouth dominates any other form of marketing by a long mile. When you hear of something from a friend, you're 10x more likely to listen than from a commercial or ad on the internet.


For one week, we will be tracking your tweets.

Whoever gets the most views total on all of their tweets during the date 1/10/21 - 1/18/21 wins. The contest is structured like a poker tournament, where the top 3 win the most, and the top 10 win liquid prizes. Everyone who places outside of the top 10 will be eligible for upvotes.

TWEETS Must Include:

  • Info about HIVE: IE: Decentralized, censorship-resistance, immutability, open-source. Talk about the many Hive features, immutable accounts, immutable communities, etc. The selling point here is HIVE offers people who want Free Speech a place to communicate where they can't be censored. - The more creative you are here the better bonuses you will receive.
  • Hashtags: #Hive #getonhive #Parler #Gab
  • Tag 3 Apps, Examples: @3speakonline @dbuzzapp @ecency @peakdcom @financeLeo @vimm_tv @dapplr_app @hybhere - These are the twitter handles, can be any hive app with a front end for blogging/video/images.
  • Bonus: Use HIVE gifs: https://tenor.com/users/hivegifs & https://tenor.com/users/hiro_hive - credit @traciyork + @hiro-hive
  • No tipping bots to boost views, no like buying services. If you're caught buying likes or using tipping bots to boost views you will be disqualified.

To enter this contest, put a comment below with your Twitter handle, and that is it. At the end of the week, we will distribute liquid rewards—upvotes given to a piece of your content at the end of the contest.

UPDATE: @starkerz is going to MATCH the prize pool!

UPDATE: @starkerz is going to MATCH the prize pool!

Liquid Prize Pool: $700 USD in HIVE
1st Place: $400
2nd Place: $000
3rd Place: $50
5-10th Place: $10

Payouts will be in HIVE at the end of the contest. Good luck!

Tips: Leaving comments under popular tweets that are brand new gain a lot more exposure than posting on older tweets. Be on the hunt under the #twittercensorship tag on twitter (and the like) and hunt for new tweets from big accounts complaining about censorship.


👏🏽 thanks.

I'm deliberately low key.

Not super active on Twitter, nor do I have a large following, but here's my best effort anyway:

Let's see if anyone bites? I have a lurking suspicion I'm shadowbanned on many traditional social media sites for my discussion of crypto... still worth a shot though!

Twitter restricted my account for a week, obviously they didn't like what I had to say. For me it's a badge of honor, it shows how scared they are from people who speak the truth and who oppose their regressive socialist agenda that goes against every principle of liberty and freedom of expression.

I truly hope this initiative fails. I think it’s short sighted. Perhaps if Hive already had a larger userbase, integrating a more controversial community could be handled appropriately. But if we do “get Parler and Gab built on Hive” right now then that’s all Hive will ever be. Any modicum of “success” will result in the vast majority of Hive’s content and culture being Parler 2.0, at which point myself and many like me won’t want to touch or be associated with it.

It took me only a moment of scrolling through new postings to find a newly created account posting anti-Semitic content to, in their words, “see how censorship resistant this platform is...”

I hope it’s just anecdotal, but should this end up being Hive’s path to mass adoption, I won’t be along for the ride.

I think you underestimate the power of the existing Hive community to moderate content.

Even if Hive gains 4 million new users from Parler, these new users will have little HP and if some of them post genuinely anti-semitic content then I and many others with plenty of HP will downvote it and them into being hidden on most Hive front ends.

Hive has free speech but it also has effective content moderation by the upvoting and downvoting system. Instead of one woke millenial working at Big tech deciding what is OK, the votes of large numbers of people who have invested in Hive decides what is great, good, OK, poor, Bad or beyond the pale.

People that really want to post anti-semitic content can create their own little community of haters with negative reputation that no one else on Hive has to see. They will earn no Hive from their content and if they want to create an anti-semite token on Hive engine it will likely have little or no value.

Well said. I believe in the power of the community to moderate & feedback what is acceptable, without needing to delete & censor.

Maybe I'm just being cynical, I wish I shared your optimism. Perception is important. The first big market/userbase Hive taps into will largely define it in the eyes of the world.

I remember the days when PizzaGate had a more than healthy foothold on the trending page and many established users cheered on The Dark Overlord for using the blockchain to post extortion demands. I can easily see a future evolve where anyone who’s not a Q believer won’t want to give Hive the time of day.

This particular appeal at this particular time to bring in the masses actually risks relegating Hive to niche status in my eyes. It’s kind of like the actress who figures she can do a few porn movies to get her name out there and then transition to “real” acting. She may even be a good actress... but that reputation is going to be very hard to shake. Just like her, I feel that right now Hive needs to be very careful who it gets in bed with!

I understand what you are saying but this is centralised thinking. Its the sort of considerations a company CEO might have about its brand.

Hive is not a single actress, or a single brand, it is a back-end database for a broad and diverse set of humans who form all sorts of communities.

When Hive achieves mass adoption the vast majority of joiners won't even know they are joining Hive.

