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I believe I have found someone to help me with my Hive related activities. Thank you all for your interest, there was a lot!

I want to talk a little bit about my strategy for Hive moving forward, touching on my curation.

I run manual curation with the help of a small, dedicated team. I have people curate various languages I do not speak, and to curate random goodness across Hive. I do not always have the time to remain consistent with 2.5mil HP, but I believe HP can make a great difference for onboarding and I try to find time to curate myself everyday.

A few things to look out for with my tweaks for curation:

Make sure your engagement is up! I am looking for posts that get a lot of engagement as I mold my curation strategy moving forward. Quality is always subjective, but engagement is not.

I am also looking at your Twitter game, this will play an important role for me moving forward. Getting lots of tweets under the #Hive hashtag triggered lots of goodness for us, even trading bots have been known to boost the liquidity of highly talked about cryptos on Twitter! People will speculate on access that seems lively, and Twitter is where most of the crypto traders go to find gems.

I have got eyes everywhere looking for people putting in work. If you are on the grind, keep it up, because it will not go unnoticed. Some of the things I am working on for my Dan account is improved curation reach to people of all languages across the world. We have big gaps in the market in various countries around the globe and I feel Hive can really make a difference to so many people. Awareness, awareness, awareness, it is king.

With steps like community leaders, we are trying to get somewhat structured and make sure our Hive is going into the right hands. Do not forget to keep voting for witnesses, powering up Hive from author rewards as much as possible, and spreading the good word. I will be leaning more bias with my votes to people who are at least powering up a portion of their rewards. I understand times are hard and sometimes you need to convert that Hive to dirty fiat, but I would love to see a strong middle class arise for Hive.

Having a strong middle class for Hive is important because when the price of hive raises our dolphins and orcas can really put out some serious curation. This is all about decentralized curation and having as many powerful curators as possible is the value loop I love to see. Curation is in our hands. I look at my HP inflation allocation as a marketing budget, to onboard new users and market Hive. There is no central authority here to do all the research and tell us what to do. We should organize a bit and think long term. Having HP is immensely powerful, and it is easy to neglect its power.

I am going to be taking curation very seriously moving forward, looking to make every vote count. If Hive reached $10-20 one day, we would need a well-organized machine of curation to keep up with the amount we are able to give. I rather give 500 people 2$ a day, then give people 30-50$ votes all the time. Not saying the big vote does not have its place, it certainly does, and having big payouts is key for the lottery effect. Just knowing a big vote is possible to will boost how fun the atmosphere, and making sure to deliver the big votes, fairly, helps a lot. But the big vote should be a used more sparingly, and my focus will be to get smaller amounts of Hive into as many deserving Hiver's hands as possible.

I am extremely excited for the future of crypto and I believe Hive is that overlooked underdog story that this world needs. Let us keep up the good fight Hivers, the fun is about to begin!

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I think this is great. I’ve been in the recent section looking for new people to help constantly and have made some awesome recent connections.

One if the biggest gains this past week is the Bulgarian community. There’s been a few here and there but one of the guys getting several people signed up is @lyubo19. Hopefully he will be a solid leader for the people in that community but fairly new himself he’s at least gotten people on here, excited and engaged.

I am totally with you with the votes. I enjoy giving out lots of dust votes and a little bit higher with my increasing HP. I have some situations where I give out higher votes and some posts I go for curation rewards but giving out dozens of .03 votes to get them at least something is solid. I remember how excited I was as a new user to get those types of votes so I want to get them that same feeling.

I haven’t been pushing the twitter side of it since I’m trying to keep them on here first before explaining the importance of those other platforms. I’ve at least been consistent sharing my posts on twitter so that’s good for me for now.

I appreciate the curation you’re doing, keep it up and give out some awesome votes to folks!

@cmplxty Thank you again my friend :)

As I told you the main problem inviting new members is that my vote value is to low and that’s where the things are stucking. @theycallmedan can vote on 500 people’s post on average $ 2/3 which is amazing but as you can see for us who don’t have enough Hive is hard to grow.

Anyways it will be a long process, but I’m sure that it will worth it.
By the way I’m thinking to grow our community with events, seminars and etc because that’s the way we can promote it and we can grow very fast.