They will be joining LeoFinance or Splinterlands or StemGeeks or one of the numerous communities that attracts them.

In any case, at this stage of Hive's development any publicity is good publicity.

If Hive is limited by one community joining, then Hive has failed already. All of the conspiracy theories, bad actors, etc all used Twitter. Sure Twitter banned them, but they accepted them first. The front ends on Hive can ban who they want. If people are violent they will be removed from the front ends. That is the job of front end owners. The blockchain does not care who you are. If someone breaks the law, they get booted from front ends and then arrested because the data is public if they tied their identity to it. I’m not here to be a referee on who can join Hive. I am here to give everyone an equal chance at free speech. If they abuse it they won’t get far on Hive. They will end up creating their own siloed communities on Hive and if they break the law they will have the suffer the consequences. It is very dangerous thinking to label a whole group of people a certain way and say they don’t even deserve to speak. Not everyone on parler id a violent criminal, and I despise that way of fearful defensive thinking. If we want to succeed we have to be stronger than that.

And if the fear is if we give a platform to anyone, and that rulfles regulatory feathers, let then be reffuled. Hive does not need our protection it isn’t centralized. If a regulatory can come take down Hive, let them do it. I rather hive fail soon if it’s not strong enough to stand on its own two feet. But I know better than that, no one is bringing down Hive. I am one who likes to see Hive tested I want to know what we are made of.

Exactly! Hive is the Bitcoin of social media.

It is resilient and very difficult to take down already and will only get stronger and more resilient.

18 months ago I was very worried by the over-reliance on Steemit Inc's API nodes.
When Hive went independent 8 months ago there were 7 API nodes which was some diversity but not enough.
Today we have 19 with more coming online all the time.

People like @techcoderx and I are pioneering and encouraging every witness to run an API node, preferably on their own physical hardware. $1000 is all it costs to build an API node (4/8 core CPU, 64Gb RAM & 2 Tb NVME) that can handle all Hive's current traffic.
Many people can spend a couple of hundred $ to upgrade an existing machine.

With API nodes and front ends easy, cheap and quick to set up and hundreds and then thousands of people worldwide running them in their homes and businesses Hive becomes so diverse and resilient that, like Bitcoin, it is just a fact that has to be accepted and cannot be stopped.

What I would like to see in this case is a front end built that gives them a home, without encroaching on the rest. This is the point of communities and second-layer, isn't it?

After The Speak Network grows legs my goal is to make a front end that is designed just for community discovery and creation. Lead people to the content they want to see instead of throwing them into a giant ocean. That is the future of social networks, the idea of buffet-style content discovery is pretty outdated. When you browse a TV you go directly to the channel you want to see, the same should be with your social networks.

Oh I agree!
The post I wrote today as web 3.0 also parallels this. I am hoping that not only will an account be owned, but each account becomes a gatewayed hub so that it can be aggregated into for example a magazine, while the author maintains complete control over visibility and access. The options are endless when it comes to content segment refinement and delivery.

The point of hive is that everyone can create his own community. I am sure there are lots of people who don't like anti-semitic content and would gladly ban that from their community. That's easy to do.

However if you think of hive as a whole, the goal is to allow free speech for everyone.

I think this is a desperate shit take veiled as free speech by capitalists. A contest to recruit fascists lol the death rattle of hive.

I'm appalled but not surprised all these frauds are willing to lure in the dregs of a diseased society into the fold. Fuck everyone that is supporting this initiative!

Why do we want to recruit all these violent ignorant people again? This isn't the platform for that shit...

This would be an interesting discussion. The balance and how different front-ends plan to handle some of the things that twitter, facebook, youtube, parler, etc have removed from their services

There where over ten million user on Parler. Are you suggesting they are all violent? The US would look a lot different if that was true. I suspect you are the ignorant one here.

Never claimed to not be ignorant. But from what I've seen,.. I'm good.

Please, enlighten me... Who else uses the platform?

Everybody which has a political opinion right of Jack Dorsey — which would be everybody from the centre over libertarians to the right.

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It is time to shine on hive. We should grab the opportunities. Thank you for organizing the contest @theycallmedan .

RedWarBull is the Twitter handle for me,goldkey

wow how exciting the proposal @theycallmedan of course I sign up for this proposed initiative my twitter user is: casilokodesing

Making a buzz about HIVE on Twitter is so much fun! Let's do this guys #HIVETWITTER

My Twitter account: "yummyveganasian"

@athan_alberto is my Twitter handle.

Let's go! It's time for Hive to shine in the mainstream.

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@marcabisaleh Just did a huge 15 tweet thread to Larry Sanger, which he replied to. 3speakd already like the tweets, so you probably read them.

Great contest ;) I ll post about this contest on my other social media, because it deserves all the attention :)
Even if someone does not win your prizes, every body wins as there is an extra exposure for hive!
I am Katerina, this is my twitter handle https://twitter.com/katerinaramm1
I may not stand a chance here, but I am posting about hive anyways - so why not!?
Good Luck everybody!