In our country Bulgaria, especially in the capital Sofia, they are too many crypto events that I’m going to and I know a dozens of people who are going to be interested in it. The main problem again will be the money as you can imagine, but if we have at least 50 active users in a daily basis will be absolutely achievable goal.And one last thing in Bulgaria we are not using Twitter so the best way to promote the Hive community will be with events :)


Let me be honest with you- Before all of this, I want to grow my profile ( that’s why I’m so active), because it will be easier for inviting new people.
I already have 8 of my friends who are members of the HIVE community, but they are other bulgarians like

@manoldonchev ; @vesytz ; @myfreshes ; @iliyan90 ; @lightcapture @outlinez and etc. which are longer using the platform and maybe they should tell be better option for our community leader because - Yeah, I’m very motivated, but they have more knowledge than me.
I promise that I’m going to be at least part of “ strong middle class”.

Cheers :)

You are doing good work there. Thank you for all the efforts 😃

I noticed the Bulgarian community has been growing really fast and strong lately. Some decent recruitment work going on here, good job guys :)

I hope will grow stronger and faster with people like my friend @lyubo19 and @velinov86 2 of the most active people for now looking and searching around the community’s for growth...

Feel free to check the Bulgarian project we have as a starter now.

I'm here to stay #bgn
Project info:
Bulgarian / English

@phortun Thank you! We are trying so hard to grow our community. #bgn

@lyubo19 has been doing great job for our growth as a Bulgarian network
Feel free to check the Bulgarian project we have as a starter now.

I'm here to stay #bgn
Project info:
Bulgarian / English

Also feel free to check my yoga teaching on 3speak Bulgarian English language.

Everything about the Practice:<-EnglishВсичко за практиките:
Click Here-> БългарскиЦъкни Тук

Make sure your engagement is up! I am looking for posts that get a lot of engagement as I mold my curation strategy moving forward. Quality is always subjective, but engagement is not.

Since I came to Hive, engagement is a bit of a let down for me. It seems that not a lot of people read each other's posts. I comment on others posts but after commenting numerous times most of them don't come back to comment on mine.
I see a tendancy that people comment a lot on authors on the Trending page and not at all on the other authors.
I will keep on trying. 2 Years ago on steemit, I had good engagement on my posts, I will keep on trying.

Yep true story engagement is not coming much because of the fact our real live friends are not here to talk to us in this network.

Sometimes that’s the case yes but other times I wouldn’t think that. In any case, engagement is important for everyone. In order to get people to see your blog they have to search and comment but to gain followers and attention you have to talk with people.

I am making a good salary from home $1200-$2500/week, which is amazing, under a year back I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day I was blessed with these instructions and now it's my duty to pay it forward and share it with Everyone, Here is what I do….

I love to read compelling stories and real life experiences posted by individuals on hive. First hand accounts, rants, ramblings and editorial style content that is about local issues plaguing their day to day.

We can put the true sense of the word "media" into social media and see quality citizen journalism on a platform like hive be rewarded appropriately.

I would love to see a focus on engagement from "people who aren't subscribers" to that individual - which means they're creating content that is strong enough, interesting enough and worthy of further discourse such that it brings in others and fosters the growing sense of community.

This reminds me of your "I'm certain about STEEM and investing full speed ahead and hope everybody else is too" posts about a year ago. I hope you're more right this time.

Just recently joined Hive after hearing about the split from Steemit (was a member of Steemit a couple of years ago). The reason I signed up was because it seemed like the people who were starting up Hive were moving in a very positive direction - towards real community control - as opposed to Steemit. This post is a great example of what makes Hive different and why it has such a promising future. Most of the people here, as represented by the author of this post, are really interested and involved in growing the Hive ecosystem. Strong community support is the key to growing the platform, kudos!

Hi Dan!

If you want to discuss STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) curation, feel free to check the STEMsocial community: we are always looking for extra support. The main account is @steemstem (for inheritance reasons). You can check the blog of that account for more information, as well as our proposal #91 for a detailed project roadmap. If you want to discuss it lively, feel free to reach me out anywhere, on or off chain.

In addition, I will try to contact you, with others, to discuss the organisation of future Hive scientific seminars. That consists in one of our projects for the fall and we would love to discuss how to market it the best, in particular with the 3speak team.

I got 3k Hive power at the moment through powering up author rewards and purchasing liquid hive to power up and at the moment, I am delegating to some communities. With over 1k followers on Twitter. I do use the #hive tag when sharing my hive post on Twitter. Will try using it more. Thanks for the good work.

how awesome to see you expand to other languages i do see a lot of complaints from people that they dont get curated in their own language so they go to the ugly resource of using google translator and that makes their posts no so good as they could be, so this is a good thing!

I will be leaning more bias with my votes to people who are at least powering up a portion of their rewards

Im running a initiative actually inspired by your always fun initiatives for Venezuelans to do a Hive Power Up Day! Here so hopefully this will teach some that there is not need to always convert to fiat or at least not all their rewards but to do at least small power ups to make their account grow!

I start seeing plenty good Spanish speaking posts.

🤗 we have a lot of good content creators in the hispanic community

Exactly ! I always love reading their entries:)

What you say makes a lot of sense, until now you have done quality work, you take hive very seriously, it is a commitment that goes beyond all things, thank you for loving all the creators of good content. Great curators must prepare because an immense wave of new hivers is approaching, they must be received and encouraged to invest in the page, more than all their time, encouraged to share their achievements and acquisitions. I think that is a great marketing campaign, which will be possible if all curators commit. For my part I will do my best because hive reaches each of my close people, followers on facebook, instagram etc. As I did in steem and now they are here. Greetings from Venezuela Dan !!

@velinov86 @tiger85 @fartunko @roflie @lyubo19 @bulgarianmermaid @sis84 @mynameisneo @sneji79 @mishka3
@sunshine777 @mirosss @ted.sun @venan @koychev22 @mushanov @titofit @iffff
@gigiii @ebrudobrev @ydobrev

Ето това ми беше идеята буквално да можем да покажем, че успяваме да engaged с платформата... и правилно насочен трафик не разпилян...


I'm here to stay #bgn
Project info:
Bulgarian / English


Всичко което трябва да знаете за платформата...
Помощна секция--->
Цъкни Тук

този човек има сходна идея като твоята, но подхода ми е друг.
той се цели към всички хора от различните държави и създаване на качествен контент. иска да бъде с хора които имат вече някакъв хайв пауър.
твоята идея беше да навием 100 човека, където ме познават платформата, да пускат по 1 пост всеки ден за някакви стотинки.

Ами с времето ще се развие и самата мрежа на всеки като му дойдат приятелите познати тогава ще почнат да правят по повече стотинки.

Но както и по начало @roflie беше предложил да подкрепяме повече хората който найстина създават добър контент за да друпнат повече да могат да връщат повече.

Разбира се няма как с ефно selfie да направиш пост без текст и да чакаш да направи $20 освен ако нямаш 1000 човека покрай теб който ще дадат по $0.02 на твоето селфие..

Exciting news for all content creators here. I love your idea of curating good content written in all languages. Not everybody speaks English or Spanish well so knowing that they might be still eligible for your generous support will surely motivate such authors. And good point about who we actually reward with our votes. Unfortunately, there are still too many authors who have been constantly cashing out everything they earn here. A good and dedicated Hiver should show some loyalty to the community.

Glad you found help, more importantly glad you do take engagement serious, and manual voting. I know at the levels of HP you have that is a hard thing to do.

Perfecto tomare en cuenta el #Hivenos en mi cuenta.

Perfecto tomare, en cuenta el #Hivenos en mi cuenta. Me gusta la parte que mencionas; “ que la curación está en nuestra manos”, y tienes toda la razón, el futuro está en HIVE, si se trabaja muy bien, pronto estarán los éxitos.

I would love to see a strong middle class arise for Hive.

More than once I’ve seen accounts that hit about 1k in SP/HP steadily getting there with 100% staked rewards but then, right around 1k or so, switch over to 50/50, starting to “take some off the table”. If they didn’t need the income prior to double minnow, why the sudden need at that level? Lots of accounts that could make it to dolphin seem to give up along the way. The number of dolphin accounts seems to be a bit on the stagnant side.