"Hive is currently the best censorship resistant platform" 💖

Our time to shine!
My Twitter handle : https://twitter.com/theocharis_ch

My Twitter handle is @TraciYorkWriter. 😊

Also a question for @theycallmedan or anyone else who can answer - could we get a short list of contact people (maybe like @blocktrades or @howo), on the off chance we talk to someone who wants to know how to build/convert Parler, Gab, etc on the blockchain?

That’s great! I know everything will come in line.
I was working on my Hive introducing post here

Getting my traffic leads from Facebook and Instagram



Total of views 310, 71 clicks on the link, 50 views of video with explaining hive and everything underneath how to start, via @ecency @dapplr or @peakd with instructions of how to make introduceyourself posts and so on.



No tipping bots to boost views, no like buying services. If you're caught buying likes or using tipping bots to boost views you will be disqualified.

So... No tipping bots to boost views nor like buying services allowed?

Oh! wadda disappointment! And me here that thought that I could win easily those $200 of the first prize! };)

Can we have a bake sale to raise money for fascists united?

I suspect that for that... we will need more fire, yeast, milk, sugar and butter.

And morons the essence

thank you very much for the exchange, have a good day

I have the twitter handle for


and do this at all times anyway but it's good to enter the contest and push some marketing while decentralization is trending and free speech is being targeted.

The one thing that I would add is to try and not make it spammy or shill the same posts. I have noticed some tweets getting ten of the same replies saying to join hive now and it doesn't look great.

If somebody is already making the point to a person then it is made. Just leave a like or a helpful comment but don't repeat or be aggressive with your tweets please. It doesn't leave a good look for outside viewers.

Spread the word by all means but try to be friendly and professional where possible to leave a good impression of our community instead of what could be a bad one.

This is my contribute to try to spread hive on Twitter

I post for HIVE on Twitter nearly every day anyway, so why not :)
Twitter handle @realmanniman

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I just made this Tweet:

Count on me!

my user on Twitter: emevele_

Hive where fascists come to foment and organise.

You are proof that having wealth doesn't equate to intelligence. Yes ive seen facebook and twitter ads on mega tech such as YouTube. Your vile opportunistic endeavor to cash in on fascism is loathsome but not surprising for a capitalist.

If you weren't invested here and this platform wasn't monetized would you prostituting yourself and this space out to the lowest common denominators in society in the name of free speech? No, the answer is no. This is an unbelievably stupid hill to die on and the centralised powers will hastily destroy this platform and threaten any supporters to cease and desist in their enabling of a safe haven for Nazi sympathizers and insane right wingers that are prone to terrorizing people.

This is the sluttiest most shameful shot take I've ever seen on social media and that's impressive! The delusion that you and others think you can simply segregate and ignore a community driven by an affectation for hate speech is absurd. You don't think these accounts will seek out leftists, centrists, and all in between to kill any opposition to their radical views?

That's the mass adoption angle?!?

Hey let me just end this by saying fuck you and the steem you rode in on you piece of shit. I will drag you and this platform so hard on twitter if you pursue this course of action. Fucking try me!

Using hate speech as a guise to blanket label a whole group of people, Parler, for example, with the recent ban of all utilities, is not the right approach. I don't believe most people that use Parler are fascist; I'm against any form of organized violence. Parler has 10's millions of downloads, the most downloaded app on the planet recently; if you think they are all fascist, then we live in a terrifying world in your reality.

I'm not political at all; I'm not a Trump fan, I'm not an Alex Jones fan, I'm not a Q fan. However, the ability to express oneself is fundamental.

Many people have been banned on Twitter for being non-violent. My theycallmedan_ account was banned five months ago, for no reason, and I never did anything that would violate their TOS. I've had other accounts I know that have been taken down. These people don't have any other place to go except Parler and other centralized sites.

I'm not the gatekeeper of information. If someone comes here and spouts illegal, hateful crap, they will get banned from every front end that does not want to be legally liable for hosting such content. Illegal content will be siloed away; they are free to open their wall gardened community, where they will be legally responsible for their actions.

I believe we do need a way to filter information for quality purposes. Blatant misinformation will be called out as so in a decentralized way.

I'm unforgiving in my pursuit of offering free speech to all. People who abuse that will face the legal consequences and be banished from the majority of Hive society. It's like illegal content before blockchain was put on the deep web, away from everyone.

Another note here is we can't stop people from using Hive. Playing a defensive strategy where you blanket label people a certain way in fear a few bad apples may stir up violence is not how this works in practice or theory. Having filters in place, being prepared for the inevitable is what is critical.

I'm not inviting fascists or any hateful people. I'm inviting the legitimate users that have lost their accounts for whatever reason. If you think everyone on Parler is a fascist, then that's just close-minded thinking that I despise.

Saying free speech is why people are violent is audacious, and trying to silence people in mass is tyrannical. Private companies can do what they want, but we need a decentralized solution for everyone who isn't a criminal.

Good luck with your delusional campaign

I see @acidyo the cunt that flagged all my rewards away for disagreements is your fluffer

Hate speech isn't protected by free speech you assclown.


This is my tweet