I usually like to take the 50/50 option so I have some liquid hive in case I can get one of my friends to join so I can pay for quick onboarding, and it's fun to keep some back to participate in the odd hive-spud day. But that's just my personal use-case, and I'm not in a place where I need the fiat currency so eventually it all goes to HP.

Appreciate this man and thank you for all you do!

This is such an underrated crypto like you said, it's an underdog.

But the people here, the community...That's what drives it. And I agree...A super strong middle class here will do wonders for adoption.

I got my tribe Dolphin Dreamin' right now :)

Thanks for everything. @theycallmedan İt is really nice to be in Hive Community

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Dan your efforts are much appreciated. Thank you for your vision!

Estas recibiendo nuestro voto y tu publicación aparecerá en nuestro reporte de curación.

mayvileros logo nuevo.png¡¡¡Felicidades!!!

Hello dear friend @theycallmedan Good evening

Excellent the update you give us, how good that you have found the right person to support you in your work.
I know that you are a very committed person, I admire that very much, and you are my example to follow.

It is good that your collaborators heal in all languages, I think there are people here in every corner of the world.

Thank you so much for what you do for Hive. As I always say, if Hive does well, we do well.

In particular, I am very grateful for the support you provide to my publications.

I wish you a wonderful night and a happy rest

100% agree. I wish I could post more about hive with my twitter account but I use it more for business and cant post a ton of crypto stuff on there. However, I will be changing the focus of my hive account soon to a bit of a different nature and will be making much better and more meaningful content to share with the community and I hope those who follow and enjoy my current content will love the new shift in the coming weeks!

I'm really excited to be sharing some new stuff very soon that I'm really passionate about!

P.S. I can't wait for the day that hive is around 10 dollars. I would be ecstatic for even 5!

Glad you found some more eyes to keep the ecosystem running. It was need of the time, to make a place better...👌 More hands and more eye cordination allows to fair curation and balance reward distribution and also allow you to be free to concentrate on other Hive development activity.....looking forward for the coming beauty on hive

What a good job you are doing, I am very happy that you are supporting several languages, you are absolutely right, we must continue working so that this great community grows more and more, I hope some day to receive a vote from you!

Words of wisdom. Now if we can figure out how to encourage, motivate, and, boost engagement then #Hive will be unstoppable.

Me parece excelente que tengas muchos más ojos en la plataforma ya que a menudo se ve que le votan siempre a los mismos y recuerdo que al comienzo de la plataforma tomaban a todos los que hacemos parte de Hive en cuenta; existen muchas personas haciendo un excelente trabajo el cual no es valorado. Somos una gran familia y apoyándonos unos a otros podemos crecer juntos.

Thank you for your great efforts. May I ask if a curation job is available? I have SEO skills and I am also fluent in the Filipino local languages of Tagalog, Cebuano and Ilonggo.

hello very interesting friend, your post really, I feel I have a lot to learn here but I always read the information and I gradually intuit crypto, just as you see a future in this platform and that's why I dedicate myself to it with the Hope to get my stability here and that of my family I am from Venezuela and here things are not very good right now and hive has helped me a lot as well as the other platform in which I started steemit, thank you very much for your support God bless you. and keep doing good projects to raise hive.

@theycallmedan The growth of you is your effort and dedication and more if you support the little ones and serve as a guide ... greetings !!!

Strong points raised @theycallmedan it's important to understand that moving hive forward collectively is the main focal point and those who put in the work would surely benefit. Thanks for the motivation to push hive forward

Excelente post amigo

Yup, as I always do... Power Up! I would like to reach 10,000 HP in 4 months if it is possible... I will not lean on to anyone even I am posting quality content without upvote. Besides, no one is recognizing my work? LOL... It's okay with me... I'm still willing to help small people as I did since 2017... may God Bless us all...

More Power 3speak and HIVERS... I will use my influence to spread the HIVE and 3speak to all like I did to @gohenry! Power bro! You are the best filmmaker! I love your works! Keep powering up!

Congrats to your new assistant and I know you and your team will continue to do a great job of finding awesome posts.

Have some thoughts about the curation game. yes, already developed a bot for the Hive Communities (Still at the github private repo).
Yes could dev few bot projects based on requirements as well. If you are interested, I think we could discuss a bit more.

Trendo (comment based token top of steem) token owner
HiveUpMe GEMs community curation project developer / owner

I feel you man it’s about using the inflation in a manner that drives velocity not just hoarding which does have its place! The more we distribute the HIVE power the more chance of making new HOLDrs and new sellers and they all have a place in the ecosystem the more people using the token at the end of the day the better

I try to reward every comment I get not only with upvotes or tips but also comments and actually engaging and visiting their blogs!

I think that we forget and take for granted the social aspect sometimes! I think it’s impossible for any whale or whales to run it by themselevs theirs only so many hours in the day!

All of us with any sort of stake should be doing the same and not just be a top down Oh let’s all sit around and wait for the whales and witnesses to do something

The way curation is done can change a lot of things. Thank you so much @theycallmedan for focusing on curation this way. It will definitely increase the engagement and positive vibes not only in the HIVE blockchain, but also outside of this blockchain.

Hi @theycallmedan,

you do a great job for the community and we may join forces on different activities.

From my side, I run the #BeerSaturday to motivate people to write some quality content about that topic and this works now more than 3 years. I you wish, you may vote once a week on this challenge as we use any vote for the price pool to the people. We might even motivate the people to share their work to twitter, as I do with the #posh tag.

From your side?? Please let me know where I can help.
You may know me from the last 3 steemfests as speaker and moderator and I run as well the meetups here in Aachen, Germany - where I love to invite you to attend virtual (or even by a visit, if you are around)

Feel free to connect with me via discord by "detlev 4277"

Good afternoon. You are doing a very big and useful job. I thank you for your support, and I want to wish you success and all the best.

I liked the idea of putting emphasis on power up.

Yes all true .... curation and curators are essential. If we look at the old chain .... there is no one left to curate... this is a serious issue!

Steem? Actually they've got millions of dollars of STEEM powered up now, and dropping massive votes all over the place, even on total spam shitposts. Almost makes me wish I liked it over there.

very happy you managed to find someone. I think curation is going to be one of the fun aspects when Hive holds serious value. Being able to share out what you can offer with meaningful votes will be rewarding on both sides.I love helping others and will definitely spread my wings more.

Thank you @theycallmedan for the hard work you put into @hive and for the encouragement and good vibes you sent out to us much appreciated 👍

I have a lot to learn here yet but will do my best 😊

Thank you for your efforts in uplifting the community in times like these. I'm excitedly looking forward for the chain to be on top as we all see the same future of uncensorable blockchain. Kudos!

really great to hear! I am glad you are taking the time and building a team to find good posts/engagement. the more dolphins/orcas/whales start thinking like you the better.

I feel like this is something that could perhaps be improved upon in the future as good curation is so important for this blockchain. How would it work? I am not sure if everybody can get a team to do it, but there are some ideas out there and perhaps it is a combination of what we already have. I really like the idea of @tipu with community curation, but I think some form of autovotes will also be needed as manual curation just doesn't work anymore when one has 100k+ HP.

Awesome. I'm eager to see a robust Filipino community here on HIVE. I will have to up my twitter game for this though. :)

Congratulations for keeping your job and that you always have around you collaborators who together with you make a difference.

I understand and feel what you are saying here @theycallmedan.

I rather give 500 people 2$ a day, then give people 30-50$ votes all the time. Not saying the big vote does not have its place, it certainly does, and having big payouts is key for the lottery effect.

Having more people engage is the real key to success in my opinion. The reason we are also dedicated to supporting the country like #Venezuela, #Nigeria, and #Philippines. You can freely visit our community, we want to help more people reach their goal and make a success by which by doing so will help us achieve our goals too. Thanks, Dan, consistency is the key! Long live #Hive.

love to work with curation trails. it helps so all I have to do is blog everday. everything else is almost autopilot

I fully support the growing effort at Hive. For the people of Indonesia, I think someone has developed it, so I'm fully supportive and ready to help the communities. 😍🙏

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